Celebrity Paradox: Radio

  • In The Gobetweenies, Tom is a huge Doctor Who fan. Tom's father, Joe, is played by David Tennant.
  • In Clare In The Community, a Radio 4 comedy series about a social worker based on a comic strip in The Guardian, reference has been made to a comic strip in The Guardian about a social worker, which Clare doesn't find funny. In addition, Richard Lumsden, the actor who plays Ray, was apparently old schoolfriend of Brian.
  • In The Navy Lark, Leslie Phillips' character is a huge fan of... The Navy Lark, especially "that chap who plays the silly-ass sub-lieutenant" (i.e. Leslie Phillips). No other character can fathom his lack of taste.
  • In Hancock's Half Hour, Tony Hancock's character has a radio show, but his co-stars don't appear in the in-universe version - except in one episode, where a character played by Kenneth Williams recognises Hancock and Bill Kerr by their voices, because he's a regular listener (he thinks it's mostly rubbish, except for Kenneth Williams!).