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    Eternals played by Board Members 


Played by: fortyseven

Born in circa 2700 BCE in northern Germany. He claims his numerical nickname denotes the number of pseudonyms he bore in his life until adopting this one.


Played by: e350tb

An Englishman born in 1591 CE/AD.

Amelia Gutierrez

Played by: Turquoise Blue

Born long ago in the prehistoric city of Catal Huyuk. During the 21st century, she goes by the moniker of Amelia Gutierrez, a middle-class woman living in present day San Francisco.


Played by: demonkangaroo

Born in 984 CE/AD in Wales.


Played by: Huehuecoyotl


Born in 5085 BCE in Britain.


Played by: Beedok

Born in 3409 BCE on what would become the French-Belgian border, about 10km from the coast.

Benjamin Upham

Played by: RCAF Brat

Born in 1335 CE/AD in the southwest of England.


Played by: Blackbeard

Born c. 900 BCE, as an Olmec.

“The Bloodsinger”

Played by: Cambyses the Mad

A delinquent who was burned alive. Killed his captors and may be insane.


Played by: danielb1

Born in 966 CE/AD in Alexandria.


Played by: Catboy637

He was born in 500 BCE as a Macedonian. He met Loyalist Colonial in the Crusades. Inadvertently, he is one of the ancestors to the feared Blood Knight.

"The Egyptian"

Played by: Turquoise Blue

Male, born in the 68th century BC in what is now Egypt.

E. T. B.

Played by: e350tb

Born in 1770 CE/AD, was a perpetual soldier.


Played by: Fenwick

Born 1747 BCE, in Uruk.


Played by: Seldrin

Born in 1854 AD in Australia. Abandoned as a child after his father died in the Eureka stockade incident. Claims to have been the first European to set his sights on Uluru.


Played by: Freodhoric

Born in 1744 CE/AD.

Garrick Porter

Played by: The Dark Messiah

Born in 1745 in the London borough of Wapping.

G. B. W.

Played by: GBW

Born in the first century CE/AD, in Syria, Palaestina. Witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus.


Played by: Glen

Born before most civilization, he is possibly the oldest Eternal. He and Th'And are not sure who is older, since they did not have accurate calendars for a long time.


Played by: Vulcan Trekkie 45

Born in Constantinople in 473 CE.

  • Been There, Shaped History: In addition to him, many of his offspring became important historical personalities or influenced major events.
  • Omniglot: Able to fluently speak 37 languages at the last count.

Mark Faire

Played by: Abakhazia

Born as Marcus Flavius in 321 BCE in Ostia.

Chuck Mandus

Played by: Chuck Mandus

Born 1840, in Pittsburgh.

Josef Schneider

Played by: Jord389

Born in 1072 CE/AD in the northern area of what today would be called Switzerland.

Karl Stueck

Played by: Pipochubs1999

Born in East Berlin in the German Democratic Republic on April 26th, 1987.

Klaus Schoff

Played by: Kevin in Indy

Born in Germany in 1823 CE/AD.


Played by: Lalli

His original name was Lauri Metsälä and he was born in 1847 CE/AD in Rauma, the Grand Duchy of Finland. Originally a fisherman, he became an Eternal after drowning at sea in 1880.

Leo Fitzroy

Played by: Vulcan Trekkie 45

Llywelyn Amerike (ap Meryk)

Played by: Turquoise Blue

Male, born of Welsh origin in 1541 in London, and a Tudor urchin early in his life.

Loyalist Colonial

Played by: Random Idea Guy

Born in the 8th century BCE (ca 788 BC), he saw the crucifixion of Jesus and first died when facing Egyptians.

Lukas Merhoff

Played by: Abakhazia

Born in 1552 AD in Dresden.

Marcus Valkert

Played by: FDW

Born circa Late 5th Century CE/AD. A mysterious and dubious Eternal of questionable sanity, he claims to know how an eternal can be killed. His identity has been unknown to most members of the Trust, though he claims to have done important tasks for them in the past. Also, despises the Blood Knight, and has attempted to kill him 130 times.

  • Ambiguous Disorder: There's a reason why he has such a loopy and unpredictable personality. But no one is sure what that reason - medical or otherwise - really is...
  • Byronic Hero: As the titular character of Sherlock would put it : "Oh, I may be on the side of the angels... but don't think for a second that I'm one of them."
  • Cloudcuckoolander: A lot of his reminescenting comes across as Word Salad Philosophy at face value and much of his antics in public are deliberately embarassing or over-the-top goofy.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Implied, especially in regards to his occassional references to "having done odd jobs for The Trust in the past".
  • Dropping the Bombshell: He claims to know how an Eternal can be permanently killed.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Not evil per se, but wacky, with uncertain motivations and morally grey enough to be a rather Byronic type of Anti-Hero.
  • Troll: Once it was obvious that the Masquerade will fail soon, he deliberately trolled The Trust by staging a silly public performance.

Marie-Renée Nicolet (Nicolet)

Played by: Sedna

Born 1824, American, French-Canadian by ethnic origin. Went from schoolteacher to physicist. A member of the first Eternal expedition to Mars in the 1970s, along with Macarius. Still residing there.

Michaël Bosch

Played by: Michael Busch

Born in 1419, in Bois-le-Duc. Originally a sailor, then a monk after discovering his immortality. Later a merchant, lawyer, doctor, banker, explorer, scientist, and spymaster. Closely associated with other Eternals, and one of the founders of the Immortal's Trust. Helped to capture the Blood Knight.

The Militant One

Played by: The Militant One

Born in 1736 CE/AD in the Virginia colony by parents of English citizenship.


Played by: modelcitizen

Born in 1041 AD in an unspecified location, he has a mischievous and trigger-happy personality, likes fighting, having fun, collecting old fancy cars and organizing his own secret mercenary companies to take down various world-renowned terrorists and criminals. Participated in the Eternals' fighting championships in Kimberly, Australia. Currently lives and works under the guise of an average high school teacher.


Played by: Petike

Born in the 1280s' Kingdom of Hungary, raised as a Hospitaller knight, but instead became a drifter, outlaw, soldier, general con-man, travelling merchant and traveler-adventurer throughout the centuries.

  • Badass Bookworm: Especially in the later half of his life. He was more of a Badass Swordsman during his first two or three centuries, when he was mostly a soldier by occupation.
  • Con Man: One of his sources of income during the 16th and 17th century, usually by conning customers into thinking he's a real alchemist.
  • Dork Knight: Has some elements of this, especially after he starts getting interested in scholarly pursuits and scientific occupations during the later parts of the early modern era.
  • Gentleman Adventurer : Later in his life, mainly during the 18th and 19th century. He was even a member of the Austro-Hungarian polar expedition to Franz Josef's Land.
  • I Have Many Names: Amassed quite a few pseudonyms during his life, though he doesn't have as many as the really long-lived Eternals.
  • Intrepid Merchant: One of his main sources of income during certain centuries, especially in the 15th, 16th and 17th century.
  • Older Than They Look: Appears to be an average-looking, mild-mannered 23 year old man, is actually at least 720 years old.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Even literally ! He was born in the 1280s, and is therefore over 700 years old when The Reveal occurs in the alternate 2011.
  • Robinsonade: Spent a few years marooned on a deserted Pacific island. He drops hints that, in addition to Alexander Selkirk, he too might have inspired Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, since he once described some of his experiences to Daniel Defoe himself.
  • Technical Pacifist: Especially when he grew tired of wars around the mid 15th century, and when he switched to travels instead of fighting during the early 17th century. He still fought in the world wars, but he mostly did so out of a sence of duty.
  • Walking the Earth: During his life, he had visited every major landmass, except for Antarctica.

Peter the Psephologist

Played by: Rogue Beaver

Born in 1974 AD in Montreal.


Played by: Prometheus_2300

Born in 352 AD in the Eastern Roman Empire.


Played by: Ran Exilis

Born 476 CE under the Ostrogoths.


Played by: Bavarian Raven

Born in 1761 in Transylvania.


Played by: Redem

Born circa 2000 BCE.

"The Saxon"

Played by: Nikephoros

Male, born in a village near early London in 757 CE/AD.


Played by: Snowzinger

Born in 1584 CE, on land that would become part of New Netherlands and later New Jersey.


Played by: Thande

Along with G'Len, one of the most ancient Eternals.


Played by: Soverihn

Born in 263 AD, right in the middle of the Crisis of the Third Century.


Played by: Tim Keck 84

Born in 1384 CE/AD. Along with his wife Jesci and with Bosch, he was a founder of the Eternals' Trust.


Played by: Huehuecoyotl

Born in 1495 CE/AD in Xochimilco, an Aztec town. Witnessed the last years of the Aztec empire and the Spanish siege and eventual conquest of Tenochtitlan. Became a drifter after that, living mostly in the Americas.


Played by: torque7844

Born in 1558 CE/AD, shot during a naval battle in 1588.


Played by: Winston Smith

Born on the 1st of September 1939 in Salisbury, Rhodesia (today's Harare in Zimbabwe).

"The Wizard"

Played by: Communist Wizard

Male, born ~500 BCE in Carthage.

    NPC Eternals 

The Blood Knight

Homicidal, he has killed many humans and other Eternals. Killed Edward at least twice, despite being his great-grandson. Buried beneath a mountain in the late 1700's, escaped in the late 1800's; now buried beneath the Atlantic Ocean crust.


Timothy's wife.


“Desert Father”. Born in Alexandria c. 335 CE, he became a Christian monk and ascetic hermit. Remained sequestered in the desert for many decades at a time. Was attacked by the Blood Knight in the late 1800s. Eventually volunteered for the Eternals' first Mars mission along with Nicolet, to find a more demanding location to practice his self-discipline. Currently still living on Mars.


Japanese blacksmith and sword-master who studied under Masamune. He relocated to Hokkaido in the late 18th century.