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Call Back: Post MU Life Scream
Due to this fanfic taking place after the events of Monsters University, there is bound to be a WHOLE LOT of Call Backs to the film.

  • Prologue:
    • The Prologue of this Fanfiction shows readers Laura Sharp's first field trip to Monsters, Inc. is reminiscent of little Mikey's own in the movie, in addition to her pulling "Mike Wazowski" move to slip into a child's bedroom with Frightening "Frank" Mc Cay to watch the Scarer doing his work of scaring human children.

  • Chapter One:
    • In Chapter 1, Don Carlton is married to Sherry Squibbles, complete with a Monsters University wedding day at the stadium, which references their engagement at the end of the movie.
    • The Oozma Kappa (OK) Fraternity shouted their signature Catch Phrase "We're OK!" after Don Carlton and Sherry Squibbles were officially married. The same Catch Phrase is used in the movie too.
    • Brock Pearson mentioned that Claire Wheeler didn't calm down at the conclusion of the final event, in which she reacted like an over-excited sports fan when the OK Fraternity won the Scare Games.
    • Terri Perry mentioned to his brother that he took Dance lessons while his brother Terry took English lessons, which is a reference to their respective majors in the movie.
    • Naomi remembered how Terry Perry performed magic for her at the ROR party, which is a reminder to the time he danced with her at the aforementioned party in the film.

  • Chapter Two:
    • The two newspaper articles Laura Sharp have in her possession are the one in which the OK Fraternity were pranked by the ROR Fraternity (which happens halfway through the film), and the other is the picture of Mike and Sulley being hauled away by the CDA. (which happens near the end of the film after their brief adventure into the human world.)
    • Laura Sharp's first day at Monsters University in Chapter 2 is also quite similar to Mike's as she was well received by the Resident Assistants (RA), except without the tour of the University like the movie.
    • The Oozma Kappa (OK) Fraternity also get their own fraternity house in the frat row in Chapter 2, which they didn't have one in the movie, and all of the mentioned fraternity is living in Squishy's mom's home.
    • Laura Sharp, while eating at Monsters University 's cafeteria, commented to herself that the food really is made by the best chefs in the (monster) world, which is what the RA (Resident Assistant) Fay mentioned in the movie.
    • Laura Sharp's interruption of Professor Knight's Scaring Class when Squishy is giving the principles of an effective roar is similar to Mike doing the same thing prior to Sulley's first appearance in the movie, except without the legendary roar, in Chapter 2.
    • Professor Derek Knight calls Fear Tech personnel as "Fear Tech Dummies...", which is the same phrase used by Sulley in the movie when the Fear Tech students could not find him and Archie the Scare Pig hiding in Mike's room.
    • Dean Hardscrabble's "inspiring" speech in Chapter 2 is quite similar to her one in the movie, but she stated that she was looking out for particularly talented students, especially those who can "surprise" her, which references her comment about Mike Wazowski surprising her at the end of Monsters University. She also checked her newly replaced Scare Canister, which the previous one was destroyed by Mike and Sulley in the movie. She also enters the Scaring Classroom more or less the same way as what she did in the movie.
    • The OK Fraternity, as well as Mike and Sulley, stole Archie the Scare Pig to impress the other Fraternities and Sororities is similar to what Sulley did in the film, except his was to impress the ROR Fraternity.
    • The Slug Student, named Theo 'Turbo', is seen slowly running again in Chapter 2, this time to his first ever Fraternity and Sorority Party. Later he is riding on Archie the Scare Pig the same way Mike is doing in the movie, before being flung off.
    • Laura's way of trapping Archie the Scare Pig at the Frat Row in Chapter two is the same as Mike's in the film, and during the chase she leaps over a ping pong table (but not breaking it) as well as grabbing a pizza from a student's hand, just like Sulley in the movie. The two sororities (HSS and EEK) bickering over her to join their own sorority is quite similar to Sulley's predicament in the movie after catching the Scare Pig, complete with Johnny Worthington's appearance.
    • The OK Fraternity's introduction to Laura Sharp is quite similar to their first introduction to Mike and Sulley in the film when the duo first arrived at the OK Fraternity House, especially the scene in which Don gave Laura his card.
    • When the OK and ROR Fraternities exchange barbs of conversation with each other, Chet's agreement with Mike's words uses the exact same lines from the film, as in "Oh, boy, that's a good point!"

  • Chapter Three:
    • At the gathering for the Kick-Off for the Scare Games, Naomi met Nadya who mentioned that maybe like last Semester, the PNK Sorority will at least make it to the third to final round, which is a reference to the PNK Sorority getting themselves eliminated at the "Don't Scare the Teen" Segment of the Scare Games in the film.
    • Brock and Claire's lines at the Kick-Off of the Scare Games are quite similar to the ones they have in the film, especially during the scene Brock tells Laura that she needs to join a Sorority to compete in the Scare Games, and telling the OK Fraternity that they "count bodies, not heads." Brock also uses a similar line for "It's a Miracle!"
    • In Chapter 3, we have Laura doing the same thing as Mike at the Kick-Off for the Scare Games registration, with last minute sign-ups by the female monsters who will become her teammates in her own Sorority. The initiation for their own Sorority, Exceeda Zeta, is similar to Oozma Kappa's own initiation, except using a thick branch instead of bats. Laura even snaps the branch and burns it when she gets peeved, which is also what Sulley did (without setting fire) after being whacked by the Terry brothers after the Oozma Kappa's initiation in the basement of the Oozma Kappa Fraternity's home.
    • Randall's flashback of the ROR Fraternity members coming to his room to offer him a ROR jacket and welcome him back to the Fraternity is a mention back to the film in which that he is part of the ROR Fraternity. And his later flashback of the meeting with the OK Fraternity he mentioned what he did to them at the ROR Party in the film.
    • Laura's conversation with the four female Monsters of her sorority is quite similar to the OK Fraternity introducing themselves to Mike and Sulley in the living room of their Fraternity Home. And when the OK Fraternity fell into a heap into Laura's dorm room, their introductions strongly resemble their first ever introductions in the film, especially the Perry twins.
    • The initiation for Laura Sharp's Sorority is quite similar to the OK Fraternity's, with the individual Sorority member stating their names and wishes as well as being whacked by a thick branch instead of bats.

  • Chapter Four:

  • Chapter Five:

  • Chapter Six:

  • Chapter Seven:

  • Chapter Eight:

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