This is the list of characters from the {{Nickelodeon}} series ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender''. For the sequel series, please check out ''Characters/TheLegendOfKorra''.

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* [[Characters/AvatarTheLastAirbenderTeamAvatar Team Avatar]] [[labelnote:Character List]]Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Suki, Appa, Momo[[/labelnote]]
* [[Characters/AvatarTheLastAirbenderMentors Mentors]] [[labelnote:Character List]]Previous Avatars, Monk Gyatso, King Bumi, Master Pakku, Jeong Jeong, Piandao, Hama, Guru Pathik[[/labelnote]]
* [[Characters/AvatarTheLastAirbenderAllies Allies]] [[labelnote:Character List]]Hakoda, Haru, Mechanist and Teo, Princess Yue, Earth King Kuei[[/labelnote]]
* [[Characters/AvatarTheLastAirbenderTheFireNation Fire Nation]] [[labelnote:Character List]] Prince Zuko, Uncle Iroh, Princess Azula, Mai, Ty Lee, Fire Lord Ozai, Princess Ursa, Zhao, Combustion Man, Sozin, Azulon, Lo and Li [[/labelnote]]
* [[Characters/AvatarTheLastAirbenderTheEmberIslandPlayers The Ember Island Players]]
* [[Characters/AvatarTheLastAirbenderOtherCharacters Other]] [[labelnote:Character List]]"Gran Gran" Kanna, Blue Spirit, Jet, Freedom Fighters, Cabbage Merchant, Foamy Mouth Guy, June, Long Feng, Koh, The Boulder, Xin Fu and Yu, Jin, Wan Shi Tong[[/labelnote]]
* [[Characters/AvatarTheLastAirbenderComicCharacters Comics]] [[labelnote:Character List]]Kori Morishita, Sneers, "The Dark One", Penga, Ho-Tun, Ikem, Rafa, The Mother of Faces, Mai's Father, Kei Lo, The Air Acolytes, Satoru, Nutha and Niyok, Seashell-San, Jojan, Giya[[/labelnote]]