Celebrity Paradox: Fan Fics

  • In Shinji And Warhammer 40 K, one of the author's notes points out that it's odd there are still Emotionless Girl anime in a world without Neon Genesis Evangelion to popularize the trope.
  • A popular The Legend of Zelda High School A.U. called "Ordinary Story" has Zelda as a boarder in Link's adopted family's house in Florida. The story eventually proceeds to ditch its AU status when Zelda finds the Ocarina of Time, she and Link start to unwillingly inherit the Triforce, and a man named Ganondorf shows up to take over Zelda's father's company. However, there are a few scenes in the story that make reference to Link and his friends playing the GameCube, a console he himself appears on in this universe.
  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures and W.I.T.C.H. crossover fic Kage Jade is nonexistent on the Earth the Guardians are from. She is replaced by Stacie Chan, who, like Jackie's real life niece who voiced Jade for the cartoon, wants to follow her uncle's footsteps as an actor.
  • Michelle Who? is a Buffy Fan Fic where Dawn and her lesbian lover watch Euro Trip together. Dawn later teases her girlfriend for lusting after Michelle Trachtenberg.
  • In Parable of a Boy Named Gregory, a South Park fanfic of epic length that pairs Gregory and Pip, Gregory is interviewed on Larry King Live after having escaped from the military base of North Korean invaders on American soil (don't ask); when Larry King asks him whether or not Gregory's hometown of South Park, Colorado has anything to do with the TV show "South Park," Gregory is extremely confused, never having heard of the show.
  • Often, in 'Human in Equestria' (or vice-versa) fics, if the main character is a brony, then there is a subplot as to how both the characters and the show exist at the same time.
  • This is often played frustratingly straight in bad fanfiction. There are countless mediocre video game fics where the characters would play games from their own series; the author usually wouldn't even bother to Hand Wave why Sonic's son was playing Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. We're apparently just left to assume there's No Fourth Wall, but it's still irritating.
  • In a very good Kingdom Hearts fan-fic, The Annals of Darkness, there are many references back to the Kingdom Hearts videogames, Hand Waved by the explanation that Sora and co's adventures have become so well known that videogames have been created about them. Played with by having Sora give Max Goof advice on how to beat certain boss battles.
  • Similar story in the Assassin's Creed Kink Meme claims that the games have been made into an in-universe "Complex-Action Decoy" program meant to throw Templars off their backs. (The characters then go off into finding the Kink Meme for the series. Hilarity Ensues.)
  • In one NCIS fanfic, Hocus Pocus is discussed. However, Sean Murray doesn't exist and McGee is teased by the team (mainly Tony, of course), because they have found out that he starred in a kind of stupid movie about witches when he was younger.
  • The Tomb Raider fanfic ''Lara Croft and the Crown of Utama'' mercilessly lampshades this trope to the point of Over Used Running Gag, when Alex West (who was played by Daniel Craig in the film) is compared to James Bond on two occasions, but is told "but you're blond." He even watches Casino Royale (2006) on DVD at one point.
  • Averted and acknowledged in the infamous Marissa Picard series. Star Trek (the media franchise) really did exist in the Star Trek universe, but was eventually classified and buried once "reality" started following "fiction."
  • A hidden bonus in one of the panels of the fan comic Halo: A Fistful of Arrows reveals Bungie is still around in the 26th century. One wonders what their "killer app" from the Xbox was in this universe.
  • In Kinkmeme made them do it, Loki and Darcy find out that they're both writing in a kinkmeme about The Avengers created by their in-universe fans. And it's awesome.
  • In Kyon Big Damn Hero, Taniguchi mentions that he dislikes Lucky Star because Konata's voice creeps him out. In their respective animes, Konata and Haruhi have the same voice actress.
  • In A Time to Kill, mention is made that James Bond the secret agent co-exists in the same universe with the Bond film series. Some Applied Phlebotinum explains away how Bond is able to get away with it, but no mention is made why all of Bond's separate incarnations tend to look like the same actors in the film series.
  • In the Discworld sci-fi/fantasy fic Slipping Between Worlds, Philip Holtack, a resident of Earth who inadvertently arrives in Ankh-Morpork, has this sort of conversation with HEX, the University's thinking engine (computer mainframe). Thinking of Lister's first encounter with Holly in Red Dwarf, he sees an opportunity to clean up if he ever gets Home, and asks HEX for the winners of various football championships and big horseraces that are yet in his future. HEX haughtily replies that to give this information will establish a very big temporal paradox and make the Roundworld Project even more unstable. HEX also adds that it is not the destiny of William Hill and Sons, nor indeed any other firm of bookmakers, to be cleaned out if Holtack ever returns to Earth. Holtack also inadvertently assists in making the events of the film Alien terrifyingly real on the Discworld - a place where magic makes imagined things real, and the force of Narrativium turns Roundworld imagining into Discworld reality. He also introduces Mme. Deux-Epees of the Assassins' Guild to the delights of French cinema, whilst speculating on whether she reminds him more of Bardot, Emmanuelle Beart, or Catherine Deneueve, with a splash of Annie Girardot at her most impish. Read the story Slipping Between Worlds here.
  • Notably averted in Empath: The Luckiest Smurf. Peyo is still the creator of The Smurfs in this universe, only the details of how he would come up with the idea of the Smurfs is different, based on a certain artifact that Handy and Empath have created in "Days Of Future Smurfed".
  • In Through the Eyes of Minerva's Owl, the BBC are making a tv series based on Merlin's life. He comments that he's not sure Colin Morgan, the actor playing him, looks anything like him.
  • Discussed in the The World of the Creatures, where it's noticed that - despite many fictional characters such as Buffy Summers and Batman existing - Stephen Colbert exists as himself, and not as his television alter ego. The possibility that the alter ego does exist elsewhere in the world is hinted at.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic AU fanfic Mutant, the TV show doesn't exist, but Twilight Sparkle AKA:Twilight X42 gets misidentified for her voice actor, Tara Strong.
  • Averted in The Student Prince, a Merlin fanfic; the legends of King Arthur exists in this universe. It's implied that this fic is set in the same universe as the show, although there are some inconsistencies with canon since it was written before the show finished.
  • A popular fic series for Glee known as The Donutverse includes the "real" Adam Lambert as a character. Imagine the confusion when Lambert starts playing a character on the show...
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fic All-American Girl the original My Little Pony 'n Friends show exists, but is explained as a live-action/puppet show mix. The actors (including Megan Williams) went on to other roles, and in Megan's case, a career in politics in her adult years. The My Little Pony Tales and G3/3.5 cartoons were as normal. Hasbro eventually discontinued the toyline in the early 2010s, prior to DJ's birth.
    • Eventually the In-Universe MLP toyline was resurrected after TomyTakara and Hasbro merged in the 2030s, but was based on a heavily-fictionalized version of Equestria.
  • In Harry Potter and the Natural 20, Gilderoy Lockhart and Kenneth Branagh both exist.
  • Mostly averted in the Emergency! fic "Double Fantasy". John Gage is surprised to find out about Bobby Troupe, Julie London, ect in the "real" world, and they don't appear to exist in the Emergncy-verse as they did in reality. "Route 66", Troupe's best known song, exists, so he may in some form, or it may have been written by someone else. Randolph Mantooth doesn't seem to exist there either, as it's only in "reality" that Gage gets mistaken for him.
  • The AdamTwelve fic "A Prayer ForThe Soull" has Pete Malloy getting mistaken for Martin Milner while in a diner. Milner apparently only did "Route66'' in this world.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic / Equestria Girls fic Seven Days in Sunny June, the Cutie Mark Crusaders (the group, not the member characters) is a part of the Filly Funtasia franchise.
  • In Emergence, Team RWBY ends up in the real world. Some of the people they meet wonder how they can exist; and if they hail from a parallel world that the show reflects. The CIA gets recordings of Yang Xiao Long and comment that her voice print matches Barbara Dunkelman, her actress. Later, when Weiss is playing Call of Duty, one of her partners says she sounds like Kara Eberle, her actress.