Card Carrying Villain: Professional Wrestling

  • Ric "The Dirtiest Player in The Game" Flair. There was really no difference between his heel and face personas: he'd low-blow and cheap shot heel and face alike and tell you beforehand he would.
  • The Undertaker, when giving his Motive Rant upon one of his heel turns, said, "And I know that some of you are wondering how it is that I can join forces with such an evil, despicable, maniacal individual [as Paul Bearer]...well, if that isn't reason enough all by itself then I don't guess I can explain it to you folks any better!" He would go around calling himself The Lord of Darkness and saying things like, "Embrace the purity of evil," leading to the official debut of the Ministry Of Darkness (UT, Paul, the Acolytes, with Dennis Knight being "sacrificed" and renamed Mideon, on the January 11, 1999 Raw.
  • Razor Ramon - "Say hello to the bad guy" as a play on the Tony Montana line.
  • Eddie Guerrero (along with nephew Chavo as a tag team) was pushed as a heel in 2003 as someone who would always "lie, cheat and steal" his way to victory. It backfired, as fans grew to like the fact that Eddie was honest about his dishonesty (and because it made him look smarter than his foes).
  • Tasha Simone at points has given "The Darker Side Of Evil" as her hometown.
  • Kane makes no effort to hide the fact that he's evil. It's in his intro video.
  • Kaientai (TAKA Michinoku and SHO Funaki). Whilst clearly speaking Japanese but being dubbed into English over the mic with no regard to what he was actually saying, Michinoku would make an amusing speech that always ended with "We. Are. EEEEEVVVVILLL" and Funaki would make a long speech that was translated "INNNDEEEEEEEEED". Of course, they were huge faces and didn't favour cheap tactics.
  • William Regal actually has the word "Villain" written on his tights. More to the point; Villain is the name of his Ring Entrance Music.
  • Crazy Rudy and Bandido, starting in WWC. The name of their tag team was "Bad Guys" even.
  • Team PMA, Malia Hosaka, Syren and their referee, Evil Zebra. Hosaka also proved EEEEEVVVVILLL enough to briefly join TAKA Michinoku and Funaki.
  • Pro Wrestling Zero 1 had, among others, the Real Evil Makers, REM.
  • Chikara's resident super villain, Ultramantis Black. He used to be a good guy but that got tiring.
  • To bring Suffering, Chaos, Ugliness and Mayhem to Ring of Honor. Such was the mission of S.C.U.M.
  • April Hunter would like to inform you "her" tag team of Taylor Made and Allysin Kay, Made In Sin, is not a play on their names but what they are! They embody the seven deadly, and will teach you the eighth.
  • More along the lines of card carrying jerk ass, but El Rudo De Los Rudos Axel Cruz fits otherwise.
  • Ethan Carter The Third in TNA openly admits to being a bad guy, because as he says, bad guys win in real life.