Characters: Bear Nuts

The Residents of Discount Zoo.

The Bears

Prozac Bear

(Color: Teal, Insignia: green/yellow capsule): The de facto leader of the bunch. Relentlessly cheerful... until his meds run out.

Evil Bear

(Light gray, red inverted pentagram): Jerk Ass. Tends to smash things when upset.

Gay Bear

(Yellow, purple rhinoceros): Fashionista, Homemaker, Fabulous. Not THAT kind of gay bear.

Lech Bear

(Blue, panties): Bully, pervert, Gay's hated rival?

Gimp Bear

(Brown with gimp mask, handcuffs): Silent, kindly medic with an implied kinky side; the most compassionate of the bears.

Nerd Bear

(Grey with glasses, hot dog): The wimpy fanboy of all things nerdly. A total weenie.

Death Bear

(Dark grey, skull): Dark, broody, and mysterious. The least social, Death rarely appears except to fix the major screwups of his fellows.

Crack Bear

(Green, syringe): Permanently in withdrawl, tweaked and stressed out.

Tanked Bear

(Red, mug of beer): Alcholic in a near-permanent state of intoxication. Good thing he's a cuddly drunk. The most outwardly affectionate of them all.


(Panda, blue star): Former superstar of the zoo. extremely vain and conceited.


(Purple, tampon): Extremely moody.


(Pink, kiss mark): Cara's sister. Likes to use her pheromones to make others do her bidding.