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Characters from A Song of Ice and Fire and related works, such as Tales of Dunk and Egg, Archmaester Gyldayn's Histories, and The World of Ice & Fire. Beware of series-ruining spoilers, and Loads and Loads of Characters. Major characters are listed by House. Asterisks (*) mark POV characters, which increase as the series goes by. The TV series, which runs on its own continuity, has its own character sheet if you prefer to remain spoiler-free.

Characters on this present page are only listed once; as such, a character can have one main entry and be mentioned in other pages by name only. For instance, Maester Aemon's main entry is located in Night's Watch Stewards page, while he may be mentioned by name in the House Targaryen page and the House Targaryen Ancestors page; these latter two entries link to the main entry as to prevent redundancies. As such, before adding a character you should check:

  • This page;
  • The character's House/Location/Institution pages;
  • Other pertinent or related pages.

When you've added a character to a specific page, make the change in this page too; when a character's main entry has been moved to a different page, change it in this page and change the links that led to the replaced main entry to the new main entry.


Houses of Westeros

  • Northern Housesnote 
    • House Starknote 
      • House Stark Ancestorsnote 
      • House Stark Householdnote 
    • House Boltonnote 
    • House Dustinnote 
    • House Glover and Vassalsnote 
    • House Karstarknote 
    • House Manderlynote 
    • House Mormontnote 
    • House Reednote 
    • House Umbernote 
    • Northern Mountain Clansnote 
  • Westerlands Housesnote 
    • House Lannister of Casterly Rocknote 
      • House Lannister Ancestorsnote 
    • House Cleganenote 
    • House Reynenote 
    • House Westerlingnote 
  • Stormlands Housesnote 
    • House Baratheon of Storm's Endnote 
      • House Baratheon Ancestorsnote 
    • House Durrandonnote 
    • House Seaworthnote 
    • House Tarthnote 
    • Marcher Housesnote 
  • Crownlands Housesnote 
    • House Targaryen of Kings Landingnote 
      • Court of Daenerys Inote 
      • House Targaryen Ancestorsnote 
      • Court of Aegon IInote 
      • Court of Rhaenyra Inote 
    • House Baratheon of Kings Landingnote 
    • Narrow Sea Housesnote 
      • House Baratheon of Dragonstonenote 
      • House Velaryonnote 
    • Crackclaw Point Housesnote 
    • House Blackfyrenote 
  • Iron Islands Housesnote 
    • House Greyjoynote 
      • House Greyjoy Ancestorsnote 
      • The Black Windnote 
    • House Botleynote 
    • Harlaw Housesnote 
    • House Greyironnote 
    • House Hoare of Orkmontnote 
  • Reach Housesnote 
    • House Tyrell of Highgardennote 
    • House Gardenernote 
    • House Florentnote 
    • House Hightowernote 
      • House Hightower Ancestorsnote 
    • House Tarlynote 
    • Shield Islands Housesnote 
  • Dorne Housesnote 
    • House Martellnote 
      • House Martell Ancestorsnote 
    • House Dayne of Starfallnote 
    • House Yronwoodnote 
  • Riverlands Housesnote 
    • House Tullynote 
    • House Blackwoodnote 
    • House Brackennote 
    • House Frey Of The Crossingnote 
    • House Mootonnote 
    • Lords Of Harrenhalnote 
  • The Vale Housesnote 
    • House Arrynnote 
      • House Arryn Ancestorsnote 
    • House Baelishnote 
    • House Corbraynote 
    • House Royce of Runestonenote 
    • House Waynwoodnote 
    • Three Sisters Housesnote 
  • Noble Houses In Tales Of Dunk And Eggnote 

The Wall and Beyond

  • The Night's Watchnote 
    • Rangersnote 
    • Stewardsnote 
  • The Free Folknote 

Westerosi Organizations

  • Royal Court Of King's Landingnote 
  • The Kingsguardnote 
    • Historical Kingsguardnote 
  • The Order of Maestersnote 
  • Alchemists Guild note 

Other Westerosi

  • Brotherhood Without Bannersnote 
  • Other Westerosinote 
    • Historical Other Westerosinote 


  • Essosnote 
    • The Free Citiesnote 
      • Braavosnote 
    • The Dothrakinote 
    • Slaver's Baynote 

The Summer Isles

  • The Summer Islesnote 

Sellsword Companies

  • Sellsword Companiesnote 
    • The Brave Companionsnote 
    • The Golden Companynote 
    • The Second Sonsnote 
    • The Windblownnote 

Religions and Ethnic Groups

  • Deities and Religionsnote 
    • The Faith of the Sevennote 
      • Faith Militantnote 
  • Ethnic Groupsnote 

Supernatural Beings and Legends

  • Dragonsnote 
  • Beings Beyond the Wallnote 
  • Legendary Figuresnote 

Alternative Title(s): Tales Of Dunk And Egg, Archmaester Gyldayns Histories, The World Of Ice And Fire