The cast of the webcomic Webcomic/AxeCop and its [[WesternAnimation/AxeCop animated adaptation]].

[[folder:Good Guys]]

!!Axe Cop (Axey Smartist)
->Voiced by: Creator/NickOfferman (Fox show), Dave [=DeAndrea=] (motion comics)
* ALoadOfBull: As [[spoiler:Axe Cop Lava Bull]] in ''Bad Guy Earth''.
* AnAxeToGrind: [[SarcasmMode Amazingly.]]
* BadassMustache: He may have even been ''born'' with it, though [[ he now claims]] it was implanted by a time-traveling "waxman" to fulfill his future self's dying wish.
* BadassNormal: While he does have some powers, they're ''very'' minor compared to everyone else.
** EmpoweredBadassNormal
* BaldOfAwesome: Averted--his baldness is the only thing about him that ''isn't'' awesome. He wears a hat almost all the time to hide it.
* BloodKnight: He dedicates his entire life to fighting bad guys, with only two minutes of sleep each night, he's stated that he'd get bored if he became president and killed all the bad guys, and if he had a magic wand, he would use it to turn every alien in the universe evil ''just so he could kill them.''
* {{Catchphrase}}: "I'll chop your head off!"
* CoolShades
* CowboyCop
* DoesNotLikeGuns: He finds fighting bad guys with handguns like normal police boring. Although he has been forced to use them on occasion, such as when some of his worst weapons backfired on him.
* EatsBabies
* [[FatalFlaw Fatal Fear]]: Despite how strong he is, Axe Cop still has one major fear: [[spoiler:'''''TALKING GORILLAS.''''']] [[spoiler:Until Junior Cobbb feeds him a [[PhlebotinumPills Gorilla-Loving Pill]], that is.]]
* HeManWomanHater: He doesn't allow girls on his team, except for the Best Fairy Ever. Presumably because [[GirlsHaveCooties Malachai is six]].
** That is, until [[DistaffCounterpart Axe Girl]] came along.
* GoodIsNotNice
* GuileHero: ''[[{{Catchphrase}} That was a secret attack]].''
* HammerSpace: Axe Cop With Lemon's lemon grenades
* HappilyMarried: To Water Queen at the end of "Axe Cop Gets Married"
* TheHero
* HeroicBSOD: Goes into one in the animated series after realizing he's murdered good guys. He only snaps out of it when the others give him "a super-secret birthday gift": [[spoiler:the identity of who killed his parents.]]
* HotBlooded
* InfinityPlusOneSword: Axe Cop With Lemon's axe
* KillerCop: Hoo boy. His kill-count often reaches into the dozens ''on a daily basis''.
* LanternJawOfJustice
* MasterPoisoner
* MeaningfulName: [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin He's a cop who wields an axe]]. Go figure.
* NobodyPoops: As revealed in the first episode of the cartoon, "My body is 100% efficient and uses everything I eat. I ''don't poop''."
* PalsWithJesus: He's had a direct line to God ever since he became President of Presidents.
* PsychopathicManchild: Type E.
* PunnyName: His real name, "'''Axe'''y Smartist". It also works as a pun on his previous occupation, driving a t'''axi'''.
* RatedMForManly
* RealMenLoveJesus: He prays for the sharks.
* SecretLegacy: The last issue of ''The American Choppers'' reveals that [[spoiler:Axey was an infant refugee from the [[PlanetOfHats General Planet]], making him the General of All Axes and making the Smartists his first set of MuggleFosterParents.]]
* SuperCop
* SuperMode: Axe Cop With Lemon, Axe Cop Fire, and [[spoiler:Axe Cop Lava Bull]].
* WeaksauceWeakness: When surprised, he melts.
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: Axe Cop is terrified of [[spoiler:talking gorillas]]. They are his greatest fear.
* WigDressAccent: Axe Cop uses a variety of disguises at his disposal. He dresses up as a cat while killing bad guys in their sleep at night, he occasionally wears a baby suit, he dresses up as Ethan for comic conventions, and he occasionally disguises himself as a regular cop (he switches his axe with a gun).

!!Flute Cop [[spoiler:(Flutey Smartist)]] / Dinosaur Soldier / Avocado Soldier / etc.
->Voiced by: Ken Marino (Fox show), Creator/EricBauza (Rug Burn motion comic), Lee Gordon (Promo Scape motion comic), Creator/MauriceLaMarche (as Avocado Soldier only in Promo Scape motion comic)
* ButtMonkey: He ''never stops transforming''. Although many of these forms make him even more powerful, he never gets to use his true form, even when he tries. Even Axe Cop has stated that his best friend is Sockarang and not Flute Cop, who has ''been his sidekick since the first comic''.
** This is averted in the animated series, where he is not only still human, but married. Dinosaur Soldier and Avocado Soldier appear in one episode, but Flute Cop returns in the next episode.
* CoolShades
* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep: Unlike Axe Cop, who actually has a real name, it seems that his name actually ''is'' Flute Cop.
** This seems to have been a mistake in the early comic, as later on in "Ask Flute Cop" we more logically see his name given as [[spoiler:Flutey Smartist]].
* [[EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs Everything's Better With Dinosaurs]]: After becoming Dinosaur Soldier, and later as [[MixAndMatchCritters Dragtrighostacops Rex]].
* IHaveManyNames: Due to his many transformations. The same character has gone by the names Flute Cop, Dinosaur Soldier, Avocado Soldier, Uni-Avocado Soldier, Ghost Cop, Drag-Tri-Ghostacops Rex, Viking Cop, Bear Cop, Zombie Bear Cop, ''President'' Zombie Bear Cop, Rat Cop...
* TheLancer
* [[spoiler:LukeIAmYourFather: He's Axe Cop's brother, but they forgot after backing into each other]].
* MinoredInAssKicking: His minor was in Criminal Justice. His major was in flute class. However, it appears that flute classes in the ''Axe Cop'' world involve learning how to fight with flutes.
* MusicalAssassin: While we've never seen him use his Flute Cop form in battle, his fighting style evidently involves him distracting people by blowing into his flute.
** The animated series has shown Flute Cop making bad guys' [[YourHeadAsplode heads explode]] by playing the recorder.
* OnlySaneMan: In the cartoon, he usually points out the bizarre leaps in logic in Axe Cop's plans.
* OurPresidentsAreDifferent: He became President of the United States by eating President Towzerd's brain. (He was a zombie bear at the time.)
* ShapeshifterDefaultForm: Interestingly, in between storylines he seems to revert by unspecified means to a default form... but that form is Dinosaur Soldier, not his original form of Flute Cop.
* SleevesAreForWimps: Dinosaur Soldier.
* SomebodySetUpUsTheBomb: As Ghost Cop, his secret attack is to [[{{Intangibility}} phase through]] his enemies and leave grenade bombs inside each one [[WhyAmITicking before they know what hit them.]]
* TrulySingleParent: He has a baby named Wexey that he wished for with his unicorn powers.
** Averted in the animated series, where he and his wife Anita are the adopted parents of Uni-Baby.
* {{Unicorn}}: As Uni-Avocado Soldier.

!!Sockarang (Socky) / Good Bad Santa
->Voiced by: Creator/PattonOswalt (Fox show), [[Series/TheWhitestKidsUKnow Sam Brown]] (motion comic)
* AllThereInTheManual: His real name is Socky, but you'd only know that from reading the production notes in the ''Bad Guy Earth'' collection.
* BadassBeard: After he gets {{Bad Santa}}'s blood on him.
* TheBigGuy
* BroughtToYouByTheLetterS: Actually, his [[ChestInsignia emblem]] is a sock in the shape of an S.
* ChainsawGood
* ChickMagnet: Although he rejects his fangirls' affection since he's in love with the Best Fairy Ever.
* DetachmentCombat: Uses his sock boomerang arms to fight.
* HeartIsAnAwesomePower: His power is having sock arms. And he's still a badass.
* LegacyCharacter: His father was a sock fighting superhero before him.
** ''Bad Guy Earth'' clarifies that while his whole family were converted into sock fighters, his father only ever taught superheroes without being one himself.
* MadScientist: He's driven by love--he seeks to defy the exaggeration of HugeGuyTinyGirl.

!!Baby Man
->Voiced by: Creator/MichaelMadsen (Fox show), [[CreatorCameo Ethan Nicolle]] (motion comic)
* AdaptationalVillainy: Became the villain of the animated episode "No More Bad Guys" for being deemed more interesting than Telescope Gun Cop in the role of jealous wannabe teammate.
* BadassFamily
* {{Catchphrase}}: "Shake what your baby gave ya!"
* {{Fartillery}}: For a while, his sole power was the ability to fly by farting.
* {{Gasshole}}
* PermaStubble
* SomethingPerson: In addition to Baby Man, there's also his family members, Baby Dad, Baby Mom, Baby Kid, and [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment Baby Baby]].
* TheVoiceless: Except for the aformentioned catchphrase.
** Averted by the cartoon.

!!The Wrestler
* BadassNormal: Even on the official character bios, his powers are listed only as "He's a wrestler."
* CaptainErsatz: Ethan has stated that we was designed after the Wrestling/UltimateWarrior.
** And his superior, the Wrestler Boss (seen in ''Bad Guy Earth'' and ''Ask Axe Cop'') is based on Wrestling/HulkHogan.
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin
* [[spoiler:FaceHeelTurn]]
* [[spoiler:OrcusOnHisThrone]]
* OutOfFocus: After the first arc left him a tiny biting robot, he didn't reappear until a later comic demonstrated his battle cry, which also included defunct forms of Flute Cop. An even later comic showed that he got better and is still alive.
* ProfessionalWrestling
* SpellMyNameWithAThe

!!Ralph Wrinkles / Axe Dog
->Voiced by: Creator/EricBauza (Rug Burn motion comic), Big Lou Johnson (Promo Scape motion comic)
* BreathWeapon: He shoots a laser from his mouth.
* CanineCompanion
* CoolShades
* EyeBeams: Though his are healing rays.
* GadgeteerGenius: In ''The American Choppers'', he creates a [[TranslatorMicrobes goat translator]] out of [[MacGyvering spare car parts]] on the spot, and apparently he assembled the [[MechaMooks robot army]] proposed in [[ Ask Axe Cop #26]].
* IKnowKarate: Since Uni-Man wished he would.
* TalkingAnimal
* TeamPet

* ArmCannon: ''Two'' of them.
* CanonImmigrant: First appeared in Ask Axe Cop #8.
* CoolPet
* CoolShades
* DinosaursAreDragons
* EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs: [[ Ethan recounts]] that while Axe Cop was a lucky accident of assigning heroes to toy weapons, Wexter is the complete boyhood power fantasy.
* TeamPet
* TyrannosaurusRex

->Voiced by: [[Series/ThePeterSerafinowiczShow Peter Serafinowicz]] (Fox show), Brock Gallagher (Rug Burn motion comic), Sam A. Mowry (''Bad Guy Earth'' preview)
* BadassBookworm
* ButtMonkey: [[TookALevelInBadass At first]].
* FastballSpecial: Before he TookALevelInBadass, his combat role was limited to making wishes and being thrown horn-first at bad guys.
* RealityWarper
* TheSmartGuy
* SomethingPerson
* SuperIntelligence
* TookALevelInBadass: Out of frustration with Dr. Stinkyhead at the end of "The Moon Warriors".

!!Leaf Man
->Voiced by: Justin Ching
* AmbiguouslyGay
** Subverted [[spoiler: it was revealed he once had a wife.]]
* CircusBrat: His current occupation.
* [[spoiler:EverybodysDeadDave: His whole family. Nobody knows how they died.]]
* GreenThumb: He apparently can control leaves, [[WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway but seems to be limited to juggling them]].
* HeroicBuild: Averted. As opposed to a stereotypical buff superhero, Leaf Man is a scrawny 90-pound weakling.
* SomethingPerson

!!The Best Fairy Ever
->Voiced by: Creator/DeborahAnnWoll
* FairyCompanion
* FairySexy
* InterspeciesRomance: With Sockarang.
* KnifeNut
* MasterPoisoner: She has two types of poison powder--one that shrinks bad guys and one that kills giants.
* PintsizedPowerhouse: Her signature attack is to fly into bad guys' nostrils and punch her way out through the backs of their heads.
* RefugeeFromTVLand: Axe Cop pulled her out of his TV while he was watching a movie about fairies.
* TokenMinority: She is literally the only female being in creation (besides Uni-Baby) allowed on Axe Cop's team.

!!The Moon Warriors (Vampire Wolfer and Fire Slicer)
->Voiced by: [[WebAnimation/DickFigures Ed Skudder]] (Vampire Wolfer) and WebVideo/ShaneDawson (Fire Slicer)
* ElementalPowers: Fire Slicer can control...[[PlayingWithFire well, guess.]]
* FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire
* MartialArtsHeadband
* MorphWeapon: Fire Slicer's sword, which can turn into a flaming stick as he's slicing a bad guy.
* {{Ninja}}
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot: Lampshaded by the narrative text. They were "wizard ninja brothers from the moon" even before they started getting vampire bites and transformations.
* {{Omniglot}}: They speak every human and alien language due to doing ESL at moon school.
* OurVampiresAreDifferent: [[WordOfGod This only gets explained in the book]], but Vampire Wolfer was born a vampire. He only got double vampire power when he was bitten by Vampire Man Baby Kid.
* OurWerewolvesAreDifferent: Vampire Wolfer was born a werewolf and can change at any time because he lives on the moon.
* SleevesAreForWimps
* UncertainDoom: They were presumed dead for over four years after [[ "The Moon Warriors Go Camping"]], until [[ Ask Axe Cop #101]] explained how they survived their encounter with the God of All Bears [[spoiler:and mountain-man Telescope Gun Cop [[CruelAndUnusualDeath didn't]]]].

!!Lobster Man ([[spoiler:Koko Mia]])
->Voiced by: Creator/AndreBraugher
* [[EvilDetectingDog Evil Detecting Dog/Lobster/Man]]: His antennae can detect bad guys, a power later picked up by Axe Cop after being infected with lobster blood.
* HalfHumanHybrid: Sort of.
* MixAndMatchCritters: He has a human head, lobster claws and antennae, and [[ItMakesSenseInContext the back legs and tail of a German shepherd]].
* ScaryBlackMan
* ShapeshifterModeLock: Unlike [[spoiler:his sister, who can turn into a dog at will]], he permanently is stuck with a human head and a dog body.
* SomethingPerson

!!Bat Warthog Man
->Voiced by: [[Series/MadMen Vincent Kartheiser]]
* AnimalThemedSuperbeing
* AscendedExtra: He was originally just a one-off character from the Ask Axe Cop series before getting his own arc.
* BreadEggsBreadedEggs: A slightly more complex sort: bat, warthog, man--bat warthog, man--'''''BAT WARTHOG MAN!'''''
* CaptainErsatz: He's Franchise/{{Batman}}, but part warthog.
* CoolCar: "The Power".
* EmpoweredBadassNormal: Unlike his namesake, Bat Warthog Man is at least capable of flight.
* {{Expy}}: When he first appeared on Ask Axe Cop, he showed traits very similar to Axe Cop. He even had an airborne tyrannosaur as a steed--specifically, his Bat Warthog T-Rex. [[CharacterizationMarchesOn These were dropped]] when he got his own arc.
* MixAndMatchCritters: Bat Warthog, which is "the best two-animal combo" according to Malachai.
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: When in Man form, Bat Warthog Man looks a bit like Creator/RodSerling.
* OurWerewolvesAreDifferent: Sort of. He only turns into his bat warthog form at night, because bats go out at night, and he was bitten by a bat warthog.
* ShapedLikeItself: A literal case: Bat Warthog Man wears a bat warthog mask to cover his bat warthog face. It's justified, too: his mask is more stylized, whereas his head is slightly more grotesque.
* [[SomethingPerson Something Something Person]]

!!Wolver Man
* CaptainErsatz: Of both {{ComicBook/Wolverine}} and {{Franchise/Superman}}.
* CompositeCharacter
* WetwareCPU: His pet Iron Spider Cannon is a {{cyborg}} directed by a mouse brain wired into its circuits.
** AbnormalAmmo: It can shoot bolts and fire [[RunningGag tornadoes]].

!!Gray Diamond (Mark Frankenstein)
->Voiced by: Rob Huebel
* AscendedExtra: Originally Gray Diamond was just one of several superheroes featured in the story "Bat Warthog Man Can't Find His Friend" only, but the producers of the animated adaptation loved Rob Huebel's performance so much that they made him a [[RegularCharacter series regular]].
* BladeBelowTheShoulder: Can turn his hands into diamond swords that [[SwordBeam shoot]] [[AbnormalAmmo diamonds]].
* CaptainErsatz: Of Grey Matter from ''WesternAnimation/{{Ben 10}}''.
* MadScientist: Combined the surviving brain of his dead comrade Sergeant G with a lion's and a cheetah's.
* MeaningfulName: Was probably [[NamesToRunAwayFrom/NotoriousKillers named for]] the fact that he revived his best friend as a FrankensteinsMonster.
* MyBrainIsBig: Inside the giant diamond on his head.
* TheSmartGuy

!!Gray Stone
* AuthorAvatar: Half his dialogue is clearly Ethan's FridgeLogic on being confronted with Malachai's ideas.
* CaptainErsatz: Again, of Grey Matter from ''WesternAnimation/{{Ben 10}}'', but in a very different way to Grey Diamond.
* ChekhovsSkill: His ability to repair robots comes up later on.
* GadgeteerGenius: He builds a rocket ship from scratch, ''without instructions!''
* HulkingOut
* MyBrainIsBig
* OnlySaneMan: Not that it gets him far in the Axe Cop universe.
* OpaqueNerdGlasses: When repairing robots.
* TheSmartGuy
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: The narrative sometimes refers to him as 'Graystone' without a space. The book collection made this spelling standard.

!!Army Chihuahua
->Voiced by: Creator/GiancarloEsposito
* BadassAdorable: Depends on your opinions on chihuahuas, but it is in his ''name''.
* BadassNormal: In his backstory when he was an ordinary soldier.
* BloodKnight: He only turns into his human form when he's not ready to fight, which is "almost never."
* DarkAndTroubledPast
* PoisonousPerson: In the [[GuestStrip guest arc]] "Revenge on Rainbow Girl", Army Chihuahua has a [[ venomous bite]] that makes bad guys lose their tails... and die.
* RealMenWearPink: Before becoming a chihuahua himself, he was a tough, muscular, mustachioed army man...who owned a pet chihuahua. There's something inexplicably funny about seeing such a manly man say "Oh no! I forgot to feed my ''chihuahua!''"
* SuperheroPackingHeat: Has "army powers", which essentially seems to mean the ability to use a machine gun while in chihuahua form.
* ShapeshifterModeLock
* TroubledBackstoryFlashback
* WasOnceAMan
* WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway: In any circumstance where he has to fight, he's forced to remain in the form of a chihuahua.

!!Chemist M
->Voiced by: Peter Serafinowicz
* AuthorAvatar: The M stands for Malachai.
* HappinessInSlavery: Axe Cop bought him and he seems fine with it.
* MultipleChoicePast: In the comic, he is an AuthorAvatar of Malachai, as stated above, who directly assists Axe Cop. He is an entirely different character in the animated series, where he is an aged English scientist (the smartest man in the world, no less) whose daughter, Isabella M, was held ransom by UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler to force him to construct a zombie army for the Nazis long before the series' present day. (It isn't made clear whether this happened during UsefulNotes/WorldWarII or some other time other than "a long time ago".) [[spoiler:He has since become a zombie himself, but he was turned good by her daughter, who completed his secret work on a potion to turn zombies good.]]
* NerdGlasses
* ScienceHero
* SeeTheInvisible: The main reason Axe Cop needed him in the webcomic was to create a chemical that would let him do this.

->Voiced by: [[{{Music/OFWGKTA}} Tyler, The Creator]]
* {{Cyborg}}
* NinetiesAntiHero: His design is based on the art of Creator/RobLiefeld.
* {{Portmanteau}}: His name is one of 'lion' and 'cyborg'.
* WasOnceAMan: The result of Grey Diamond combining the remains of his deceased friend Sergeant G ([[spoiler:actually Sergeant T, but Grey Diamond didn't know that]]) with parts from a lion, a cheetah, and a robot suit.

!!Fwinky Dog
* AnimalSuperheroes
* BlowYouAway: He can create a Fwinky-tornado.
* EyeBeams
* {{Flight}}
* FunnyAnimal
* SuperSerum: The super-Fwinkies (Twinkies for dogs) that gave him his powers.

!!Hypno-Monkey Boy and Super Bat Boy (Sam and Max)
* DoomedHometown: Two of them: Their birth parents' lab, which explodes, sending them into space; and the Unknown Planet they land on, which gets bombed by the enemies of the aliens they came to live with.
* HappilyAdopted: First by some aliens, then by Axe Cop and later the Water Queen.
* KidHero: Both of them once Axe Cop says it's okay.
* AndNowForSomeoneCompletelyDifferent: Similar to The Moon Warriors, "Axe Cop Gets Married" starts out with their backstory, and Axe Cop meets them shortly afterwards.
* PettingZooPeople

!!The Water Queen
->Voiced by: Jemima Kirke
* BrainwashedAndCrazy: In ''President of the World'', Tu and Bu turn the Water Queen evil with a potion that not even the Good Guy Machine can cure.
* FirstGirlWins: The first girl Axe Cop ever had feelings for, so secret even he didn't know about it.
* GoodParents
* HappilyMarried: To Axe Cop.
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: Was willing to hide her feelings for Axe Cop so he could marry Axe Girl. Thankfully though, things between Axe Cop and Axe Girl didn't work out, and things ended happily.
* InkSuitActor: Based on Ethan's wife.
* MakingASplash: Can produce any amount of water and make it behave like solid objects without freezing it.
* NiceGirl
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: Springs to the aid of children in need, even if it means battling an army the night before her wedding.
* SilkHidingSteel: Every bit the badass you'd expect of someone marrying Axe Cop, but you wouldn't know it by looking at her.
* WaterIsBlue: Her control of blue water [[ColorCodedElements is reflected]] in her [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair aqua hair]], [[ElementalEyeColors bright blue eyes]], and always wearing [[TrueBlueFemininity blue dresses and shoes.]]

!!Axe Girl
->Voiced by: Creator/LakeBell
* ActionGirl
* AmicableExes: While the two break off the engagement, she and Axe Cop still remain friends and vow to team up again some day.
* BirdsOfAFeather: Deconstructed. It turns out she and Axe Cop's similar "All the time" shifts and personalities meant no one would be home to parent Sam and Max.
* DistaffCounterpart

!!Super Axe
->Voiced by: [[Series/KeyAndPeele Jordan Peele]]
* AnAxeToGrind: Was once thought to be the only ax-wielding {{superhero}}.
* BlackBestFriend: As Axe Cop's friend from college, his appearances in the comics are mainly just to kick off Axe Cop's adventures, but he may have been intended to be a more relatable black character than Lobster Man.
* CostumeCopycat: At least in the animated series, where his costume is just [[{{Franchise/Superman}} Superman's]] with an "A" wedged into the ChestInsignia and an ax-emblazoned belt buckle. Not so much in the comic books, though he may have taken inspiration from {{Comicbook/Icon}} or [[{{ComicBook/Shazam}} Captain Marvel]].
* HappilyMarried: To a woman named Tracy in the animated series.
* MasterOfDisguise: When he wears animal costumes, bad guys think he really is those animals.

[[folder:Bad Guys]]
!!Telescope Gun Cop
->Voiced by: [[Series/TheWhitestKidsUKnow Sam Brown]] (Rug Burn motion comic), Marcus Irvine (Promo Scape motion comic)
* AdaptedOut: Doesn't show up in the TV Series aside from a cameo as an action figure, with a lot of his traits adopted or reworked into other characters.
* {{BFG}}: It is in his ''name''.
* CoolGun: It even has a flashlight!
* CoolShades
* EightiesHair: Has a mullet.
* EvilBrit: In the old motion comic only. ([[MistakenNationality He's actually]] [[UsefulNotes/AustralianAccent Australian]].)
* FaceHeelTurn
* VillainTeleportation: Courtesy of Uni-Baby, he teleported back in time to MakeWrongWhatOnceWentRight, and now we know he also once survived [[spoiler:Axe Cop's grenade barrage]] by teleporting to a forest.
* WhosLaughingNow: He only became a bad guy after Axe Cop refused to let him on his team, at first because he had to go fight Psydrozon and then because he was already powerful enough to go without him.

!!King Evilfatsozon
->Voiced by: Mike Nassar (motion comic)
* AdiposeRex
* FatBastard
* KryptoniteFactor: He can only be killed by a unicorn horn, [[TooDumbToLive as he explains to the guy who's standing right next to someone with a unicorn horn]].
** In fairness, he didn't actually finish saying "a unicorn horn" before he was killed by Uni-Man being thrown at him, so he was already doomed before starting to say it.

!!Dr. Stinky Head
->Voiced by: [[Series/TheWhitestKidsUKnow Sam Brown]]
* ArchEnemy: Seeing as he has connections with Axe Cop and appears in the Dr. [=McNinja=] crossover, he's about the closest Axe Cop has.
* AscendedExtra: He initially started out as a gag in "Ask Axe Cop", but ended up the main antagonist of "The Moon Warriors" arc.
* HighClassGlass
* MadScientist
* MorallyAmbiguousDoctorate
* OneWingedAngel: He can turn himself into an alien.
* ThePigpen: Hence the name Dr. Stinky Head, and his childhood identity, Stinko.

!!Vampire Man Baby Kid
->Voiced by: Creator/DeeBradleyBaker (FXX show), Ethan Nicolle (motion comic)
* FashionableAsymmetry: Because he's half vampire baby, half vampire man, and vampire kid in the middle, his appendages are longer on one side.
* {{Gonk}}
* LooksLikeOrlock
* NighInvulnerable: His head can't be chopped off by anything short of a golden chainsaw.
* OurVampiresAreDifferent: He's a "sun vampire" and can apparently survive in the sun.
* SparedByTheAdaptation: The animated episode "Night Mission: The Moon" has Flute Cop convince Axe Cop not to kill Vampire Man Baby Kid when he learns that one of the baby's parents was the true bad guy.

!!Dr. Doo Doo
->Voiced by: Peter Serafinowicz
* AscendedExtra: In the comic, he appeared for only a few pages at the very end of the Ultimate Battle arc. In the cartoon, he has a much more prominent role, trading up to [[MonsterOfTheWeek Villain of the Week]] status.
* BrownNote: He can make people poop their pants and give birth to doody soldiers by saying "''Poooooop!''", similar to the [[TropeNamers Trope Namer]].
* HighClassGlass
* MadScientist: Created when a zombie ate the brain of the world's smartest man and then took the world's smartest poop.
* MorallyAmbiguousDoctorate
* TalkingPoo

!!The King of All Bad Guys
* AttackOfTheFiftyFootWhatever
* {{Cyclops}}
* {{Invisibility}}
* OrcusOnHisThrone

!!Chicken Head
* BreathWeapon: Can shoot lasers out of his mouth.
* HeroKiller
* {{Mooks}}: Chicks that shoot drills.
* NonindicativeName: He's a huge chicken with a ''human'' head.
* PosthumousCharacter

!!Iggy and Willy
* AnimalJingoism: They spend their time plotting against dogs.
* CatsAreMean
* CoolMask
* FatBastard[=/=]HuskyRusskie: Willy.
* LeanAndMean: Iggy.
* {{Magitek}}: They use combinations of both technology and magic, such as setting up ordinary technological booby traps but then hiding them with an invisibility spell.
** Later they build a transformation machine and install the last button using a magic spell.
* [[spoiler:MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning]]
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot: They're Siberian witch doctor cats.
* OurPresidentsAreDifferent: They were apparently democratically elected to witch doctordom, as Iggy is president and Willy is vice president.
* {{Polyamory}}: They have one wife between them.
* WitchDoctor

[[folder:Axe Cop Presents]]
!!Jack and John
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot: They have an army of zombie vampires with jetpacks, all called Laser Scott.
* PalsWithJesus: They exchange advice and favours with God.

!!The Secret Agent Brothers
* AuthorAvatar: Secret Agent I is Isaiah Nicolle, Secret Agent M is Malachai, and Secret Agent Boss is Ethan.
* SiblingTeam


[[folder:Print-only Characters]]

Characters that have only appeared in ''Bad Guy Earth'' and other print-only comics. Because these are self-contained stories, spoilers will not be marked.

!!The Psychic Brothers (Psychic Boss and Psychic Helper)
* AnimeHair: Psychic Boss' mohawk.
* AttackOfTheFiftyFootWhatever: They can merge together to form a giant monster...which is named [[FluffyTheTerrible the Best Psychic Pal]].
* AuthorAvatar: Psychic Boss is Malachai, Psychic Helper is Ethan.
* BigBad
* FatAndSkinny
* LeanAndMean: Psychic Boss.
* PsychicPowers: Though despite their name, they actually don't use them that much.
* ThoseTwoBadGuys

!!The Evil Magician Woman Riding A Gorilla Riding A Lion
->Voiced by: Jane Adams
%%* AnimeHair
%%* FieryRedhead
%%* GreaterScopeVillain
* HellishPupils: In the comics, she and all her followers have yellow eyes with rectangular red pupils, though hers are tinted by her [[CoolShades green shades]].
%%* HorseOfADifferentColor
* KilledMidSentence: Yet her spells succeed anyway.
* LargeHam: In her animated appearance, though it may stem from grief from losing her children by the time we meet her.
%%* NinjaPirateZombieRobot
* NoNameGiven: But [[AllThereInTheManual supplementary material]] indicates it's "Psychic Wazasha". Her TV episode doesn't give her the chance to perform any magic, so there she's known as merely "The [[EvilRedhead Evil Redheaded]] Woman."

!!President Towzerd
->Voiced by: Al [=LeVine=] (FXX show), Rowell Gormon (''Bad Guy Earth'' preview)
* DroppedABridgeOnHim
* OurPresidentsAreDifferent: Closest to President Buffoon.

!!Goo Cop (Frank Wrinkleburd)
* ArmCannon: Typically changes his hands into triple-barreled goo guns.
* CameBackStrong: When Axe Cop recreates him in [[GoldMakesEverythingShiny gold]] form.
* PuppeteerParasite: His method of MindManipulation is to fire some of his goo into a person's brain [[OrificeInvasion through the face.]]
* SourSupporter: Though he fights valiantly on Axe Cop's side, he's not above calling Axe Cop out on delaying the search for his family, or finding it ridiculous that the Martian scientist suddenly has a brother they have to fight.
* TouchedByVorlons: Was the subject of an alien experiment to turn humans into more such aliens, but [[GoneHorriblyWrong something went wrong]] and left him as a [[BlobMonster Goo Man]].
* VoluntaryShapeshifting: Can change shape into useful items like gliders and rocket ships, but can never change back from being goo.

!!Junior Cobbb
->Voiced by: Creator/ClancyBrown
* DisposableSuperheroMaker: Parodied: Junior got his powers from a discarded machine because he was the only gorilla smart enough to plug it in.
* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys: And on Junior Cobbb's planet, [[PlanetOfHats their gorillas are different]]: They have tails, stand on tiptoe, and suffer early-onset dementia, and we find them at war with robotic [[EverythingsBetterWithPenguins penguins]].
* FingerFirearms: His [[TrickedOutGloves robotic gloves]] contain machine guns in the knuckles.
* MyNaymeIs: When asked whether "Cobbb" was spelled with one B or two, Malachai [[TakeAThirdOption Took a Third Option]].
* ThePowerOfCreation: His tail has the power to produce jet planes or [[ImaginationBasedSuperpower any other object he imagines]].
* {{Sizeshifter}}: Can grow as big as he wants, allowing him to shoot larger objects and better reference Film/KingKong.
* TalkingAnimal

!!The Evil Scientist from {{UsefulNotes/Mars}} (Dr. Tuwo)
->Voiced by: Creator/AlfredMolina
* BigBad: Masterminded the Million-Year War and the creation of [[UltimateLifeform Every Man]] and possesses the power to terminate anyone who defects with the press of a button.
* DoNotAdjustYourSet: A broadcast that covers "all over Earth and space" announces his intentions to gather an army to kill Axe Cop.
* EnragedByIdiocy: The animated version claims he's driven to genocide by all the stupid people in the world causing his brain pain.
* LastWords: Only after Axe Cop deals the killing blow does Dr. Tuwo [[TheReveal reveal]] his name as well as the name of [[BonusBoss his brother Dr. Playo]].
* MadScientist
* MyBrainIsBig: Visible through a clear dome over his [[GogglesDoSomethingUnusual unusual goggles]].
* PoweredArmor: Contains a number of [[TelescopingRobot telescoping]] weapons, along with [[JetPack rocket boots]].
* WellSeeAboutThat: Apparently his motive for invading Earth is Axe Cop bragging that Earth is invasion-proof.

!!Tu and Bu
* [[CardCarryingVillain Card-Carrying Villains]]: To a greater extent than most: While meditating, they vow to become "the devilest bad guys."
* CombiningMecha: Along with vehicles like motorcycles and monster trucks, Tu and Bu can form a giant robot Axe Cop (not that it fools anyone).
* FatAndSkinny: In the sense that Bu is the rounder, bulkier one.
* KillTheGod: They try to hurl the [[UsefulNotes/{{Seattle}} Space Needle]] into the heart of God, but Axe Cop deflects it. They do succeed in mutilating {{Satan}} enough to take over his [[TheLegionsOfHell minions]], though.
* [[OmnicidalManiac Omnicidal Maniacs]]: Destroyed whole planets starting with [[RobotRepublic their own]] and even blew up an entire "[[{{Utopia}} good guy universe]]".
* RebelliousSpirit: Hated everything about their planet and broke all the rules to try to get their own way all the time.
* RoboFamily: They're [[HumongousMecha giant robot]] brothers who rebelled against their parents so they could keep making bombs.

!!The Aliens
* AlienAbduction: First they kidnap Frank Wrinkleburd and transform him into Goo Man, then they kidnap Goo Man's family in retaliation when he escapes, then they kidnap Junior Cobbb's father, eventually turning them all into goo.
* HypnoRay: They use mind-control lasers to turn some bakers into murderers just to divert attention from a simple theft.
* LittleGreenMen
* MyBrainIsBig: And exposed through seams in the middle of their heads, though they're not considered very smart.
* NoNameGiven: The story never gives their names, species, or associations otherwise; they're just two aliens.
* WhosLaughingNow: Their endgame plans are motivated by [[AllOfTheOtherReindeer the other bad guys]] kicking them out of the gang for incompetence.

!!Captain Axe
* AnAxeToGrind
* BadassBeard: His is brown, and like the animated Sockarang, has rough edges.
* BroughtToYouByTheLetterS: His ChestInsignia is a giant "A", more likely for "Axe" than for "America".
* CaptainSuperhero
* {{Fainting}}: Despite his BigDamnHeroes introduction, he passes out the first time he sees the giant aliens, Robozorkabocks.
* GeneralRipper: Ironically for this trope name, it is the generals of General Planet that he would not be convinced are no longer his enemies, leading to Captain Axe poisoning Axe Cop on suspicion of being an evil general.
* LeaderWannabe: More than once insists he should lead Axe Cop's team as TheCaptain.
* {{Nephewism}}: An uncle is his only known family. It's possible his parents perished in an interplanetary war.
* ThrowingYourShieldAlwaysWorks: His [[DeadlyDisc "metal Frisbee shield"]] is another way in which he is an homage to ComicBook/CaptainAmerica.
* TransformingVehicle: His RV can turn into a helicopter, a monster truck jet with gun turrets, and a hot air balloon, and it can turn [[InvisibilityCloak invisible]].
* WearingAFlagOnYourHead: His costume and weapons are covered in blue, white and red stripes, and white stars, which fits his becoming a founding member of the [[CaptainGeographic American Choppers]].

[[folder: Animation-Only Characters]]

->Voiced by: Megan Mullally
* UglyGuyHotWife: With Flute Cop.

!!The Chief of the Normal Police
->Voiced by: [[{{Music/OFWGKTA}} Tyler, The Creator]]
* DaChief
* ScaryBlackMan: To the normal cops, anyway. Axe Cop isn't so easily intimidated.

->Voiced by: Todd Barry
* InkSuitActor: One of the most notable instances. He always resembles his voice actor Todd Barry, and one episode [[TheDanza names him Todd.]]
* NewJobAsThePlotDemands: Has sold Axe Cop everything from a stay at a resort to a dating profile to TrickedOutGloves to a giant dinosaur horn, that last one on another planet no less. Has also been both Grey Diamond's favorite mail guy and the one he tried pawning his diamond to!
* ObstructiveBureaucrat: Whether or not he's in the right, Todd seems to exist to try Axe Cop's patience.

->Voiced by: Creator/MikeOMalley
* CatchPhrase: "...with my gun."
* DirtyCop: He plots to kill Axe Cop and Flute Cop because they're killing more bad guys than him.
* {{Expy}}: Of Telescope Gun Cop from the comics, playing the role of a rival cop who is Axe Cop's first enemy. We see him playing with a Telescope Gun Cop action figure as a child.
* {{Jerkass}}: Even as a child, he picks on Axey and Flutey for no real reason.
* RivalTurnedEvil
* WhyDontYouJustShootHim: He constantly insists that the only way to kill bad guys is to simply shoot them with a gun. Axe Cop protests because he thinks it's too boring.

!!Turkey Turkey
->Voiced by: Jack [=McGee=]
* ADogNamedDog
* AlwaysSecondBest: What [[UsefulNotes/ThanksgivingDay Thanksgiving]] is considered among autumn holidays, and the reason [[LetsMeetTheMeat Turkey Turkey]] targets [[AllHallowsEve Halloween]] for its candy.
* AttackOfThe50FootWhatever: He was a normal turkey who grew giant because his wings were never clipped.
* BattleChant: "Gobble gobble."
* BigEater: Claims to have eaten all the candy in the universe--[[SwallowedWhole whole,]] as Axe Cop later recovers a thousand candies still in their wrappers.
* BondVillainStupidity: When he has Axe Cop and Ghost Cop trapped and knocked out in his oven, Turkey Turkey leaves them there for ''four weeks'' so they can wake up on Thanksgiving day, because "I like my Thanksgiving dinner well-rested."
* CivilizedAnimal
* FeatheredFiend
* FeatherFlechettes: Hides razor feathers all over his body to throw in combat.
* LargeAndInCharge: Of [[OneProductPlanet Thanksgiving World]].
* RepetitiveName
* ToServeMan: Plans to bake Axe Cop and Flute Cop into mirepoix to [[ImAHumanitarian serve to his army of evil pilgrims]].

!!The Warden
->Voiced by: Udo Kier
* ForeheadOfDoom: The tall forehead serves as a reminder of similar villains [[InkSuitActor played by Udo Kier.]]
* HerrDoktor: Suggested by his outfit, his vocal performance, and his experimentation on deceased prisoners, of course.
* ManipulativeBastard: With a few cool words, he tricks Axe Cop into [[UnwittingPawn helping his scheme]] and nearly gets away with capturing Flute Cop for use in the same.
* OnlyInItForTheMoney: He grows souped-up [[PlantMooks Plant Person Mooks]] not for himself, but to auction off to any other bad guy bosses.
* WardensAreEvil: But indirectly: He allows Axe Cop to decapitate as many inmates as he likes while the warden hopes to remain [[LawfulEvil "a man of the law."]]
* WickedCultured: Implied by sipping wine and listening to opera on his time off.

!!The Extincter
->Voiced by: David Strathairn
* EvilPoacher: He leads a whole army of them, out to poach ''everything'' all the way down to the [[OurCryptidsAreMoreMysterious cryptids]].
* ExoticEntree: Because YouAreWhoYouEat in this world, the Extincter and his henchmen [[BrainFood eat the brains]] of the animals they wipe out so they can [[PartialTransformation sprout animal parts]] at will.
* NemeanSkinning: Wears the hide of PantheraAwesome; the rest of his kills quickly become mounted heads in his TrophyRoom cabin.
* TheyCalledMeMad: Was kicked out of the zoo he worked at for proposing to kill off "boring" animals and put their parts into other animals in an attempt to improve attendance.