Characters / A Slice Of Life

The following is a list of characters played in A Slice of Life. It also includes their associated Tropes.

Yoshida Akio

Akio is a generally a well-meaning guy. He tries to do well in school, tries to remain innoffensive, and tries to get on with people. The issues often arise when he runs into someone he truely doesn't like. In this case, he's bound to find a sarcastic insult, which will inevitably end badly for him. He's also rather oblivious to anyone who displays any sort of attraction to him. Still, he's usually well-meaning, and tends to be down to earth.

  • Nice Guy: Generally, Akio's a nice guy.
  • Selective Obliviousness: Several of the female characters (even Maki at one point!) have made advances of some kind on Akio and he has not even shown a hint of realising what's going on.

Shimizu Hanako

Hanako is the epitome of a Genki Girl. She's energetic to a hyperactive level, tends to talk a lot, and rarely stays still outside of class. In fact, it's rare not to find Hanako engaged in some sort of physical activity. Hanako tends to overract, and likes to daydream in class. Despite this, she's fairly intelligent. When she gets angry, though, she has a bad tendency of taking it out on the first person she finds. Hanako is not very good in class, mostly due to her boredom in it.

Ishikawa Koari

Koari rarely shows any sort of personality. To most people, she speaks in a monotone, showing not even the slightest expression on her face. However, if someone does happen to get to know her, and actually become friends with her, she'll show emotion in both her voice and expression. Koari is highly intelligent and thoughtful. However, she's very socially awkward.

Kawaoto Shizuka

Sato 'Kouyou' Yoko

Chiyoki Amaterasu Neko Maki

A mysterious and very bizarre girl who showed up wanting some friends after an unknown but shocking event in her past. She is a mad scientist and a massive flirt to anyone who catches her eye. Her real name is Chiyoki Amaterasu and she belongs to a mysterious group of monster fighters known as T.I.T. Her best friend is a girl called Mimiko Kaori who for some unexplained reason bears a striking resemblence to Koari. For that reason she had been staying as close to Koari as possible until Mimiko (believed dead) turned up alive.Maki wishes for nothing more than friends but her slightly odd behaviour puts up a barrier between her and the others. For reasons known to herself she despises Yoko...

Torako Ushio

Tatsu Shino

Amy Fuchs

Nakajima Keiko


Tanaka Jiro

A bully and a thief, Jiro's an ass to everyone around him. This has given him a reputation for being a hopeless jerk who insults or attacks anyone he sees. This is pretty much true. Not satisfied with just being a thief, Jiro has gone as far to do some very... unpleasent things to female victims. Luckily, his most recent attack left him with more then a few injuries.

  • Jerkass: Let's face it: Jiro's an unlikable bastard who deserves any punishment he gets.