Characters / Action Man

Characters from the IDW Publishing Action Man comic series, and related characters from Revolutionaries and the Hasbro Comic Universe.

Action Man Programme

    Action Man (Ian Noble) 

Action Man/Ian Noble
A young South London lad who was recruited into Action Man's support team after managing to break into an A.M.P. facility; he was pushed into becoming the new Action Man after being present during the mission in which his predecessor sacrificed his life. Cheerful, friendly, irreverent and reckless, Ian struggles to live up to his predecessor's impossible legacy, but is equipped with serious skills and a sharper mind than most give him credit for.

    Terrence Salmons 

Agent Terrence Salmons

One of the Action Man Programme's field agents, and the front-runner to succeed Agent Brogan as Action Man until circumstance forced Ian's promotion. He's rather bitter over Ian getting the role despite not being nearly as qualified, and nurses a grudge against Ian for it.

    Mercy Gale 

Agent Mercy Gale

A high-ranking intelligence operative and field agent for the Action Man Programme, and one of Ian Noble's best friends. Unlike Salmons, she sympathises with the difficult position that Ian's in, and does her best to support him.

In actuality, she is the true identity of the supervillain Doctor X. For tropes relating to her in this role, see Doctor X below.
  • Action Girl
  • Improbable Age: Joined MI-6 straight after graduation, and was running intelligence for the A.M.P. before she was thirty.
  • The Lancer
  • Nice Girl: Shows a lot of kindness and supportiveness to Ian, and was apparently good friends with Brogan.
  • Oop North: Originally hails from Manchester.

    Bryce Chan 

Quartermaster Bryce Chan

Quartermaster of the Action Man Programme, who moved up to replace his predecessor Sinclair at some point after Ian became Action Man. He's one of Ian's friends, though his Insufferable Genius tendencies push it into Vitriolic Best Buds territory; as well as that, he provides Action Man with all of his mission-specific tech and gear.

    Pauline Bestley 

Director Pauline Bestley

Director of the Action Man Programme, and boss of both Brogan and Ian. She quickly gets frustrated with Ian's antics, but is willing to recognise that he's good at what he does.

    Mike Brogan 

Action Man/Agent Mike Brogan

Ian Noble's predecessor as Action Man, and the man who recruited him into the Action Man Programme. A legendary hero, his death leaves an impossible legacy for Ian to live up to.

Doctor X's forces

    Doctor X (SPOILERS) 

Doctor X/Mercy Gale
Click here  to see the original Doctor X
In the aftermath of a routine mission to counter the operations of the villain Doctor X, Mercy Gale — who had grown weary and disillusioned with the constant struggle of the Action Man Programme to break even — discovered that, by pure chance, Doctor X was dead. Instead of reporting this to her superiors, she realised that if she controlled both Doctor X's operations and those responsible for countering them, she could accomplish real change. As such, she covered up the evidence of his death, and took control of his operations as the new Doctor X.

When this was inadvertently revealed to Ian, Mercy attempted to convince him to join her, but her underestimation of him allowed the Action Man Programme to learn the truth. Mercy faked her death, and took up the role of Doctor X full-time.

    The Professor 

The Professor

The leader of Doctor X's evil scientists at the Chateau.



A helmeted German mercenary doing work for Doctor X.

Red Shadows

    Baron Ironblood 

Baron Ironblood

A long-time enemy of the Action Man Programme; in the aftermath of the destruction of Doctor X's airship, Storm Shadow and Doctor X contacted him, and they subsequently began working together to secure the Talisman. In actuality, he's Joe Colton, the original G.I. Joe, working with Earth's villains in an attempt to destroy all the Transformers.
  • Bad Boss: Orders his group to evacuate the Section Sabine moonbase without making any effort to secure those elsewhere in the base.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: Forms one with Doctor X in Revolutionaries.
  • Canon Immigrant: Hails from Action Force, the British counterpart to the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero line.
  • Cool Helmet: The classic Ironblood's helmet was pretty doofy looking; by contrast, the IDW one exudes pure menace.
  • Create Your Own Villain: Ironblood wouldn't have gotten started if the Autobots and Decepticons had just stayed away from Earth, and especially if Optimus hadn't forcibly made it part of the Council of Worlds.
  • The Faceless: Unlike the classic Ironblood, who had a large eye-slit in his mask through which part of his face was visible, this version simply has a visor with Glowing Eyes of Doom showing through.
  • Noble Demon: Claims to not want to see anyone die unnecessarily. Cybertronians, to him, don't count, and he's perfectly willing to do hideous things to them.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: His plans for the Talisman are unknown, but he seems to think it's for the greater good. It eventually turns out he plans to use the Talisman to kill all of the Transformers to protect the Earth from them.

    Storm Shadow 

Storm Shadow II

The mysterious leader of the Red Shadow ninja, formed from the remnants of the Arashikage clan; she acts as Doctor X's bodyguard and second in command.