Characters / Bibliography

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    Main Character and Friends 

Benjamin Hewitt

"Through science, mankind has overcome our naturally frail bodies, our ancient superstitions, and other factors that have hindered our growth. Science is humanity's greatest weapon."

A fifteen year old, bespectacled bookworm, Benjamin Hewitt is our main character here. He's a huge bookworm, and has an obsession with science, not to mention a quick wit.

Eve Wolfgang

A member of the Lunar Codex, and a friend of Ben's. She's the main source of exposition, being a part of the world of Codices and Librarians all her life. Quite cheerful most of the time.

Raoul Torres

Friend of Ben's, was chosen by the Cretan Codex to be a minotaur after an incident with Zero Union.

Satomi Kojima

Another friend to Ben, and the only normal in the group, although awakened.

    All-Seeing Chapter 

The main chapter of the All-Seeing Codex.

Anthony Montague

One of the first pages met by Ben, and childhood friend to Roy.

Mr. Reeve

Anthony's "Retainer".

Roy Marshall

Tony's childhood friend, became a Page to avoid going blind as a child. Infiltrated Ink circles, and was unwillingly turned into an Abyssal because of it. The first page introduced to the comic.

Uther Montague

Tony's father. High-ranking member of the All-Seeing chapter.


Humans who use sigils and whitebox weapons to fight abyssals. Kinda like the police force of the pages. Funded by the Catholic Church.

Samuel Fong

Ben's uncle and a master librarian. Knows a lot more than he lets on. His sigil is one twenty crosses, Infinite Cross.

Aaron Lambros

Friend to Samuel and a powerful librarian. His sigil is his superhero cape, Hero's Mantle.


A librarian who came to Tiltstone to learn under Fong, whom she has a crush on. Her sigil is a parasol, Parasolar.

Chester Belmont

Head of the Belmont Children's Home. Expert in whitebox weapons.

Gloria Alba

Although she looks like a mummy from Ma'at's Codex, she's just a librarian. Assinged to train Ben and Terry. Her sigils are Sarcophagus Ogres.

Terry Kurogane

Librarian trainee. Uses three sword-shaped sigils: a katana, a rapier and a Chinese straight sword.

Bart Hewitt

Ben's father. Little is known about him other than him being a powerful librarian who once fought off a great threat. His sigil was (is?) a flag.

    Global Minds 

A page gang that gathers codices without pages and pages without chapters.

Jacques Desmarais

Member of the Halloween-esque Candle Codex, he's a powerful page.

Molly Haggs

A witch of the Codex of Salem, and member of Global Minds.

Matthew Ginger

A mummy and member of Global Minds. Refuses to fight despite a background in boxing.

Thornton Turner

A senior member, who appears to have strayed from the gang's original intentions.

    Zero Union 

Jackie Sokolov

Big member of Zero Union. A page from the Russian Freezing Codex.


Page from the Shambling Codex.

Kane Ledger

Member of the Trickster Codex. Sleeps whenever not fighting.

Charlie Wright

A harpy from the Zephyr Codex and regular contestant at the Arena. Easygoing.


A page from an unknown codex. Close friends with Charlie.

Raymond Bishop

A harpy, like Charlie. An Ink user.

    Arena Battlers 

Eric Lopez

A page from the Lunar Codex, three times Arena Champion. Seems to have some history with Eve.

William Adams

A gargoyle from the Petrified Codex. A very powerful fighter.

Lucian and Robin Jones

A librarian couple who fight as a team in the arena.

Garnie Piper

A ratking from the Bubonic Codex. Doesn't like getting his hands dirty.