Captain Obvious / Newspaper Comics

All examples found in comics in the newspaper are here!
  • The narration box often labels items in Dick Tracy that don't need to be described. After 90 years it's still informing readers of his watch-phone, and in 2009 it helpfully pointed out that a game of solitaire was indeed solitaire. (The game had nothing to do with the plot, naturally.)
    • MAD Magazine once parodied this with a label labelled "label."
  • In The Far Side a man has painted obvious Expo Labels on everything such as "My Shirt," "The House," "The Cat" and is saying "That should clear things up around here!"
  • In Non Sequitur a recurring character has an alter ego named "Obviousman", who swoops in dressed like a superhero, complete with cape and a big red circle and slash over the word "DUH!" on his chest. His mission is to point out the (usually snarky) obvious to the oblivious, though given the intelligence of the people he needs to rescue, he is rarely thanked for this.
  • Parodied in Rip Haywire where a temporary character says such things as "Sharks!" "It blew up!" and "Why do I keep on shouting the Obvious!"
  • Spider-Man's narration box bangs the reader over the head with the obvious almost as often. See Luckily, My Powers Will Protect Me.