Captain Obvious: Other

All examples that don't belong anywhere else are here!
  • One of the entries on Clients From Hell: "Will you need to be paid in currency?"
  • From Disney Theme Parks, the narration for the now-defunct Adventures Through Inner Space did this several times.
    (while the car is surrounded by giant snowflakes) "These are snowflakes!"
    "And yet this wall of ice only seems smooth and solid. From this tiny perspective, I can see that nothing is solid, no matter how it appears!"
    "Yes... these are water molecules! H2O... Two hydrogen atoms bonded to a single oxygen atom."
  • The Onion is fond of using this for humor, as in their article "Investigators Determine Air France Disaster Caused By Plane Crash".
    • "Study: Multiple Stab Wounds May Be Harmful To Monkeys" combines this with For Science!.
    • The Onion's parodying, in part, the tendency of real news media to keep repeating the same threadbare information again and again as a breaking story develops, since they have nothing substantial to report at the moment, but they have to keep covering the story. For example, one MSNBC expert's analysis of a dark spot in a photograph was "it's definitely... definitely something that's ...there". He was probably trying to say it's not a spot on the lens, but still...
  • Scott Goodyear, a former Indy car driver turned commentator for the Indycar Series for races on ABC. I told my dad he is so obvious and my dad didn't believe me. After some time my dad told me after he though about it he realized that Scott Goodyear is obvious. Needless to say it has become a running joke for us that anytime someone says something obvious we say that "Scott Goodyear has started doing x".
  • In TV Tropes, tropers will pothole a word, phrase, etc. that is considered to be... well... completely obvious, to this page.
    • "Five hats means that five tropers think it is ready to publish.". At least partially obvious.
    • Also, this very page is about a trope which highlights easily discovered events that are pointed out to the audience, as if they had no clue what was going on. This trope is called "Captain Obvious" and it's on the website you're currently on called TV Tropes (the url address is On a side note, TV Tropes is a webpage which features articles about multiple tropes seen throughout many forms of media, such as literature, live-action T.V. shows, anime/manga, video games, comic books, and in several cases, even real life!
    • Any disambiguation page that says it's a disambiguation page.
  • Wikipedia does this a lot.
  • The annoying YouTube meme, "Thumbs up if you're watching this in [current year]", which is posted on videos with some kind of nostalgic value. The default snarky reply is, "No, I'm watching this in [year in distant past or distant future]."
  • Apparently there's porn on the internet.
  • I think he is a captain.
  • Obviously, this guy was hanged by Captain Obvious for his crimes against the obviousness.
  • The O RLY? fad was an infamous snarky comeback to those who state the obvious.
    • As is the You Don't Say face.
  • Thank you, Captain Obvious.
  • Rod Serling narrating the Twilight Zone pinball tends to delve into this.
    (announcing the "Town Square Madness" mode) "There's Town Square."
    (announcing the "Clock Millions" mode) "This worth millions"
  • The whole "FAIL" meme revolves around unnecessarily stamping the word "FAIL" onto a picture of something that is obviously hilariously stupid.
  • Many computers will inform you "You just plugged a device into the audio jack", as though this is something you're likely to do without noticing.