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Characters: A Song of Ice and Fire
Characters from A Song of Ice and Fire and related works, such as Tales of Dunk and Egg. Beware of series-ruining spoilers, and Loads and Loads of Characters. Major characters are listed by House. Asterisks (*) mark POV characters, which increase as the series goes by. The TV series, which runs on its own continuity, has its own character sheet if you prefer to remain spoiler-free.

Houses of Westeros

  • Northern Housesnote 
    • House Starknote 
    • House Boltonnote 
    • House Karstarknote 
    • House Manderlynote 
    • House Mormontnote 
    • House Umbernote 
  • Westerlands Housesnote 
    • House Lannisternote 
    • House Cleganenote 
  • Stormlands Housesnote 
    • House Baratheonnote 
    • House Seaworthnote 
    • House Tarthnote 
  • Crownlands Housesnote 
    • House Targaryennote 
      • Daenerys Targaryen And Her Courtnote 
      • House Targaryen Ancestorsnote 
      • Court of Aegon IInote 
      • Court of Rhaenyra Inote 
    • House Baratheon of Kings Landingnote 
    • House Baratheon of Dragonstonenote 
    • House Blackfyrenote 
    • House Velaryonnote 
  • Iron Islands Housesnote 
    • House Greyjoynote 
    • House Botleynote 
  • Reach Housesnote 
    • House Tyrellnote 
    • House Florentnote 
    • House Hightowernote 
  • Dorne Housesnote 
    • House Martellnote 
    • House Daynenote 
  • Riverlands Housesnote 
    • House Tullynote 
    • House Freynote 
  • The Vale Housesnote 
    • House Arrynnote 
    • House Baelishnote 
    • House Roycenote 

Regions of Essos

  • Essosnote 
    • The Free Citiesnote 
    • The Dothrakinote 
    • Slaver's Baynote 

Organizations and Religions

  • Organizationsnote 
    • The Night's Watchnote 
      • Rangersnote 
      • Stewardsnote 
    • The Kingsguardnote 
    • Brotherhood Without Bannersnote 
    • The Order of Maestersnote 
    • Sellsword Companiesnote 
      • The Brave Companionsnote 
      • The Golden Companynote 
      • The Second Sonsnote 
      • The Windblownnote 
  • Deities and Religionsnote 

Other Regions, Independent Characters, and Groups

  • Independent Charactersnote 
  • The Free Folk/Wildlingsnote 
  • Outsidersnote 
  • Legendary Figuresnote 

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