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Catchphrase: Radio
  • The Adam Carolla Show has TONS of catchphrases and Running Gags in the form of various sound drops from Bryan. Some of the more common ones include:
    • Brian Whitman impersonating Tom Leykis laughing, usually dropped when someone says something that could be a double entendre.
    • "Oh My God It's Exciting" Adam's wife Lynette. Usually played when the topic of her comes up and her (lack of) interest in Adam's interests.
    • "Boom," Matt Fondiler's nonchalantness.
    • An annoyed whine, Adam's impersonation of his wife when Adam turns on the ceiling fan at night.
    • Adam saying "Who?" in an exasperated, high pitched whine, usually in response to mentioning someone that's not well known.
    • Dr. Drew saying "you're an alcoholic" usually in response to Adam talking about his drinking.
    • Alison saying "Nooooo" very high pitched.
    • Sunny (Adam's son) saying "It's just a waste of my time" and "What are you talking about."
    • And Natalia (Adam's daughter) saying "Daddy stop talking" when Adam won't shut up.
    • Carl Weathers saying "Not. Interested."
    • Adam's mother saying "How should I know?" usually in the context of Adam talking about how little interest his parents have in his life.
    • His dad saying what sounds like "Hell yeah" (probably just a mumbled up "hello-yeah?") when the topic of his dad comes up, particularly Adam's perception of his dad being somewhat lazy and lethargic.
    • Also his dad malaproping the name of his home improvement podcast (with his old buddy Ray) Ace on the House as Ace on the Roof.
    • Anytime someone is talking around obvious stereotypes of a certain ethnicity (usually blacks or hispanics) without specifically mentioning them, Adam will invariably say something like "come on, we all know who you mean. The jews."
    • Joe Walsh asking "Weren't We Doing The News" when Adam goes way off subject during Alison's news segment.
    • "Let's drink some beers and rape!" from Adam talking about frat boy type douchebags, now used whenever Adam gets in an excited mood.
    • Adam saying "I do horrible live reads" when he's in the middle of, well...
    • A drop of Will Ferrell from Anchorman saying "Great story" when someone is giving a long-winded, boring, or nonsensical ancedote.
    • A drop of the "The More You Know" lock out sound effect from the 80s NBC PSA's, when someone gives (often terrible) life advice.
    • Alison sounding mentally disabled while saying "My fiance Daniel."
    • Often when Adam is trying to get Dr. Drew to listen, he'll say: "OK, Drew. Dig.". To which Drew will reply (if he wants to listen): "Dig."
    • Announcer Dawson adding an H to the beginning of the word "enter" during commercial plugs, based on his once messing it up that way.
    • Lampshading how well (or not well) Adam, Drew, etc transition from whatever they're talking about into a commercial plug.
    • Bryan almost always picks something Alison (sometimes Adam or others) says during her news segment to play as a drop out of context at the end of the news, generally sexual or just funny/messed up.
    • Additionally, he plays the "top drop" during his intro of every show, as requested by twitter. These can be classics (going back to the Loveline days) or something said the day before.
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