Characters / Ah My Buddha
aka: Amaenaideyo

Ikkou Satonaka

Chitose Nanbu

Yuuko Atoda

  • A-Cup Angst: She tends to be jealous of girls that have big breasts compared to her own and angry with guys that prefer such girls
  • Tomboy: The most tomboyish of the girls.
  • Skinship Grope: Yuuko really likes to grope the other girls, especially Chitose and Sumi.

Sumi Ikuina

Hinata Sugai

Sakura Sagai

  • Big Eater: She has the incredible ability to eat anything without ever feeling satisfied and without changing her appearance. Somewhat expected as she represents the realm of the Hungry Ghosts.
  • Big Sister Instinct: To Hinata.
  • Jerk With A Heart Gold: Sakura likes to troll others, but is a nice person deep down.

Haruka Amanogawa

  • Boobs of Steel: She's the strongest of the exorcist, as well as the bustiest.
  • Light 'em Up: Represents the Devas Realm.
  • The Gadfly: Haruka seems to enjoy getting everyone riled up, especially where Ikkou is concerned.
  • The Tease: She flirts with Ikkou on more than one occasion to get a response only to sit back and watch when he gets beaten by the other girls.

Kazuki Kazusano

Alternative Title(s): Amaenaideyo