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Captain Ersatz: Videogames
  • Lilac of Freedom Planet is one of these for Sonic the Hedgehog. Makes sense, considering Freedom Planet was initially a fan-based Sonic game until it became its own thing. Lilac herself was a hedgehog before she became a water dragon.
  • Hazama is the standout case from BlazBlue. Voiced (in English) by Doug Erholtz, has a low-cut hair style and keeps his Eyes Always Shut, with a Cheshire Cat Grin, a snake motif and a sadistic, manipulative demeanor, who pretends to amiable and polite? Clearly Gin Ichimaru before he went to the Soul Society.
    • Terumi, his ghost form, looks suspiciously like the Anti-Spiral.
  • Temple Run: While you don't get to play as the world's most famous explorer, Indiana Jones, you do get to play as the world's second most famous explorer... Montana Smith. And yes, he wears the same iconic hat.
  • Shinx, a lion cub Pokémon that is colored very unusually (blue and yellow), has mouse-like ears, and has a cheerful smile. Kimba the White Lion, is that you?
  • Valkyrie Profile: Mandatory party member and heavy swordsman Arngrim is Guts sans the emotional issues. Also, more than one person has noted how much Lezard Valeth seems to resemble Harry Potter.
  • Captain Marcus Refelian of Activision's Star Trek: Away Team video game is something of an Ersatz of Commander Sisko.
  • The Fire Pro Wrestling games are absolutely loaded with Captain Ersatzes of pro wrestlers from around the world. Many of the American ones in some of the games have hilarious, Gratuitous English permutations on their real name. "Steel Gold" Steam Odin? Seriously?
    • Don't forget the Randy Savage clone Slim Jim Mr. Mann from Fire Pro Wrestling on the Game Boy Advance! Actually, that was probably one of those rare instances where a Fire Pro Wrestling game got an English translation that was intentionally silly.
  • The Secret World has the Ur-Draug. A.K.A Cthulhu. As the final boss of a dungeon set to Lovecraft Country.
  • Solid Snake of Metal Gear Solid looks and acts like Kurt Russell's Snake Plissken, doesn't he? No wonder he appeals to the American audience. Raiden on the other hand...
    • Young Big Boss looks even more like the character, due to gaining an eyepatch.
    • In Metal Gear Solid 2 while hiding his true identity, Solid Snake actually operates under the alias "Iroquois Plisken."
    • Also the cover art for Metal Gear is based on a screen shot of Kyle Reese from Terminator. In addition, the first game had a Terminator ersatz named... Arnold.
    • In Revengeance, the character Jetstream Sam resembles Vamp, due to similar appearance and rivalry with Raiden.
  • Mega Man (Classic) began his life when Capcom wanted to make an Astro Boy game, but could not acquire the rights. He's come into his own right since then, of course.
    • Mega Man X has Vile, who looks suspiciously like a certain bounty hunter...and his original Japanese name Vava even pronounces rather like Boba... However, in this interview by Rockman Unity, Vava was said to be (very loosely) based off of Bubba Zanetti from Mad Max. Just a reminder that Engrish is not always your friend.
    • The Killer Bullets in the first game resemble the Bullet Bills from Super Mario Bros., which are ironically called Killers in the Japanese series. They never appeared in the series again, possibly due to Nintendo threatening legal action.
  • There are some Captain Ersatz (clones) characters in Tekken:
    • Lei Wulong is a Captain Ersatz for Jackie Chan.
    • Marshall/Forrest Law is a...much more blatant clone of Bruce Lee.
    • King is the Captain Ersatz of the Japanese wrestler Tiger Mask, with a little of Mexico's Fray Tormenta thrown in for good measure.
    • Craig Marduk looks a lot like...either Nathan Jones (his future actor in the 2009 Live Action Movie) or Goldberg.
      • Nathan Jones has actually been confirmed as the inspiration behind Marduk. Jones and Marduk even share the exact same behavioural traits and a few similar moves.
    • Raven is apparently an accident. The character designer claims that he just wanted to make "A cool Black Guy". The final product strongly resembled Wesley Snipes as Blade.
    • Christie Monteiro is modelled after Tyra Banks and was given a few of Britney Spears' dance moves in a couple of her Tekken 5 win poses.
  • Ghost Hunter is itself a Captain Ersatz for the Ghostbusters franchise.
  • One example of taking this too far comes from The King of Fighters 2001 with the character K9999, a Captain Ersatz of Tetsuo Shima from AKIRA who even had the same voice actor. After SNK Playmore bought the rights to all of the Eolith-owned characters from KOF 2k1 and KOF 2k2, K9999 became a legal liability for the company and was replaced by a more original character Nameless in the Updated Re-release The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match, who substitutes K9999 in the canon.
  • City of Heroes, as a pastiche of Super Hero comic books, has a lot of characters that are pretty clearly this:
    • Statesman, the biggest of the setting's heroes, is a fusion of Superman and Captain America, with some Captain Marvel thrown in for good measure by way of his origin story.
    • Positron is a radioactive Iron Man.
    • Manticore is Batman with the fighting style of Green Arrow. (So basically, Batman.) That, or Hawkeye. And the friendly sparring between Statesman and Manticore resembles that of Captain America and Hawkeye in The Avengers.
    • Sister Psyche heavily resembles Jean Grey, down to being a redhead.
    • Synapse, the token speedster, is generally considered an equivalent to The Flash.
    • Back Alley Brawler seems to have a little of Luke Cage, and/or Wildcat.
    • Lord Recluse is pretty much Doctor Doom with more lackeys.
    • The evil Arachnos organisation is essentially Cobra with the snake iconography replaced by spiders.
  • You in Overlord, especially when you get your best armor and a Mace of Doom, you're Sauron's equally Evil Twin.
  • Both Freedom Force games are rife with this. All of the characters have Captain Ersatz powers.
    • The Minuteman is Captain America, just wearing a funny 18th-century costume and using a staff instead of a shield.
    • Mentor is Martian Manhunter with a touch of Professor X
    • El Diablo is Human Torch.
    • Man-Bot is a weird mixture of Cyclops and Iron Man. Power Incontinence In A Can. He also has Doctor Strange's origin (rich asshole turned hero after screwing up his life in an accident)
    • Alchemiss is Scarlet Witch with a Southern accent. With a lot of Phoenix in the sequel.
      • The Southern accent comes from Rogue, presumably.
    • Bullet is The Flash.
    • Liberty Lad is Robin. A Burt Ward-campy Robin. And Bucky, as the sidekick of the Minuteman.
    • Blackbird is Black Canary (Sonic scream, wears fishnets) with Catwoman's backstory.
    • And then there's Supercollider - a super-strong, tough-talking bruiser with rocky orange skin and a thick Noo Yoik accent. Nope, can't think of anyone else who fits that description.
    • The Ant, whose 'Secret Origin' video may as well have just said "Yes, he's Peter Parker. Now go have fun."
    • Microwave is plainly meant to represent The Vision and the Red Tornado personality-wise.
    • Man O' War and the Sea Urchin are Aquaman and Aqualad
  • El Blaze is NOT Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio might be a little guy who flies around a lot in a mask and oversized pants determined to prove himself as good or better than the big guys, but he doesn't wear ribbons on his arms, after all.
    • El Fuerte just might be Mysterio, though, if Mysterio had a thing for cooking. Or he just might be Blaze, since they're both rather Large Hams. His outfit also bears more than a passing resemblance to El Místico.
  • If it's possible for a series to have a Captain Ersatz, then H.A.V.E. Online (known in America as Microvolts) a Korean online multiplayer shooter, is this in artistic tone to Team Fortress 2 (The gameplay of both are pretty dissimilar actually - H.A.V.E. Online is not class based, and is in 3rd person view). The choreography in the trailer is also pretty blatantly copied. Some people were not happy, to say the least — though once the original outrage had passed they were a little more forgiving. It also has its own ripoff of Haruhi Suzumiya. Ironically, the Japanese version of the game has the real Haruhi.
    • Putting H.A.V.E. Online/Microvolts to shame though is Final Combat, which slightly resembles Team Fortress 2. And by "slightly resembles", we mean "is The Mockbuster of". Except that it also has straight Captain Ersatzes of the classes too (such as the Rocket for the Soldier and the Fatman for the Heavy), so it counts on both. Moreover, the maps are stolen from Battlefield Heroes.
    • Xunlei would eventually joke about it, saying that Valve clearly stole their idea four years before they had it.
  • The 'Present' chapter of Live A Live includes a battle against a wrestler by the name of Max Morgan, who is a none-too-subtle ripoff of Hulk Hogan.
  • Gravelyn from AdventureQuest Worlds is very much the ersatz of Jessica Rabbit as far as looks are concerned. They share the same red hair.
  • Melody from Nostalgia is the spitting image of Lina Inverse. Doctor Brown is also pretty close to Indy in appearance.
  • And it's still possible for games to have Ersatzes: Meet Duludubi Star, a Chinese Totally-Not-Super Mario Galaxy-Honest.
  • The lottery game Dian Shi Ma Li starred an illegitimate relative of Mario from the Uncanny Valley called Fortran.
  • A curvy female mage who lives in a secluded part of the world, is an acquaintance with a gruff older mentor, isn't very social and acts like a Deadpan Snarker to mask this personality flaw, and wears a cleavage-baring dress with a skirt made of belts. Now, did we just describe Lulu or Morrigan?
    • Alicia. Lulu may be snarky, but is an incredibly good and ethical person. Morrigan is the Token Evil Teammate whose wanton cruelty has become something of a meme. Their roles in plot are dissimilar, their dresses are only similar in color (Morrigan's far more revealing and "rag-like," Lulu's elegant), and Morrigan is revealed to be quite an insecure, unworldly character compared to Lulu. Lulu openly is affectionate to people besides Tidus and is loyal to the central characters; Morrigan clearly has her own agenda. And the right answer is Morgana or Medea or Circe or any number of the other inspirations for Hot Witch, Dark Magical Girl, and related tropes. This archetype is way too common for this comparison.
  • Tales of Legendia features the Oresoren, who are intelligent fuzzy creatures who are good with machines and have a Verbal Tic. Anyone familiar with Final Fantasy would recognize them as being similar to Moogles. It might be a coincidence... until you realize that one of the most significant Oresoren is named "Quppo", pronounced exactly the same as the verbal tic of the Moogles ("kupo").
  • Human Grand Prix for the Nintendo 64 didn't have the rights to use the actual names of drivers, meaning that the game was filled with drivers with names such as Hamon Dillnote , Schael Mihumachernote , Babens Rurrichellonote , Hohnny Jerbertnote , Hika Makkinennote , Lean Ajesinote  and Vacques Jilleneuvenote , among others. This was rectified for the US/European version of the game, F1 Pole Position 64, which had the actual racer names.
  • The G1 Jockey Horse Racing series, produced by Koei, has a calendar based entirely upon the Japanese horse racing season. Despite this, European releases have had the event names almost entirely changednote . Some, like the Japanese Triple Crown races, were logically changed to their European counterparts. Some were changed to mimic prestigious European events (the Arima Kinen instead became the Arc Grand Prix, itself an ersatz of the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe). Others, meanwhile, were changed to generic-sounding races with no European equivalent; the two Tenno Sho events became the "Gold Vase" and "Champion Trophy", while the Japan Cup became the "National Grand Prix".
    • And the point became irrelevant after Koei merged with Tecmo; the sequel, Champion Jockey, uses the official Japanese race names when the player races in Japan, while using the ersatz names in the European half of the game.
  • Cannon Spike's playable roster is composed almost entirely of characters from existing Capcom properties. The sole exception is Simone, who is just a hairstyle and a slight wardrobe change away from being Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa from Alien Vs Predator Capcom, whose ownership is apparently tied up with Twentieth Century Fox.
  • The World Heroes series has quite a few. Kim Dragon is a blatant clone of Bruce Lee. There's also a professional wrestler named Muscle Power who looked exactly like Hulk Hogan in his first appearance. They shaved off his mustache in the console releases of the first game and all the sequels, presumably so that Hogan wouldn't get any ideas about suing ADK.
  • Balrog from Street Fighter II was modeled after Mike Tyson, right down to his character portrait in the original game. In fact, his name in the Japanese version was actually M. Bison (the "M" stood for "Mike"), but it was swapped with the names of the other two boss characters (Balrog and Vega) to avoid any potential likeness infringement overseas. Since Balrog was originally "Mike Bison" in Japan, this has led to the ongoing speculation on whether Mike (a character from the first Street Fighter) is the same guy or not.
    • Likewise, Alex, the protagonist of Street Fighter III, has some elements in common with Hulk Hogan. Capcom even gave him a special intro pose with Hugo (see below) imitating the legendary Hulk vs Andre the Giant fight from WrestleMania.
    • Andore from Final Fight is obviously modeled after André the Giant. When he appeared in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, his name was changed to Hugo, presumably to avoid any likeness infringement, although he was still called "Andore" in Final Fight: Revenge and Streetwise, which both came afterward.
  • Jon Dowd from the MVP Baseball series is a Captain Ersatz of Barry Bonds, who was not in the MLBPA at the time.
  • Rodin in Bayonetta is an ersatz of Morpheus from The Matrix.
    • Not to mention that Enzo is almost an exact copy of Joe Pesci.
  • The first stage boss in the original arcade version of the first Double Dragon is a head-swap of Abobo with a Mr T-like beard and mohawk. In Mission 3, he gets a green palette swap obviously based on The Incredible Hulk. In the arcade version of II, Burnov resembles the masked version of the wrestler Neptuneman from Kinnikuman, Abore resembles a cross between the Terminator and André the Giant, and Ohara and Bolo(who replace Abobo) resemble their namesakes from Enter the Dragon.
  • The entire cast of the surprisingly good Street Fighter II ripoff Breakers is meant to suggest one character from that game or another. Tia is Chun Li (she even does her Lightning Kicks), Sho is Ryu, Pielle and Saizo split elements of Vega (Pielle being a vain Spaniard and Saizo being a ninja), Alsion III and Maherl split elements of Dhalsim (Alsion stretches and breathes poison, while Maherl inflates and breathes fire), Condor is T. Hawk, Rila is Blanka, Dao Long is Guile, and Bai Hu is M. Bison.
  • The diagnostician from the cast of Trauma Team is more or less Spike Spiegel. May qualify as an Expy instead, depending on just where you set the bar for "same character with serial numbers filed off dropped into a new continuity" vs. "Suspiciously similar but different character."
  • Francis York Morgan of Deadly Premonition is one of Dale Cooper of Twin Peaks, only perhaps even weirder and his love of coffee taken to fortune-telling levels.
  • A recent Action Replay DS package. Warning: May include Not-Pokémon-At-All and Not-Bowser-At-All, among other Not-Game-Characters-At-All.
  • The freeware Yuri Genre Visual Novel series Morning Star is heavily inspired by Mai-HiME, and has a Student Council President who looks exactly like Shizuru Fujino. Amusingly, the Shizuru-lookalike's name is Natsuki, Shizuru's crush.
  • Tohru Adachi of Persona 4 looks (and acts) like Matsuda. At least, up until The Reveal.
  • For the web game Caesary (which has actually been advertised on TV Tropes itself), there's this amazon character... which is blatantly meant to be a Wonder Woman knockoff. Seriously, the only differences are that she has more armor and (slightly) less clothing. Link here: [1]
  • 343 Guilty Spark talks like C-3P0. "Hello, I am 343 Guilty Spark, the monitor of Installation 04", and "Your behavior is not in accordance with established protocols".
  • The SPANKED-up suicide bombers in Grand Theft Auto III's "Kingdom Come" mission behave eerily similar to the Exploding BOBS from the Marathon series.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass gave us Linebeck, who has his share of similarities with a certain Captain called Jack.
  • The Lord of the Rings Online does this on occasion. The developers only have the right to use stuff from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, anything else is off-limits. This means that if something is referenced to in The Lord of the Rings but the name only appears in say, The Silmarillion, they can't use the actual name. For example, when Sauron disguises himself to fool the elves of Eregion, he does so under the name of Antheron, Lord of Gifts in-game, where the original name is Annatar, Gift-Lord. On top of that, the elven settlement he visits is named Mirobel in-game, where the original name is Ost-In-Edhil. Off course, as a good number of players are familiar with Tolkien's works, they quickly spot the similarities.
  • Since the characters in Dragon Quest VIII were designed by Akira Toriyama, many of them are ersatzes of Dragon Ball Z characters; e.g. Hero=Kid Gohan, Trode=Namek Elder, Angelo=Trunks, Kalderasha=Mr. Satan, Valentina=Pan, Jessica=Bulma.
  • There's a fairly strong fan case in World of Warcraft for Prince Arthas Menethil's suspicious similarity to one King Elric VIII of Melniboné. (If you played Warcraft III, you'll know it's darn near exact.)
    • And of course, Adventurer Archaeologist Harrison Jones, a one-shot quest NPC parodying escort quests by pretending to be escorting you instead, upgraded in the next expansion to the primary questgiver for a major plotline. At no point does the game pretend he's supposed to be anything other than Indiana Jones.
  • The characters in Cyclomaniacs are mostly hilariously blatant knockoffs of prominent cultural figures, including Elvis Presley (Cycle King), Mr T (Mr. C), Number 6 (Letter F - 'escaped from Wales on a souped-up penny farthing'), The Stig (The Wheel), and Laurel and Hardy (The Bowler Brothers); but also contains versions of prominent Indie Game figures, like Fancy Pants (Farty Pants).
  • Walter Sullivan from Silent Hill 4 looks like the late Kurt Cobain.
  • Heather Mason from Silent Hill 3, to Lisa Rogan from House of the Dead 3. Both are also the daughter of the protagonist of the first game in their respective series.
  • The iPhone Punch Out clone Super K.O. Boxing 2 features a boxer named Shogun. This boxer is actually from New York City, and is a Scary Black Man rather than an oriental. It makes little sense unless you've seen The Last Dragon. And in case you didn't already figure out that he was Sho'Nuff with the Serial Numbers Filed Off, one of his moves causes his boxing gloves to glow.
  • Nearly every NPC in Billy Vs SNAKEMAN. Some of your allies even change who they are ersatzes of as they level up.
  • In Poker Night at the Inventory, there's a character who looks and sounds suspiciously like Reginald Van Winslow but wears different clothing and is credited only as "The Host".
    • Averted in the sequel, where he explicitly introduces himself as Reginald Van Winslow.
  • Wild Dog from Time Crisis, and Dr. Curien from House of the Dead.
  • If Perry Mason's best friend was a Japanese Reibai-tradition Spirit Medium, his name would be Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney!
  • Confusingly enough, the version of Cloud in Kingdom Hearts looks and acts more like Vincent.
  • Forget that, how about Vario Kraatz from Valkyria Chronicles II? Jeez, the guy is Elvis Presley!
  • WET seems to this for the Kill Bill films.
  • One of the Dream Club characters Rui is an Ersatz of Baka No Test's Himeji. Heck it even has Hitomi Harada voicing her. Making Rui the future version of Himeji (Aka teacher by day, hostess by night)
  • Most of the survivors in Bitejacker are based on either classic game characters (like Mario or Ness) or veterans of the Zombie Apocalypse genre (like Louis).
  • The Dropship pilot from the StarCraft games takes most of her lines directly from the dropship pilot in Aliens.
    • Starcraft marines are a pretty obvious copy of Warhammer40k Space Marines (as are Marauders and Firebats to some extent). The zerg bear a pretty heavy resemblance to the Tyranids, but there's something of Alien in there too.
      • Who ripped off who in this case is a matter of some extreme debate, rumors accusing Star Craft of originally being a Warhammer 40k game that lost the license and that the extensive redesign the Tyranids got after Starcrafts release have sparked a fairly intense Fandom Rivalry between the two franchises.
  • Kuon Sumeragi from the Examu fighting game Daemon Bride, resembles Setsuna F Seiei, complete with the same voice actor and the last name (Setsuna's boss is Sumeragi Lee Noriega).
  • Several Original Generation mecha from Super Robot Wars bear a strong resemblance to other Humongous Mecha franchises:
  • Konami's 3DS game Doctor Lautrec And The Forgotten Knights is about a top hat-wearing archaeologist who solves mysteries with the help of his young assistant by doing puzzles. Sound familiar?
  • The Imperial Defense Droid in Super Star Wars resembles the ED-209 from RoboCop.
  • Guy Kazama in Last Alert is an ersatz of Rambo.
  • Pochi in Legacy of the Wizard greatly resembles Bub and Bob of Bubble Bobble.
  • The True Final Boss of the first Blaster Master looks like an orange version of the Gouf mobile suit from Mobile Suit Gundam, complete with the energy whip, shield, and Spikes of Villainy.
  • At least some of the player-species in the classic economics-edutainment game M.U.L.E. are examples of this, the most obvious being the Packer and the Gollumer, who are respectively Pac-Man (with legs) and ET The Extra Terrestrial. The Bonzoid is pretty much a human-sized one-eyed King Kong. The Flapper and the M.U.L.E.s themselves bear more than a passing resemblance to the two types of Imperial Walkers from The Empire Strikes Back.
  • China has many online mon games, but some of them more like "Pokémon" in terms of gameplay. Although at first one may think it's all original with those emoticon-like graphics, few games have few Mons that are ripoffs of certain Pokémon. For worse, they "evolve" from a completely different Mon. See here for an example. Of course there were used to be a plant-Kirlia/Gardevoir and Cyndaquil-like families, but they're probably taken down some time.
  • Double Switch. More than once, there is a mention of the Egyptian goddess Isix. Must be Isis they are talking about. Isn't Isis in the Public Domain?
  • In the arcade version of Strider, Solo is an ersatz of Boba Fett. The Grandmaster, although resembling Emperor Palpatine, was actually based on Sauron from The Lord of the Rings according to the developers.
  • The Desert Ruins level from Spyro: Year of the Dragon contains a character that is very blatantly Lara Croft turned into an anthropomorphic mouse.
  • Sgt. Johnson from Halo : Sgt. Morris from Quake IV. They may be both inspired by Sgt. Apone from Aliens.
  • In Cry of Fear: Sawrunner (not to be mistaken with the boss Sawer) a maniac that brandishes a chainsaw, howls loudly when attacking, and wears an uncanny mask. He is just like Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and it does not make him any less terrifying.
  • In Acclaim's Legends Of Wrestling II career mode, regional promoters are somewhat based on existing promoters Vince McMahon, Ted Turner (WCW), Paul Heyman, Christine Jarrett, Jim Crockett, and Hiro Matsuda.
  • Billy and Jimmy Lewis from Rage of the Dragons are obvious stand-ins for Billy and Jimmy Lee from Double Dragon. The game was initially developed as a Double Dragon spin-off, but the developers were unable to secure the rights to the license. The game's sub-boss character, Abubo, is also an obvious stand-in for Abobo.
  • The Hentai game Season of the Sakura was really blatant about this, with the primary cast all coming from famous anime; the protagonist's father and school principal are Nobuyuki and Yosho/Katsuhito Masaki, his homeroom teacher is Misato Katsuragi, his best friend is Kensuke Aida, and the girls he can romance include Hikaru Shido, Umi Ryuzaki, Fuu Houji, Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley, Seira Mimori, Meimi Haneoka, and Shoko Inaba. They don't even try hiding it; the character designs are identical (except for one or two having different hair colors), their personalities are pretty much the same, and some (such as Seira and Meimi) don't even get new names.
  • The Nintendo DS fighting game Windy X Windam has character designs that are heavily based on Guilty Gear. Big is basically Potemkin minus his gigantic gauntlet; swordsman Kirikou is Ky Kiske with fire abilities instead of lightning; and Jack and Stin are clones of Slayer and Bridget, respectively.
  • The Hunters in the Marathon series are clearly inspired by the Predator, Shoulder Cannon included, and the S'pht, being basically tentacled brains in robotic exoskeletons, are reminiscent of the Daleks from Doctor Who.
  • The trope is directly referenced in the name of a Side Quest in Professor Layton's London Life, a bonus game packaged with some versions of Professor Layton and the Specter's Flute. In the quest "Ersatz Krantz," the Player Character must keep a meeting in the place of hotel employee Krantz.
  • Star Gladiator has June Lin Milliam, who is totally not Minnie Mouse... or Leia.
  • The Mystery Case Files games obviously try to put a back-story on several Disney Theme Parks rides, including one which already has a back-story. Ravenhearst and all variants in that series is Phantom Manor (a.k.a. Ravenwood Manor) and The Haunted Mansion; The 13th Skull is The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha As Portable: The Gears of Destiny has the Florian sisters, who were clear composites of various Wild Arms characters (Amita, for example, looks and acts like Virginia with a different costume and color scheme), as well as their dying desert planet of Eltria, which is the Wild Arms series' dying desert planet of Filgaia under a different name. Nanoha creator and writer Tsuzuki confirms this in the official strategy guide, saying that they were created as a sign of respect towards Akifumi Kaneko, the creator of the Wild Arms games of which he has been a fan of since Wild ARMs 3.
  • In Pro Wrestling, the entire roster is based on famous Real Life wrestlers. Most obviously, Fighter Hayabusa is based on Antonio Inoki, and Giant Panther is based on Hulk Hogan.
  • The box art of the unlicensed NES game Deathbots is an obvious ripoff of the Terminator, and the game has a suspiciously similar plotline, with a Mega Corp. creating a Skynet-like AI that takes over the world's computer systems.
  • When Wai Wai World was rereleased for Japanese mobile phones in 2006, Konami no longer had the rights to use Mikey or King Kong, so they were respectively replaced with Upa and Pentarou.
  • The Capcom's upcoming online game Hyaku-nen Senki: Euro Historia (Based in the Hundred Years' War) has a walking ripoff in the shape of Joan of Arc: Not only she looks like Saber, she even shares the same voice actress as well.
  • Dead or Alive has a few.
    • Zack is Dennis Rodman.
    • Bass falls midway between Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage.
    • Mila in DOA 5 is an ersatz Gina Carano.
  • Dirty Larry is the eponymous star of an Atari Lynx game featuring him as a... "Renegade Cop". We can surely assume that any similarity to Dirty Harry- another well-known renegade cop- is purely coincidental!
  • The setting and plot of Lost Eden is very reminiscent of James Gurney's Dinotopia series.
  • Robopon has tons of them.
  • Mortal Kombat has tons of it:
    • Liu Kang, who's modeled after obviously Bruce Lee.
    • Johnny Cage is practically Jean Claude Van Damme.
    • Sonya Blade looked like Cynthia Rothrock.
    • Sektor and Cyrax are basically cybernetic versions of Predator.
    • Reiko's eye marks and haircut are identical to Nightwing.
    • Kenshi is essentially Daredevil meets telekinesis.
    • Kobra resembles Ken Masters in everything, however, due to it, he's widely hated.
    • Darrius is Mortal Kombat's own version of Wesley Snipes.
  • M.U.G.E.N characters are very often these, but Dragon Claw stands out for being both hand-made from scratch, yet very clearly meant to be a Katana from One Must Fall 2097. It has the triangular blade-hands, the muscular physique, ribbed thighs, and stubby feet, as well as all of the Katana's special moves from its native game such as the Rising Blade, Head Stomp, and Razor Spin. It even has powers based on the Bonus Boss Fire from the same game. It has additional physical features and moves not found in the original game, but it's undeniable what it's supposed to be. Unfortunately, no answers or updates will ever be had, as the creator of Dragon Claw is the belated Reuben Kee.
  • The various creatures having throwdowns in Japan in King Of The Monsters are directly inspired by some kind of preexisting giant monster, particularly Japanese tokusatsu shows and kaiju movies.
    • Geon is very obviously inspired by Godzilla himself.
    • Woo, in turn, is King Kong in all but name.
    • Poison Ghost is derived from Hedorah.
    • Rocky roughly based on a giant stone warrior known as Daimajin.
    • Astro Guy owes much to Ultraman—he even shares the pose for the Specium Ray.
    • Beetle Mania resembles Megalon.

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