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Captain Obvious: Radio

All examples heard on radio shows are here!
  • Inverted and parodied in The Bob and Tom Show's recurring "Mr. Obvious" skits. The premise in them is that Mr. Obvious, a the host of a radio call-in show, attempts to help today's caller with what looks to be a difficult problem until the caller reveals enough facts about his problem to make it clear that he has no clue, he can't afford to buy one, and he refuses to rent-to-own, and that the caller would have solved his problem by himself long ago if he weren't so bloody dense.
    • Subverted in the "Sump Pump" episode, where the terrified caller tells Mr. Obvious that there's a bear under his house, and every time it rains he can hear it growling. Mr. Obvious has to explain that this is just the sump pump, pumping water away from the foundation. So the caller crawls under his house to see ... followed by animal roars and screams of pain ... followed by dial tone. "Um ... well, that's all the time we have for today ..."
  • Turned into a recurring gag in The Goon Show:
    (Sound FX): Big splash
    Little Jim: He's fallen in the wa-ter!
  • Dudley Function on Hello Cheeky would pop in sometimes and give a short lecture about something, never giving more detail than what was instantly obvious.
    Barry: And now, Dudley Function to speak about his new LP.
    Dudley: It's black and round and it's got scratches on both sides!
    Barry: Thank you.
  • Often used in the British Paul Temple serials, and although it can be slightly jarring at times, since it's radio.....
    *Whilst in a burning building* "We'd better get out of here!"
    *Gunshot* "He's been shot!"
    *After finding someone face-down in a river* "They're dead!"

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