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Characters: A Key to Vertigo

Myrna Elriel

Adric: What happened to the little girl, with her bright ideas and world of stories?
Myrna: I lost her.

A nineteen-year-old medical student with an insane father and an overworked mother, Myrna is one of the many main characters, and perhaps the most major. She lives a decent life until she meets Keebs on a street corner.

Liv Torus/Aeri

A young Prisoner, Aeri can't remember more than half of her life and is always plagued with the feeling of something hiding just out of her sight. Probably the closest person, next to Jeace, to Chors on this world.

  • Had To Come To Prison To Become A Crook: An inversion. She was a nearly feral serial killer before imprisoned. Granted, she's not the happiest person alive now, but is actually a civilized, decent person now.
  • Serial Killer: What she was imprisoned for. Mind you, she was seven years old and she had killed 9 men in a little less than two years.
  • The Idealist: To Chors' Cynic. Chors even describes her as a Wide-Eyed Idealist at one point, even though that's a bit farther than the truth; she's very much a dreamer, yes, but has a realistic view of the world.


A comepletely screwed up Prisoner who has spent his entire life in the prison, Chors has tons of psychiatric issues, on top of the close bond he has with the Veil Lady. His name comes from nothing at all; it was just scribbles on a wall.


A soldier who was badly injured in a war and is left with a limp, Keebs now works with an organization aiming at tracking the Veil Lady and preventing as many deaths as possible. He's dying of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

  • Deadpan Snarker: He even snarks the Veil Lady when he meets her.
  • I Have No Son / Mommy Issues: His mother was always borderline abusive, but she always seemed to have at least good intentions. Which all ended once he joined the army and she was so disappointed she completely shut herself off from him.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: Yep. He pretends that he's not impacted, but even Myrna figures that out the first time she sees him. He's one of the five surviving soldiers from a particularly nasty fight that included being stuck inside a surrounded building with no food or water and a serious gunshot wound. He thinks he was least deserving person to make it out.
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