Characters: AKB 48 Team 4

Iwatate Saho

Born on October 4, 1994 in Kanagawa Prefecture

Okada Ayaka

Born on November 6, 1998 in Tokyo

Okada Nana

Born on November 7, 1997 in Kanagawa Prefecture

Sub-unit(s) shes been in are:
  • Tentoumu Chu!

  • Affectionate Nickname: Naachan
  • Ascended Extra: Jumped up to #51st in the 2014 elections and also managed to appear in the senbatsu of "Labrador Retriever."
  • Serious Business: Her personality. There was also a three episode documentary on AKBINGO on this.
  • Those Three Girls: Considered one of the "Three Musketeers" with Kojima Mako and Nishino Miki.

Okawa Rio

Born on March 1, 2001 in Tokyo

Omori Miyu

Born on 3 September 1998 in Kanagawa prefecture.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Miyupon
  • Girlish Pigtails
  • Identical Stranger: Fans noticed that she resembles Kanon Kimoto from SKE's Team E.
  • Image Song: "Romance Kakurenbo" (a song composed for the trainees to be sung before Team B's 5th stage) holds a special meaning to her. She was chosen to sing it solo in the 1830m album, a huge privilege for a trainee considering only four songs out of the album were solos, and the other three were sang by very popular members such as Atsuko Maeda.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Her name can be either romanized as Miyu or Miyuu.
  • Verbal Tic: Adds "-pon" at the end of many words.

Kato Rena

Born on 10 July 1997 in Tokyo.

Sub-units she's been in are:
  • AnRiRe

  • Affectionate Nickname: Renacchi, Katorena
  • Ascended Extra: She's the less popular AnRiRe member, but finally managed to rank #32 in the 2014 Senbatsu Election as a member of Under Girls.
    • She also appeared in senbatsu for Manatsu no Sounds Good!, Sayonara Crawl and Labrador Retriever
  • Childhood Friends: With Kitazawa Saki
  • Image Song: Kaisoku to Doutai Shiryoku, which she was centre of

Kizaki Yuria

Born on February 11, 1996 in Aichi Prefecture

Originally from SKEís Team S, moved to AKBís Team 4 as co-captain during the 2014 shuffle.

Kitazawa Saki

Born on June 5, 1997 in Aichi Prefecture

Komiyama Haruka

Born on September 12, 1998 in Chiba Prefecture

Kobayashi Marina

Born on 24 February 1996 in Tokyo.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Marinchan
  • Ascended Extra: Won 4th place in the second Janken Tournament and got to feature prominently in the PV for 'Ue Kara Mariko' while she was still a trainee.

Kotani Riho

Born on August 24, 1994 in Kyoto. Has a concurrency with Team N and Team 4.

Sasaki Yukari

Born on 28 August 1995 in Saitama Prefecture.

  • Affectionate Nickname: Yukarun
  • Ascended Extra: Ranked #14 in the 2013 Janken Tournament, thus becoming part of the senbatsu of the single "Kimi no Hohoemi wo Yume ni Miru".
  • Dark and Troubled Past: She revealed on a NHK program against bullying that she was bullied in elementary school, and that her classmates wrote messages telling her to die in her desk.
  • Seiyuu: In a sense, she provided the voice for Eguchi Aimi and has also acted as her body double in concerts.

Sato Kiara

Born on August 11, 2000 in Chiba Prefecture

Shinozaki Ayana

Born on January 8, 1996 in Saitama Prefecture

Shibuya Nagisa

Born on August 25, 1996 in Osaka.

From NMB, holds a concurrent position in Team 4 from Team BII.

Sub-unit(s) shes been in are:
  • Tentoumu Chu!

Tsuchiyasu Mizuki

Born on October 5, 1996 in Tokyo

Nishino Miki

Born on April 4, 1999 in Shizuoka Prefecture

Sub-unit(s) shes been in are:
  • Tentoumu Chu!

Maeda Mitsuki

Born on October 5, 1998 in Tokyo

Minegishi Minami

Born on November 15th, 1992 in Tokyo

One of the original 1st generation members, she has been in Teams A, K and B (in that order). Demoted to Kenkyuusei on January 2013 following a scandal.

Re-promoted and named captain of the 2nd Team 4 after its revival in the 2013 Tokyo Dome concert, making her the only AKB member to have been in all four teams.

Sub-units she's been in are:
  • no3b / Persona
  • BKA48

  • Affectionate Nickname: Miichan
  • Adorkable
  • Demoted to Extra: Demoted to kenkyuusei after her scandal and lost her position in senbatsu in the last elections.
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: She had very long, black hair until January 2013, when a scandal made her shave her head almost bald. She started wearing wigs and hats then, and now she sports a short hairstyle.
  • Image Song: "Gyakuten Oujisama" from Team K's 6th stage.
  • Nice Hat: Wore them during most of 2013 to hide her wigline or short hair, in case she wasn't wearing one.
  • The Prankster
  • Self-Duplication: To promote an anti-spyware program Miichan's face was edited onto various AKB singles and even incorporated into the Flying Get PV! Fans called it the "Miichan Virus"
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: It's a part of her character. Even her song for Ameba Pigg battle is titled 'I Need Screentime'!
  • Traumatic Haircut: When she was caught having a boyfriend in early 2013 she shaved her head almost bald.

Mukaichi Mion

Born on January 29, 1998 in Saitama Prefecture

Murayama Yuiri

Born on June 15, 1997 in Kanagawa Prefecture

Mogi Shinobu

Born on February 16, 1997 in Chiba Prefecture