Characters: Action Man

     Heroes from several continuities 

Alex Mann AKA Action Man


     Action Force (1995) 

Tropes that could apply to all of them:

Natalie Poole

Knuck Williams


     Team Extreme (2000) 

Tropes that could apply to all of them:

Agnes "Fidget" Wilson

Rikki Syngh-Baines

Peter Kelamis

Desmond "Grinder" Sinclair

     Action Force (CGI movies) 



  • Archer Archetype: His main weapon is a bow, and he keeps using it even after later figures of the character stop including it.

     Villains from several continuities 

Doctor X

Michael Kospa, later, Campbell Lane

Dr. Wolfgang "Gangreen" Greenholtz

     Villains from the 1995 series 


     Council Of Doom (2000) 

Tropes that could apply to all of them:

Templeton "Tempest" Storm



     Villains from the CGI movies 

Gerrard "No Face" De Visage

  • Master of Disguise: Disguises as Action Man in the Robot Attak movie, and takes other disguises in X Missions.

     Other characters 

Simon "Coach" Grey

Christopher Judge

Brandon Caine

Tyler Labine

Nick Masters

Mackenzie Gray

Agent Diana Zurvis

Venus Terzo

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