Character Development Thread / Heist

In a seemingly random string of arrests, characters from all reaches of the world find themselves in prison, in the same jail cell - where they meet with their mysterious benefactor by whose actions orchestrated their "framing", and is now calling upon them to help botch a franchise of Casinos. The Victorian(R) name will be on merger with Trinitynote , and our benefactor M. Kobayashi doesn't like that. He wants to sabotage the deal, stealing the goodwill diadem in trade which shall place at the grand opening of the Trinidad Casino in Las Vegas. How it is accomplished, our benefactor doesn't care. As long as you manage to ruin relations without tracing the act back to him.

Once you are released, you are given two weeks to prepare for the caper. During the wait, our benefactor will be helpful in providing a safehouse, with all the necessary resources you need in order to pull it off. (Don't go looking the gifthorse in the mouth, however.) You can write our characters practising research, schematics, logistics and the strategy of ruining the merger deal.

The rewards will be immeasurably great. Apart from taking the diadem, our benefactor allows us to keep all of the collected loot we find, to be split according to group decision. In case some people feel unwilling - our benefactor also has a nasty stick to provide motivation.


This shared story thread will draw upon the classic Heist genre, with the added twist of having characters from various worlds and stories participate, showing off their espionage skill sets. Our characters, being strangers to one another, must coordinate their efforts in order to successfully achieve the Casino heist.

Suggested Guidelines:

  • Although it is recommended tropers join at the beginning arrests, one may freely write in their character at any moment during the thread. During the preparation stages, you can hint that our mutual benefactor has sent you to help at the last minute. In the heist itself, you can ask the heist coordinator (the meng watching the monitors at safehouse) to join in, and she'll get you acquainted with what help is needed.
    • Alternatively, you can join with the Casino staff/guard as an opposing view to the story. Security is especially tight opening night.
  • As a crossover thread goes, we know how weird it seems to put say, a psychic elf beside a cyborgized ex-soldier. To fix any possible grumbling, assume everyone is used to seeing things, however strange it is.note 
    • Counter-point: Try not to insert Gods and characters on the heavier end of the Super Weight scale. Don't want to make things too easy for us, would we?
  • The general policies for all Character Development Threads apply here. Try to keep a good etiquette of role-playing, for people to contribute to the story.


Character Heist includes examples of: