The character sheet for Anime/AshitaNoNadja.


[[folder: Dandelion Troupe]]

!!Nadja Applefield
->Voiced by: Creator/AmiKoshimizu (Japanese), Creator/MarianaOrtiz (Latin-American Spanish), Pilar Aguado (European Spanish)


* {{Ballet}}: Just one of perhaps many forms of dance in which she's well-versed.
* BreakTheCutie: The second part of the story bends all over to try breaking the girl's spirit. [[spoiler:It utterly ''fails''.]]
* HeartwarmingOrphan: Subverted, she ''thinks'' she's one but her family turns out to be alive.
* NiceHat: She always wears a cute white one.
* NoInfantileAmnesia: Nadja clearly remembers the lullaby Étoile, [[spoiler:which was composed by her late father]], even though she only heard it when she was a few months old.
* OfficialCouple: When asked who she wants to be with, she chooses [[spoiler: Francis. But this is later subverted as she has second thoughts and in the end decides that she will be with no one.]]
* PluckyGirl: She has her ups and downs like any girl, but she ''never'' gives up for too long.
* RagsToRiches: [[spoiler:More exactly, to Austrian nobility.]]
* SchoolUniformsAreTheNewBlack: Actually an orphanage's uniform, but she continues to wear it long after joining the Dandelion Troupe. It also kinda looks like a school uniform.
* SiblingTriangle: [[spoiler:With the twin brothers Keith and Francis.]]
* TextileWorkIsFeminine: She spends a whole episode making a red Flamenco dancing dress with Anna's sewing machine. Later, she also makes a ParasolOfPrettiness with her own hands.
-->[[LampshadeHanging "At your age, many girls are already skilled seamstresses!]]
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Tomboy to Rosemary's Girly Girl.
* TomboyWithAGirlyStreak: On one hand, she's plucky, outspoken, and loves clibing up trees. On the other, she's emotional, long-haired, an excellent dancer, and isn't afraid of dolling up in cute dresses.
* UnwantedHarem: She has one [[KidAnova at age 13]]!

!!George "Leader" Haskill
->Voiced by: Creator/KazuyaIchijo (Japanese), Mario Sauret and Rafael Rivera (Latin-American Spanish), Salvador Serrano (European Spanish)

* BadassBeard: Has SuperStrength and a nice beard.
* GentleGiant: As kind as he's BIG.
* SuperStrength: Not only is he the leader of the Dandelions, he also works as their "strong man".
* TeamDad: As the owner and founder of the group, he's also its leader and takes care of his teammates as well as he can.
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: HATES ghosts and is VERY superstitious.

!!Anna "Grandmother" Petrova
->Voiced by: Creator/HisakoKyoda (Japanese), Adriana Casas (Latin-American Spanish), Mercedes Espinosa (European Spanish)

* EyesAlwaysShut: They only open when she is shocked or using her crystal ball.
* IWasQuiteALooker: If the sketch George found in episode 34 is accurate, Anna could have been Sylvie's twin in her youth.
* NiceHat: She makes a sort-of living out of making those alongside being a member of the Dandelion Troupe.
* MiniatureSeniorCitizens: Tiny, tiny lady and the oldest of the group
* TeamMom: She's the one who keeps the finances of the group in order, as clearly seen in the Paris episode.
* TextileWorkIsFeminine: Aside of making hats, she's a great seamstress who teaches Nadja to use a sewing machine so she can make her own dresses. She's so good that she [[spoiler: takes Colette's completely torn PimpedOutDress and manages to sew the top into a new white gown for Nadja.]]

!!Sylvie Alte
->Voiced by: Creator/FumikoOrikasa (Japanese), Patricia Hanidez (Latin-American Spanish), Gema Carballedo (European Spanish)

* BareYourMidriff: Her outfit.
* BeautyMark: She has two under her left eye.
* BrokenBird: Milder example. She's very kind and sweet, but has a very painful past
* CoolBigSis: Nadja's, as she's the one who gives her more direct tips on dancing (even if she's a bit of a SternTeacher) and hears her love woes.
* ElegantClassicalMusician: On top of being a really pretty woman, she's an incredibly talented singer and her specific on-stage work is performing beautiful songs.
* LoveHurts: She's in love with a man who clearly cares for her, but cannot romantically love her back.
* Ms.Fanservice: In comparison to the clothing most women in the series wear and the time period, Sylvie's outfit is rather skimpy. She also uses seduction tactics at one point during the troupe's battle with pirates

!!Thomas O'Brian
->Voiced by: Creator/DaisukeKishio (Japanese), Ernesto Lezama and Gabriel Ortiz (Latin-American Spanish), Creator/JoseMariaCarrero (European Spanish)

* EyesAlwaysShut: And they're ''never'' see open.
* LovableCoward: Unless [[UnstoppableRage he gets him drunk]].
* NiceGuy: Kinda mousey and shy, but very sweet.

!!Abel Geiger
->Voiced by: Creator/TakumiYamazaki (Japanese), Rubén León (Latin-American Spanish), Creator/PepeCarabias (European Spanish)

* BreakTheCutie: [[spoiler: He used to be the doctor of a small German village, but [[HealthcareMotivation resorted to unfollow orders]] ''[[HealthcareMotivation and]]'' [[HealthcareMotivation steal medicine and supplies]] when [[SickEpisode a very serious illness broke out in the town]] and one of the victims was his son. Not only he was jailed, but said son was left in a wheelchair ''and'' his wife, despite still caring for him, left the place with said son. Once he was released from jail, he saw the Dandelion Troupe and joined it.]]
* SadClown: As said above, he's the clown of the group but also has led a very sad life.
* TeamDad: Less of a leader than George, but is very cultured and smart and he's always ready to give advice.

!!Rita Rossi
->Voiced by: Creator/IkueOtani (Japanese), Circe Luna (Latin-American Spanish), Creator/MartaSainz (European Spanish)

* CheerfulChild: Such a cutie!
* CircusBrat: Was raised in another circus [[spoiler:which was destroyed in super tragic circumstances]], then joined the Dandelion Troupe.
* CuteMute: [[spoiler:Until Nadja is trapped in a fire and Rita is the only one who can tell her how to go out. [[PluckyGirl She recovers her voice out of pure willpower]].]]
* FluffyTamer: She's in charge of Cream and Chocolate, the twin lions.
* MotorMouth: [[spoiler:She turns out out to be ''really'' and charmingly talkative when she gets better.]]
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: Absolutely ''terrified'' of fire [[spoiler:because her parents died in the one that destroyed their circus ''and she witnessed their deaths''.]]

!!Kennosuke Tsurugi
->Voiced by: Creator/ReikoKiuchi (Japanese), Luis Fernando Orozco en Mayra Arellano (Latin-American Spanish), Creator/DianaTorres (European Spanish)

* BigBrotherInstinct: He treats Rita in much the same way he'd treat his actual sister Hanako.
* CircusBrat: Alongside Nadja and Rita.
* ConvenientlyAnOrphan: He and his sister Hanako lost their parents in Japan. Hanako was taken in by another family, though.
* GadgeteerGenius: He's the one who drives and repairs the Dandelion Troupe's wagon. [[ChildProdigy Despite being just 12 to 13.]]
* KidSamurai: He fancies himself a samurai despite being too young. Though he does have some nice skills with his wooden sword, which are what lands him a spot in the troupe.
* TokenMinority: The only Asian in a European team.

!!Cream and Chocolate

* DyeHard: InUniverse. It's revealed in episode 14 that Chocolate is naturally white; George colors him black for publicity purposes.
* IdenticalTwinIDTag: They're said to be twin brothers; they're distinguished by the fact that Cream's white and Chocolate's black (although Chocolate's dyed).
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: They're perpetually tiny lions with full manes. And they're super-friendly.
* SeriesMascot: The lions in the Dandelion Troupe logo are them (but bigger).


[[folder: Applefield Orphanage]]

!!Miss Applefield
->Voiced by: Guadalupe Noel and Catalina Músquiz (Latin-American Spanish) Creator/PepaAgudo (European Spanish)

* CoolOldLady: A kindly woman in her 40's/50's, who runs her orphanage swiftly and with kindness.
* DroppedABridgeOnHim: [[spoiler: She died when she [[DivingSave pushed some children away from falling wood planks and scaffold parts]] [[HeroicSacrifice and was crushed to death]].]]
* ParentalSubstitute: For all the kids in the OrphanageofLove, and specially Nadja
* SecretKeeper: [[spoiler: As a friend of one of the Premingers's retainers, Miss Applefield knew more than one detail about Nadja's origins though it's not clear ''how'' much. She ''did'' know that Colette was an IllGirl not expected to live for long, but didn't seem to know ''who'' she exactly was, nor that she ultimately lived through (at least until she got the letter).]]
* TeamMom: She's charge of a whole orphanage, and is damn good at it.

!!Rosemary Applefield
->Voiced by: Creator/RumiShishido (Japanese), Karla Falcón and Mayra Arellano (Latin-American Spanish), Margot Lago (European Spanish)


* BitchInSheepsClothing: When a ShrinkingViolet snaps... ''snap she does''.
* BodyDouble: Hermann uses her as one for Nadja, not to keep the latter safe, but to further his ambitions, knowing that Rosemary has reasons to be loyal to him and so can influence the patriarch of the Premingers who favors Nadja over Hermann as a successor.
* BreakTheCutie: Again -- when a ShrinkingViolet snaps, she massively does.
** BrokenBird: Post-break, she spends the rest of the series as an evil version of this.
** FaceHeelTurn
* CainAndAbel: Friends version, the Cain to Nadja's Abel.
* ChangelingFantasy: Rosemary's life ambition, and eventually her reason to go on living, is to be a princess.
* ChekhovsGunman: Rosemary was clearly seen in the first episode ''and'' in the background of almost all the Applefield orphanage flashbacks. The audience didn't know that her and Nadja's bond was deeper than that, however.
* CreepyChild
* CuteAndPsycho: A more understated type of psycho, but still psycho.
* CuteIsEvil
* DaydreamBeliever: To go along with her obsession with her ChangelingFantasy, Rosemary has a tendency to confuse reality with what's only in her head.
* DragonInChief: To Hermann. And she turns out to be the smarter one, even.
* EvilGenius: She has many good ideas for passing off as Nadja to the press, leaving Hermann in the dust in this department.
* EvilLaugh: Has one at the end of one episode.
* ForgottenChildhoodFriend: When first formally introduced.
* GracefulLoser: [[spoiler: When she's definitely defeated, she aknowledges it without protest.]]
* HeartwarmingOrphan: What she is at the start.
** EvilOrphan: What she becomes.
* JerkAss: Towards pretty much everybody who she isn't faking innocence towards post-freak out.
* KarmaHoudini
* KickTheDog: REPEATEDLY. The biggest moment comes when [[spoiler:she rips Nadja's PimpedOutDress, ''knowing'' that it's her favorite out of Colette's prized possessions]]
* LackOfEmpathy / ItsAllAboutMe: All Rosemary cares about is becoming the princess of her dreams. Anything and anyone else is none of her concern.
* LovingAShadow: Rosemary had affection for Fernando Gonzales for no other reason than him being a rich aristocrat, and even confused his SpoiledBrat antics for acts of a PrincelyYoungMan. She gets over it pretty quickly though.
* ManipulativeBitch: [[spoiler:And HOW. She even becomes [[TheChessMaster a Chess Mistress]], able to checkmate Hermann.]]
* {{Meido}}: For the Gonzalez family. Including a crush on SpoiledBrat Fernando.
* MoralMyopia: She's honestly [[WrongGenreSavvy the heroine in her own mind]], even when she's behaving so blatantly sadistic and villainous.
* NaiveEverygirl: At the beginning, she's a truy nice girl. But when she snaps, she goes to the deep end.
* NobleDemon: [[spoiler:Becomes one by the end.]]
* OrphanageOfFear: She would lie that Applefield was one of these to garner sympathy.
* PetTheDog: Her words of advice towards Nadja before she [[spoiler:departs from the mansion, leaving her on good terms even.]]
* PluckyGirl: Her evil plans to become a princess [[spoiler:failed in the end? Pfft, the life of nobility was boring and restrictive anyway. So she vows to move foreward and work hard to [[EarnYourHappyEnding earn her happy ending]], becoming a princess on her own terms.]]
* PrincessPhase: Rosemary had princess fantasies during childhood that she desperately holds on to in adolescence, leading her to mental instability and very selfish decisions.
* PsychoticSmirk: [[ She's good at it.]]
* RageAgainstTheReflection: Throws a jewelry box at the mirror she was posing in after witnessing Nadja's "betrayal". In retrospect it was her StartOfDarkness.
* ShrinkingViolet: At first.
* SpannerInTheWorks: Her own plans often clash with [[spoiler:Hermann's schemes, and he clearly didn't expect her to point this out ''and'' add that she would betray him if he tried to discard her.]]
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Girly Girl to Nadja's Tomboy.
* UsedToBeASweetKid: Rosemary '''was''' genuinely nice as a little girl and in her first days as the Gonzalez's {{Meido}}. At least until she mentally collapsed and had her FaceHeelTurn, probably explaining ''why'' she fell so low in such a short time frame - sometimes [[CorruptTheCutie the purest a person is, the faster they're corrupted]].

!!Oliver Campbell
->Voiced by: Yuko Tachibana (Japanese), Isabel Romo and Circe Luna (Latin-American Spanish), Creator/BlancaRada (European Spanish)

* NiceGuy: He's a super nice kid, and Nadja appreciated it a lot.
* UnluckyChildhoodFriend: To Nadja.

->Voiced by: Creator/MamikoNoto (Japanese), Mayra Arellano (Latin-American Spanish), Miriam Valencia (European Spanish)
* {{Megane}}
* NiceGuy

* CuteMute: After her parents's deaths
* ShrinkingViolet


[[folder: Preminger family]]

!!Count Preminger
->Voiced by: Eiji Maruyama (Japanese), José Luis Castañeda and Federico Romano (Latin-American Spanish), Rafael Calvo (European Spanish)

* AristocratsAreEvil: More like inflexible and old-fashioned.
* GreaterScopeVillain: Can arguably be seen as this since [[spoiler: he's behind both Colette and Nadja's separation AND Hermann's StartOfDarkness.]]
* KickTheDog: [[spoiler: He's the reason Nadja and her mother were separated to begin with.]]
* [[KickTheSonOfABitch Kick The Son Of A Bastard]]: [[spoiler: Even though he's the bastard to whom the son he's kicking belongs to when he disowns him in the end.]]
* ManipulativeBastard
* ManOfWealthAndTaste: As a nobleman and a very rich one
* ParentalFavoritism ''and'' ParentalNeglect: Openly favored Colette over Hermann, but he was also pretty controlling to his favorite child.
* SharpDressedMan

!!Colette Preminger
->Voiced by: Creator/ReikoYasuhara (Japanese), Diana Pèrez (Latin-American Spanish), Creator/CarolinaTak (European Spanish)


* BlitheSpirit: What she was in the past. [[spoiler: Didn't end well.]]
* BreakTheCutie: Her past is one long, sad story. [[spoiler:She eloped with her music instructor when her family didn't approve of the match and had baby Nadja together, then her husband dies, and Colette and her daughter fall ill they were too poor to get medicine for. By the time Colette came out of her fever coma, her father told her Nadja had died to convince her to come back home.]]
* [[spoiler: BrokenBird: One in recovery]]
* PluckyGirl: Grown version
* [[spoiler: StarCrossedLovers: She and her first husband, Nadja's dad Raymond.]]

!!Hermann Preminger
->Voiced by: Issei Futamata (Japanese), Víctor Covarrubias (Latin-American Spanish), Carlos López (European Spanish)

* AristocratsAreEvil
* BigBad: Besides getting separated from her mother in the first place, Herman is the person behind everything bad that happens to Nadja, from the fire at Applefield Orphanage, to the multiple attempts to steal [[OrphansPlotTrinket her brooch]].
* EvilUncle: Determined to become his father's heir, Herman plots to track his niece Nadja down and make sure [[DeadlyEuphemism she can never claim her birthright]]. Even when she doesn't really plan to claim it, she just wants to meet her mother.
* {{Greed}}: While a high social station is something he covets, it's the wealth that comes with it Herman truly cares about.
* KickTheDog: His horrible treatment of [[DomesticAbuse his wife Hilda]] and his stepson Oscar. [[spoiler: He tops all that by attempting to shoot Nadja when his plan has fallen apart.]]
* ManipulativeBastard
* SharpDressedMan
* SmugSnake: Specially when he's OutGambitted by [[spoiler: ''a 13-year-old girl'']]
* TheUnfavorite - WellDoneSonGuy: His StartOfDarkness
* [[WickedStepmother Wicked Stepfather]]: To Oscar

!!Hilda Preminger

-->Voiced by: Catalina Músquiz (Latin-American Spanish)

* DomesticAbuse: Hermann treats her ''like shit''.
* ProperLady

->Voiced by: Creator/TomokazuSeki (Japanese), Christian Strempler (Latin American Spanish)

* LongHairedPrettyBoy
* NiceGuy: The only one able to make him behave less nice is Hermann. That should tell people something.
* PrincelyYoungMan: He actually is the heir to his dad's family's riches, but utterly refuses to pay for his stepdad's debts. There would be only one way to get him to do so: have him divorce Hilda, whom [[MommasBoy Oscar adores and defends whenever he can]], an of course the greedy Hermann won't do that.
* TheSnarkKnight


[[folder: Harcourt family]]

!!Francis Harcourt

->Voiced by: Creator/MitsukiSaiga (Japanese), Christian Strempler (Latin-American Spanish), Juan Navarro (European Spanish)


* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: [[spoiler: Always saw himself as inferior to his more assertive twin brother Keith.]]
* DeconstructedTrope: How many RichPeople tropes are ''smashed to pieces'' through this guy?
** GreaterNeedThanMine
** PrincelyYoungMan
** ShelteredAristocrat
** UnclePennybags
* HiddenDepths: At first, we see him as the kind, gentle and apparently bland LoveInterest to Nadja. He turns out to be ''very'' complex underneath.
** [[spoiler: HeroicSelfDeprecation]]
** [[spoiler: MartyrWithoutACause]]
* NiceGuy: He is a genuinely good guy, but yea.
* [[spoiler: TwinSwitch: Tries to pull one when he refuses to say that he's ''not'' Black Rose and is willing to go to jail for him, since BR is actually his older brother Keith. Keith himself is very disturbed by the idea, as he remembers that Francis often covered up for his pranks when they were kids and recognizes the ''very'' unhealthy patterns immediately.]]

!!Keith Harcourt
->Voiced by: Creator/MitsukiSaiga (Japanese), Christian Strempler (Latin-American Spanish), Juan Navarro (European Spanish)


* RebelPrince: All that's known about him is that he walked out on the family [[spoiler: after the death of the Countess aka his and Francis's mother.]]
* WalkingSpoiler: Those who want to know who he ''actualy'' is should see [[spoiler: Black Rose]]

!!Count Harcourt

* BlueBlood
* ThePatriarch: Of the Harcourt family.

!!Amelia Harcourt

* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold

!!Emma Queensbury

* NiceHat: She loves those, and thus she often asks Grandma Anna to make her some.
* ParentalSubstitute: When her older sister [[spoiler: aka the mom of Francis and Keith]] died, she helped raise the kids.


[[folder: Other noble people]]

!!Leonardo Cardinale
->Voiced by: Creator/KenichiSuzumura (Japanese), Gabriel Ortiz (Latin-American Spanish), Ramón González (European Spanish)

* ArrangedMarriage: To Julietta
** [[spoiler: PerfectlyArrangedMarriage]]
* BunnyEarsLawyer: This ''very'' nonchalant and irresponsible playboy is a ''genius'' business man and tailor.
* TheCasanova: Despite having a fiancèe already.
** [[spoiler: LadykillerInLove: After Antonio starts wooing his fiancèe Julietta, Leonardo finally snaps and starts paying actual attention to her.]]
* ThoseTwoGuys: He and Thierry

!!Thierry Rothschild
->Voiced by: Yuuta Mochizuki (Japanese), [[Creator/BenjaminRivera Benjamín Rivera]] (Latin-American Spanish), Creator/PepeCarabias (European Spanish)

* BunnyEarsLawyer: Just as talented in business as his best friend Leonardo, but acts rather childish at times.
* ThoseTwoGuys: He and Leonardo

!!Julietta Sartori
-->Voiced by: Creator/MikiIto (Japanese), Circe Luna (Latin American Spanish)

* TheOjou: She's the SpoiledSweet type from head to toe, since despite her wealth she's never stuck up.
* PinkIsFeminine - PrincessesPreferPink: All of Julietta's dresses and accessories are in pink.
* ShipperOnDeck: [[spoiler: Subverted, she does NOT tell Nadja to go for one love interest over another. She just says "choose the guy YOU want for yourself, NOT the one you feel obligued to like back!"]]

!!Marianne Hamilton

-->Voiced by: Fuuko Misaki (Japanese), Diana Pérez (Latin American Spanish)


* BrutalHonesty: She never sugarcoats her words.
* LovableAlphaBitch: Yes, she's proud and rather snobbish. But she truly loves Francis and worries for his sake, never lies to Nadja and even supports her claims, and [[spoiler: once she sees that Francis ''does'' love Nadja, she quietly leaves.]]
* NiceHat: Often wears a very cute blue one
* TrueBlueFemininity: Her most usual dress is a light blue one
* ShipperOnDeck: As the pragmatic person she is, she ships Nadja with [[spoiler: Keith]]. That way, Nadja will be out of the race for Francis's affections but with someone who ''does'' care for her as well.
* WhatTheHellHero: [[CryCute Tearfully]] snaps on Nadja when [[spoiler: Francis is imprisoned and she can't convince him to reveal that he's not Keith.]]
* UnrequitedTragicMaiden: She's a more proud version of this trope, being sincerely in love with Francis despite Nadja's appearance. [[spoiler: And plays it ''totally'' straight in the end.]]

!!Sophia Gonzalez

-->Voiced by: Belinda Martínez (Latin-American Spanish)

* HumiliationConga: [[spoiler: She should have NOT challenged Black Rose to steal her jewelry]]
* RichBitch: Hell YES.

!!Fernando Gonzalez
->Voiced by: Creator/NaozumiTakahashi (Japanese), Mónica Villaseñor (Latin-American Spanish), Rosa Vivas (European Spanish)

* SpoiledBrat: A completely unlikeable rich boy, who treats everyone around him like shit and specially a cute little maid who likes him a lot. [[spoiler: That maid is Rosemary.]]

!!Antonio Fabiani
->Voiced by: Creator/RyoHorikawa (Japanese), Armando Coria (Latin-American Spanish), Creator/JoseMariaCarrero (European Spanish)

* EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas: He might be a JerkAss, but he truly loves his mother as he occasionaly sends her expensive gifts.
* GoldDigger: Despite being very rich already, he's hinted to be at first interested in [[spoiler: Julietta]] solely because of her BlueBlood. [[spoiler: Julietta]] herself seems to be scared of him, and Nadja immediately calls him out on it.
* JerkAss <- -> JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He's not completely evil, but he's incredibly jaded and cynical and he doesn't exactly defrost when Nadja hangs around him.
* LoanShark: All but stated to be this, if not bordering on CorruptCorporateExecutive. [[spoiler: it turns out to be vital, as one of the people who owe him money? ''Hermann Preminger''.]]
* SelfMadeMan: [[spoiler: From an orphan who helped his mother to survive in the canals of Venice, to a very rich tycoon]]
* UsedToBeASweetKid: [[spoiler: Was rather sweet and nice a a boy, but his heart hardened as he learned to survive in the outside world.]]

[[folder: Americans]]

!!Harvey Livingston
->Voiced by: Creator/KenjiroTsuda (Japanese), Rafael Pacheco (Latin-American Spanish), Creator/JoseMariaCarrero (Spain)

* BrilliantButLazy: Seems to be this, as he looks like a slob but is pretty good at his job.
* IntrepidReporter: Nothing can stop this guy when he focuses on interesting deals, and his dream is to interview Black Rose the GentlemanThief. [[spoiler: Which is fulfilled towards the end.]]
* PromotionToParent: Has raised his little brother T.J for several years
* TheSmartGuy: ''Extremely'' good at gathering information, and very aware of the social happenings around him.

!!T.J Livingston
->Voiced by: Creator/YukiKaida (Japanese), Mayra Arellano (Latin-American Spanish), Creator/MartaSainz (European Spanish)

* BigBrotherWorship: When Kennosuke insults Harvey in the middle of an until-then more or less PlayedforLaughs verbal slapfight with T.J, he gets ''very'' angry and tells him that he will NOT tolerate any insults towards [[PromotionToParent his brother.]]
* BoardingSchool: Attends one of these in Paris
* CuteShotaroBoy
* TheRival: Kennosuke's, [[LoveTriangle for Nadja]].
* VitriolicBestBuds: He and Kennosuke soon evolve into this, as they find out they're NotSoDifferent deep down.
* YouthfulFreckles


[[folder: Others]]

!!Raphael the Troubadour

-->Voiced by: Yuuta Mochizuki (Japanese), Rafael Rivera (Latin American Spanish), Juan Navarro (European Spanish)

* BlitheSpirit: He comes and goes as he pleases, and never stays for too long at one place.
* BigBrotherMentor: Nadja's
* ElegantClassicalMusician: A man with a gorgeous singing voice and a great talent for music in general
* [[spoiler: LoveHurts: And how]]
* [[spoiler: UptownGirl: He once loved a young woman from the aristocracy, and they eloped to dodge a ParentalMarriageVeto. She turned out to be an IllGirl and died after a brief marriage. Raphael still blames himself for it at the present time.]]

!!The Black Rose Thief [[spoiler: aka Keith Harcourt]]


* BadassCape + CoolMask + NiceHat: GentlemanThief
* BroodingBoyGentleGirl: The Brooding Boy to Nadja's Gentle Girl, though only after she starts sensing that he's more broken and sad that he lets people see.
* CrazyJealousGuy: [[spoiler: Borders on this to Nadja, once he sees that she leans more towards Francis than himself. He accuses Francis of wanting to lock Nadja away -- [[HypoCrite while acting like HE perfectly knows what Nadja needs and wants]]. Fortunately, he realizes how pointless this is and soon focuses on his and Francis's broken bonds.]]
* DeadpanSnarker: Boy, does he deal the snark to his victims
* GoodIsNotNice: Definitely.
* KnightInSourArmor: He has lost faith in philantrophy and the good of normal people, and thus he robs the rich [[JustLikeRobinHood to give their stuff to the poor]].
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He does want to help the less favored, and does what he can to help the innocent
* RebelPrince: [[spoiler: He is Keith, the eldest son and heir of the Harcourt family, and left them after their mother died.]]
* SiblingTriangle: [[spoiler: With the girl whom he loves for considering her naive but still kind, and the younger twin brother whom he also cares for but thinks of as a MartyrWithoutACause and worries a lot for.]]
* StepfordSnarker: His biting snark hides huge mental/emotional issues, specially when his DarkAndTroubledPast is revealed.

!!Christian Strand
->Voiced by: Yuusuke Oguri (Japanese), Gabriel Ortiz (Latin American Spanish), Mariano García (European Spanish)

* {{Adorkable}}: Boy, is he ever
* ButtMonkey: He's kind of a shrimp, physically speaking. And has ''very'' bad luck.
* CuteBookworm: Christian is well-read, soft, spoken, and ''incredibly'' smart.
* MisterExposition: He knows lots of things, and isn't shy about letting people know that.

!!John Whittard
->Voiced by: Naoki Yanagi (Japanese), Creator/IrwinDaayan (Latin American Spanish), Luis Vicente Ivars (European Spanish)

* ChekhovsGunman: [[spoiler: Who knew that his mentor was a friend of Nadja's DisappearedDad?]]
* ElegantClassicalMusician: Super talented pianist and composer, plus very good looking.
* {{Tsundere}}: BIG Type A, non-romantic type. His initial behavior to Nadja is petty much a textbook example of how a Tsundere acts.

!!Jose Rodriguez
->Voiced by: Creator/AkioOhtsuka (Japanese), Héctor Moreno (Latin-American Spanish), Creator/JaimeRoca (European Spanish)

* [[spoiler: DroppedABridgeOnHim: Dies ''right'' at the end of the Spain arc, having been hit by a carriage.]]
* [[spoiler: TheMasochismTango: Him and Carmen]]
* TallDarkAndSnarky: Has tanned skin, is rather tall, and deals the snark skillfully.
* TorosYFlamenco: Works as a very famous bullfighter.

->Voiced by: Creator/RikaFukami (Japanese), Maggie Vera (Latin-American Spanish), Carmen Podio (European Spanish)

* DeceptiveDisciple: [[spoiler: To Aldonza]]
* GoldDigger: [[spoiler: Married an old man for his riches. Now that she's parted from him, she's back to Spain and to Jose's life.]]
* RavenHairIvorySkin: She's a beautiful woman with long black hair, pale skin and ruby red lips. As a bonus, she's first seen [[spoiler: in Aldonza's flashbacks]] in a black dress.
* SmugSnake


* DefrostingIceQueen: She was betrayed in the past by [[spoiler: her disciple Carmen]], and as such she really dislikes people. It takes Nadja a whole episode to get her to even ''watch'' her Flamenco dancing.
* [[GrumpyOldMan Grumpy Old Woman]]: As mentioned above, such a terrible experience left her [[TheAlcoholic as a borderline alcoholic]] and very embittered.

!!Stefan [[spoiler: Geiger]]

* IllBoy: He's seen in a wheelchair, [[spoiler: and was left like that by a terrible illness.]]
* MysteriousParent: He talks a lot about his beloved but lost father, whom he loves a lot and misses terribly, but nobody knows who said said dad is. [[spoiler: He turns out to be Abel.]]

!!Maria [[spoiler: Geiger]]

* GoodParents: She loves and cares for Stefan a lot.
* SecretSecretKeeper: [[spoiler: She realizes that her still loved but long-lost husband Abel is the SadClown from the Dandelion Troupe, even calling him "darling" when she put two and two together, but with some quiet gestures Abel hushes her and lets her know that even when he loves her and Stefan, he doesn't want to reveal his identity. She tearfully complies.]]

!!Rosso and Bianco
->Voiced by: Creator/KenjiNomura (Rosso, Japanese), Kazunari Kojima (Bianco, Japanese); César Soto (Rosso, Latin-American Spanish), Ismael Castro (Bianco, Latin-American Spanish) ; Luis Vicente Ivars (Rosso, European Spanish), Ramón González (Bianco, European Spanish)

* {{Butt Monkey}}s: While at times they can be truly dangerous, they end up comically failing more than once.
* TheDogBitesBack: [[spoiler: When Herman betrays them ''and'' they actually get to talk to [[AllLovingHero Nadja]], they pull a HeelFaceTurn and tell Nadja where to find their reports to him. That ''totally'' trashes Hermann's plans.]]
* ThoseTwoBadGuys: They're Hermann's informants and spies, who [[spoiler: cause the fire that burns down the Applefield Orphanage]] looking for Nadja and later [[spoiler: manage to steal her brooch ''and'' give it to their boss and [[BodyDouble Rosemary]].]]