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Butt Monkey: Anime & Manga
The Idiot Hero putting the bite on the Butt Monkey

  • Touma Kamijou from A Certain Magical Index. Virtually everyday is a bad day for Touma and nothing ever goes right for him. Some of his miserable moments includes being chased by other deliquents, breaking his own credit card, having his refrigerator break down, losing 2000 yen in a vending machine, ending up in the same hospital and treated by the same doctor in nearly every story arch's end, and losing his memories. Justified though, considering what his Anti-Magic right hand is capable of doing. The only thing he's lucky on, however, is that his life is a Dating Sim where he gets an Unwanted Harem, which is pretty much a good reason why many of his male classmates are jealous of him.
    • FUKO DA!!! (Such misfortune!)
    • Shiage Hamazura is even more of one. He's had his ass kicked by Touma, bossed around by a bunch of bitchy girls who call him "Lackey", and has been sentenced to death by the city's ruler. Like Touma, he's defied all odds, turned his life around, and gotten an Unwanted Harem.
  • Keiichi from Ah! My Goddess. Even in the pilot his life sucks so much that Heaven sends a goddess to grant him a wish to make up for it. Even though he gets a Magical Girlfriend out of the deal, he also becomes target number one for the former most popular girl at his school, Belldandy's sisters, a demon, the queen of Hell, and sometimes even Belldandy herself.
  • Poor Mitsuhide of Akagami no Shirayukihime is always being picked on. Zen and Kiki always take the chance to casually dismiss his importance and competence.
    • And then there's Prince Raji, who absolutely no one takes seriously. Even the narration refers to him as "the stupid prince".
  • Nanako Shichigusa from Amazing Nurse Nanako.
  • Angel Beats!: Much of the SSS members take turns at the role, but Hinata by far is the most memorable.
  • Angel Densetsu's Kuroda seems one, but his Idiot Ball propels too much of the plot to count. Ogisu on the other hand...
  • Ogata of Angelic Layer is the embodiment of this whether due to screwing up, coming in late, forgetting important information or just saying the wrong thing; and each time this happens he gets one of Icchan's Penalties.
  • Angel Sanctuary has arguably a cast of them as there is probably none who doesn't get at least a Kick the Dog moment. Though the most suffering is probably Katou Yue, who is not only a drug addict in real life because his father hates him. He gets killed no less than four times throughout the series.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia: Poor Canada and China. No one ever pays attention to Canada, either not realizing he's there or mistaking him for his brother America. China constantly gets picked on by the rest of the allies, even his own younger siblings.
  • Dallas Genoard from Baccano! seems to exist for the sole purpose of getting smacked around by every other character he comes in contact with in increasingly painful and embarrassing ways, starting with Firo effortlessly handing him his ass and ending with the Gandor brothers dumping him off to be perpetually drowned at the bottom of the Hudson River. Though, given that he tends to be a grade-A asshole most of the time, it's hard to feel sorry for him.
  • Akihisa from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. He gets horribly abused by everyone in the series. Even his love interests.
    • And to a lesser extent, Yuuji.
  • Furuichi from Beelzebub. Seriously, in between being beaten up by Oga (or someone else), electrocuted by Baby Beel, rejected by the ladies, roped into one of Oga's schemes against his will, and caught in compromising situations, he just can't catch a break. In fact, Oga once revealed that part of the reason he drags him everywhere is because he thought it would be funny.
    • An arguably bigger example is the MK5, what with their "talent" of being beaten in the space of one page by protagonists and antagonists alike (Even in volleyball, no less!).
    • As the series goes on, Furuichi is treated increasingly worse by the other characters, getting into Accidental Pervert situations randomly and being called a pedophile. It gets to the point where he goes on a suicidal rampage because he's sick of being treated like crap.
  • Vincent in Bizenghast tends to be treated like this. He has been shot at, hung for witchcraft, infected with plague, slammed against a wall while airbourne, enslaved, eaten by a giant Venus Flytrap, stuck up a tree, and finally stabbed in the chest with a rigging pin and killed. Edrear has taken over now (knocked out twice in a row).
  • Bao of Black Lagoon is constantly getting his bar trashed by firefights and explosions. That he's rebuilt every time so far (sometimes with some help from Balalaika) shows either a great sense of resolve, or a great sense of stubbornness.
  • Nearly the entire Fourth Division (the Captain is the only one who is spared, because the bullies are afraid of her) from Bleach, especially Hanataro Yamada, are frequently looked down upon by the Eleventh Division and are given grunt duties because their specialty is healing, not fighting. P.S. Guess who he's voiced by?
    • Sharing Hanataro's birthday and bad luck (April 1st) is Ichigo's friend Keigo Asano. Despite his attempts to socialize and be friendly (though admittedly annoying), he is constantly abused, beaten up, or ignored by everyone ranging from Ikkaku to his friend Mizuiro. He is also constantly dragged into unfavorable situations; Ikkaku blackmailed him into letting him stay at his house, and his violent sister forces him to let him stay.
    • Among the Espada, Yammy. In all his fights with the good guys, he has made a fool of himself. To be fair, the two first times he ended up fighting Urahara Kiskue, and when Uryu attacked him he was prepared, but still.
    • 7th Division Lieutenant Tetsuzaemon Iba gets this quite a bit in the omakes, especially as president of the Shinigami Men's association, which ends up being pushed around and often having its funding cut. He also gets treated somewhat poorly in the potentially last battle, where he ends up running from Poww until Komamura saves him, and then tries to attack Allon, but is blown away by a Cero in a matter of seconds.
    • All of them pales in comparison of the Butt Monkey-ness of Omaeda Marechiyo, Vice Captain of the 2nd squad. Aside of being abused daily by Soi Fon, he had the honor of being taken out in one punch by Ichigo. Then in the Arrancar invasion arc, he finally did a Crowning Moment Of Awesome... only to negate it by reverting into his Upper-Class Twit self and the Fraccion he just beat comes back ready to kick his ass and ends up dead by a thrown rock, not by his power. Then he ran off in full fear when Barragan chases him (it's justified, though). Then in the Zanpakutou Tales filler, he didn't get to beat his Zanpakutou Gegetsuburi, Ichigo defeated him first, and then Ikkaku, a third seat officer, belittles him "It's Omaeda. Who cares about him." And then, Mayuri bissects and presumably destroyed Gegetsuburi, but since it's Ichigo who beats him, it doesn't return to Omaeda, now leaving him presumably without a Zanpakutou.
      • And now, in the newest filler arc involving copies of the shinigami, after seeing identical (if a little crazy) copies we see....someone new. Turns out he's Omaeda's copy who refused to look like Omaeda, explaining exactly why. The real Ikkaku and Yumichika laugh uncontrollably, agreeing completely.
    • Arisawa Tatsuki. Virtually every single time she has a close encounter with a spiritual being, she is either a) injured severely, b) being crushed by the person's reiatsu, or c) worse. Numb Chandelier and Tsukishima provide an example of c).
    • My God, you've all forgotten the biggest Butt Monkey of Bleach...KON!! That guy was CONSTANTLY abused! After a while, it got tiring. He deserved more respect than he got, in the end.
  • The list of Butt Monkeys in Bobobo Bobobobo is quite long. Really, really long. More than anyone else, Jelly Jiggler is the main Butt Monkey, although Don Patch and Dengaku Man are great examples of this trope, too. Hell, even Bobobo is!
  • Sakuya from Candy Boy gets treated as such, only for being in love with one of a very close pair of twin sisters.
  • Meiling from Cardcaptor Sakura. She exists primarily to be the overactive idiot.
  • In Carnival Phantasm Lancer dies once a episode, the exception being the second one (where he didn't appear). The worst that happened to him was in Berserker's First Errand, when Berserker (who is Herakles trading sanity and intelligence for increased strength) beat him up while 'playing with him' and using him in place of the club he lost earlier in the segment.
    • The penultimate episode consisted entirely of Lancer subverting this by being forewarned of all his impending deaths and surviving each of them, only to reveal he was in the rocket in the second episode and that he was killed by Arcueid with a volleyball. After the credits, Lancer emerges from his own grave, having survived both the volleyball and being buried alive.
    • The final episode Grail-Kun segment has the Dark Grail give Kirei a knife and telling him to kill Lancer to form a pact with a better Servant. To Lancer's eternal bad luck, Kirei is the only one accepting Grail Kun's advice.
    • Indeed, anyone who has blue hair in Carnival Phantasm is a butt monkey, including Shinji and Ciel.
  • While most of the main characters in Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! are unlucky, Isshiki is arguably the most unlucky. For example, the poor fellow's attempts at wooing Kumin (in the anime) with the later never noticing one bit. Even better, when he finally does confess in episode 10, it's on a stage in front of the entire school, unfortunately she was asleep at the time.
    • While Yuuta will give the girls a smack or chop every so often, when it comes to Isshiki, he pulls out all the stops and just wails on him. It comes to a peak at episode 10, where the poor guy gets kicked in the face, his head slammed into the floor multiple times, and comboed.
  • Sunohara Youhei of CLANNAD. Even his cute little sister treats him poorly.
    Tomoyo: You really are useful for gags.
    • He gets redeemed a bit in the ~After Story~ when his little sister worried about his future — only to be smacked down hard in the following episodes. Literally.
  • The Claymores in the series titled after them are infused with the blood of Yoma, the monsters they are trained to fight and will eventually become them if they exert themselves too much; plus, if they start asking too many questions, the organization will send them on suicide missions to shut them up. The main character, Clare, generally has it the worst, since she started out as a human who was a companion to the most powerful Claymore, only to have her killed before her eyes. Her body is then used to turn Clare into a Claymore herself, except since she's only a quarter Yoma, she's the lowest ranked Claymore and everyone looks down on her.
    • A running gag in the series is somebody (usually a fellow Claymore) pushing her face into the dirt whenever she is about to do something too reckless.
  • Tamaki from Code Geass. He's not the butt of every joke, but he's disliked by the cast, and can't pilot a Knightmare to save his life, yet never comes close to dying.
    • Jeremiah "Orange-kun" Gottwald started out as one: he starts with a few losses, once to Lelouch, loses face when Lelouch kills Clovis, loses even more face when Lelouch geasses him into aiding in an escape, gets betrayed, then nearly gets killed by Kallen. All of this resulted in an unexpected amount of viewer sympathy, so the writers naturally brought him back as a superpowered cyborg who winds up piloting the most powerful mech in the whole show. And then on top of that he Takes a Level in Badass in Season 2. Or several.
    • What about the main character? Lelouch "One the universe hates" vi Brittania? Everything Lelouch does just gets messed up, even if it's all treated deadly seriously. Save his best friend? Short-term, friend gets court-martialled for insubordination, long-term Tokyo gets wiped out because of the Geass command he uses to do it. Everything eventually comes back to bite him in the ass. The only one that actually goes off without a hitch or a Butterfly of Doom chain of cause-and-effect is the plan where he makes everyone hate him, then dies.
    • And Shirley... Oh my gosh, Shirley... That poor girl cannot catch a break. Her butt monkeyness is both Played for Laughs and Played for Drama.
  • While pretty much everyone in the cast suffers their fair share of humiliation in Daily Lives of High School Boys, Mitsuo goes above and beyond, with a major running joke revolving around how stupid he comes across to virtually everyone around him.
  • Mao, who's Not Quite Dead, spends most of the second season of Darker Than Black being abused in whatever ways the writers could think of this week. He even points out that he feels like he's in an old cartoon.
  • Matsuda of Death Note. Everyone on the investigative team doesn't hesitate to point out what an idiot he is. L especially treats him like crap. Of course, he does get his hero moments, particularly at the end.
    • Not to mention when he was kidnapped, they kept talking about his belt, never him. And at one point, L says that Matsuda's death would prove the kidnappers to be the second Kira, and so, they should just wait to see how it plays out. Unlike all the other times L gets yelled at for being so casual about human life, no one yells. Even though, y'know, Matsuda, for all his faults, has repeatedly proven his bravery (despite several chances to honourably walk away, he risks his life every day trying to find and capture a supernatural serial killer) and is one of their own. What The Hello Heroes.
      • They didn't call L out on it because he didn't say they should allow Matsuda to die; he suggested a wait-and-see course of action right after dispassionately noting that his death would prove Kira's identity. There's an obvious connection to be drawn, but it'd been pointed out before that L's willingness to see the upside of an otherwise grisly scenario didn't necessarily mean he was advocating it. They didn't know what to make of it, but they didn't see an alternative either, so they gave L the benefit of the doubt — and for what it's worth, he did launch a rescue mission.
  • Partially, Dante in the Devil May Cry anime. He says that people "usually leave him a bill instead of paying him".
  • Dog Days has Valério Calvados. While he's a very powerful Demon King who can effortlessly take on the heroes, Adelaide essentially makes him her bitch. She comically beats him up or shoots him whenever he gets out of line, and he's terrified of her wrath.
  • Nobita Nobi from Doraemon, so much that one of his decendants has to send him his robot to help dealing with that. Not that it's getting any better unless when they're going on an adventure.
  • Yamcha from Dragon Ball Z is one of the most extreme examples. He died from a single Saibaman. From then on Yamcha suffers permanent Can't Catch Up, loses his girlfriend of 15 years to the biggest jerk (who was responsible for Yamcha's Saibaman death) in their entire circle of acquaintances as the plot demanded another Saiyan baby, almost entirely stops training, and essentially pretty much all but gives up on life. At this point Yamcha, however, almost might as well cease to be. Except, that is, at the moment he does finally decide to do something helpful, he's the first to instantly suffer a near-fatal Dr. Gero salute through the chest. From this point on in the series, if he's ever shown, he's often commenting on the situation or lamenting about his life, having self-admitted later on to have completely given up ever trying to ever even spar again. Even his True Companions aren't really shown to be empathetic to him by this point in the series.
    • Even in Dragon Ball, Yamcha wasn't exactly lucky. He smashed crotch first onto his opponent's head once. CROTCH FIRST. Which was made even worse by the fact that his opponent was a nerdy guy in glasses and a pocket protector possessed by God. Hitting below the belt is usually against the rules in that particular tournament, but Kami was acting like it was an accident and he was a nerd in glasses at the freakin' World Martial Arts Tournament. The announcer let it slide.
    • During the ending of Dragon Ball GT Yamcha is seen trying to fix his car while stuck in the Diablo Desert, so his role as Butt Monkey is confirmed until the very end of the show.
    • Episode 202 of Gintama lampshades Yamcha's miserable existence.
    • To a lesser extent Krillin is one too. The man's died four times, he Can't Catch Up and his signature attack, likely the most deadly in the manga, just can't score a critical hit. However unlike Yamcha, Krillin continues to receive screentime, and plot importance, and he actually comes through with the occasional cool moment at several critical points.
    • Hell, The Abridged Series even has the Krillin Owned Count (a running gag where anytime Krillin is beaten up, disrespectednote , or acts like a loser note , a little counter appears featuring a silhouette of Krillin with a Band-Aid on his head and the words: "Krillin Owned Count" followed by the number of times he's been owned. As of this writing, Krillin has been owned 29 times — the most recent one being Krillin finding out his new girlfriend is a government agent sent to bust him on insurance fraud charges, then telling him that he has to pay back all the money he spent on her out of his own pocket. Also, in the first episode, Goku compares Radditz's power level as stronger than "Krillin's losing streak" (to which Krillin replies: "You know, you guys are the reason I go to therapy").
    • Actually both Krillin and Yamcha are in the same boat. The real cut off is between Krillin/Yamcha and Tien. Three years before the arrival of the Androids Piccolo lampshades that both Yamcha and Krillin can't catch up and points out that acting cool wouldn't protect him from the Androids. While Tien himself isn't strong enough to beat androids, he's strong enough to make an effective Last Stand via his Dangerous Forbidden Technique.
    • And in the Abridged Series, Raditz is treated as a butt monkey for Vegeta and Nappa. They constantly mention how weak he is, and at one point, Nappa compares Krillin to Raditz, saying "He's like the Raditz of their group!" But eventually, Krillin shows he's stronger than Raditz, amusing Nappa.
      • It's just as true even in the series proper. The only reason this is played up in the Abridged is based on the actual treatment of the real character from then on. That is to say, Raditz may as well have never existed. Despite being related, Goku never spares so much as a thought about him until the end of forever. Vegeta dismisses him from memory outright (albeit the same happens with Nappa, at least Vegeta and Nappa share scenes together.) And worst (and most telling) of all, Raditz disappears from even the AFTERLIFE, never to so much as be heard from again.
    • Raditz is shown as one of the villains escaping Hell in GT. Although, it's a very tiny cameo, he was still actually there.
    • Goku himself has had a fair share of pluckiness in his life, often occurring when neither Krillin or Yamcha are present, his brick-tough nature usually lets him shrug it off though. In fact, one of his first mishaps involved falling off a cliff as a toddler and nearly dying from the impact to this head. A scene later in the DBZ series involved his hand being trampled on by a herd of elephants. And the GT series takes Goku's abuse Up to Eleven.
    • Master Roshi is quite a butt monkey himself. In his case, however, he mostly has it coming, him being a Dirty Old Man and all.
    • Vegeta himself in GT. He gets called off by his own daughter for his mustache, and even if he shaved it off, neither Goten nor Chi-Chi notice the change.
    • Bulma becomes this in the filler of the Frieza Saga when she ended up in being switched in the body of a frog that Captain Ginyu inhabited.
  • Every diclonius and even some humans suffer extreme Butt Monkey effects on the anime Elfen Lied.
    • But nobody does it better than our Nana, though Manga-version Yuka is competitive, often placing herself in ecchi situations, to the point she even stops hitting Kouta for them. Even a primal Tsundere can hit this point, it seems.
  • Eureka 7 starts main lead Renton Thurston as a Butt Monkey, particularly in episode 7, where he's given a completely bogus and embarrassing mission as a joke. (Namely, find an informant in the sauna that wears a toupee and has a legendary animal tattoo while wearing a fake mustache and a helmet.) People thought the comedy died when Renton starts crying from happiness that they trusted him to complete his mission, and gives a 2 minute speech about how much he wants to protect everyone, even if the world turns on him, how he needs to become better to save innocent people, etc. And then they laugh at him. And put an embarrassing picture on a popular magazine. While his girlfriend was present.
  • Pedro from the Excel♥Saga anime. Practically tormented every episode, usually accompanied by his famous Big "NO!", but not often Played for Laughs, unlike Excel and Watanabe.
  • Officer Kuhou of Franken Fran. A perfectly normal cop who managed to be a recurring character in a horror comedy manga. Poor girl had to be temporarily committed to the hospital for psychological analysis after witnessing Body Horror, then later subjected to Cloning Blues by Fran. Each chance meeting with Fran after the first one has her going in sheer hysterics thanks to all her past experiences with her.
  • Yoki from Fullmetal Alchemist is fired soon after he appears after Ed tricked him into selling the coal mines he was in charge of. After he sells out the Ishvalans, they force him to become Scar's slave, he gets attacked by a midget panda, and everyone thinks he's worthless (he is). Envy soon learns that he can't even use him as a hostage as the rest of the cast just say their goodbyes to him (they were bluffing). Of course he totally deserves it as he's an obnoxious loser.
    • Vato Falman also qualifies. First he gets assigned the task of keeping an eye on Barry, which means he's stuck in his quarters with a crazy armored serial killer. His only contact with the outside seems to be Havoc, who just boasts about his new girlfriend. When he's transferred to Northern Headquarters, he does indeed get a promotion, but he has to constantly remind Ed and Al about it, and despite it his whole job seems to be picking ice off the ceiling. And believe it or not, readers who wanted to figure out who Pride was had guessed him. But in fact, Pride has a connection with Selim Bradley instead.
    • Havok gets his far share of suffering. The fore-mentioned girlfriend actually turned out to be Lust who paralyzed him from the waist down and Roy had to burn his wounds to keep him from bleeding to death. I'm pretty sure that was the end of that relationship.
    • How many times has Winry had to build a replacement for Ed's right arm again?
  • Manabu Kuchiki from Genshiken; when he joins the Genshiken, he becomes the frequent recipient of Saki's violence, once simply for being there. The others have him do grunt work at Comifest, leading to him going a entire day buying their doujinshi without food or water. However, unlike most Butt Monkeys, he entirely deserves it, knows that, and accepts it all without complaint. In fact, he seems to like it; early on, he cheerfully declares himself to be a "shameless servant", and his masochistic streak causes him to smile whenever the Genshiken mistreat him. Except when they tied him to a lamp in volume 7 of the manga to keep him from peeping on the girls' bathing. Then he complained... for about ten seconds. And it was mostly acting.
    • He's also highly self-sabotaging; the one time he was shown to be underneath a fairly decent human being, managing to stop a thief from stealing from their stall, his reaction to the Not What It Looks Like that inevitably followed was to... wear the dress. In the middle of the crowded university. And scare off potential members.
    • To be fair, Kuchiki is a complete and utter tool, all the time. Considering how likeable and "well-adjusted" Kio Shimoku makes the rest of the uber-geek Genshiken members, Kuchiki's behaviour is not only annoying, but embarrassing. Despite the Genshiken members acknowledging his creepy behaviour, they still include him as a form of loyalty.
  • While Yokoshima Tadao from Ghost Sweeper Mikami can be said to deserve a fair amount of the abuse Mikami sends after him (we're talking lust incarnate here...), it seems that misfortune makes a concerted effort to seek him out, even when he's not being that lustful.
  • In Gintama, while almost everyone is prone to being a victim of gags, Shinpachi, Kondo, Hasegawa, and the Shogun are the especially common targets.
    • The Shogun might be worthy of being considered the biggest Butt Monkey of them all, as it's virtually guaranteed that he'll get knocked out and/or stripped naked at least once per story arc that he appears in, to the point where it can be considered a Running Gag. He doesn't even manage to go a minute/page before it happens in the Courtesan of a Nation arc, getting simultaneously knocked out and blown out of his clothes the moment he shows his face.
  • Yukinari of Girls Bravo.
  • Chitose & her rival Yurika from Goldfish Warning; every episode, several times an episode. It would be the whole premise of the show if Wapiko didn't share the spotlight.
  • Shungo of Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun.
  • Patrick Colasaur and Saji Crossroads from Gundam 00 have had very embarrassing and very soul-crippling things done onto them, respectively. Patrick bounces back effortlessly every time; Saji has to work at it.
  • Aoki of Hajime No Ippo gets no respect. He's Takamura's number 1 target of bullying (which means you won't live a good life) and he's the worst boxer of the gym. He is however, the only character in the story who has a girlfriend.
  • Taniguchi (to a minor extent) in Haruhi Suzumiya. And let's just say it is not good to be the Computer Club president, unless you enjoy flying kicks to the head (and hey, some do).
  • Hayate X Blade: Tatewaki does not get any respect whatsoever. Even her profile page consists of a single phrase: "Whatever, really." OUCH.
  • Heavy Metal L Gaim: Often Kyao is the target and victim of all jokes of the show, being constantly humilliated by being greedy, clumsy, dumb or simply loud. Some of it is deserved (like that time where stole his best friend a cash card that he intended delivering, only to find that it had been locked when he tried to use it, but other times it looks like it the show developers like being mean.
  • Keiichi from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni seems to be a Butt Monkey sometimes. Though it may be due to his behavior. It may also have to do with the club's general creativity with their punishment games.
  • The Producer in THE iDOLM@STER, although watered down a little. It's even lampshaded in the final episode by the Futami Twins.
    Mami: This place is boring without you to play around with.
    • In the Puchimasu! subseries, the Producer is this on full-force. Getting thrown to the 'useless' trashcan, left behind in a stranded island, mistaken as a creeper and arrested, you name it, he's been there suffering. After all, having a giant 'P' as a head is like asking for it.
  • Inuyasha himself has a bad habit of falling into butt-monkey territory, especially if it involves Kikyo. Any time he goes off to see Kikyo, his first love, and having trouble deciding between her and Kagome, everyone will treat him like he's been cheating on Kagome. Kagome herself does nothing to help this, often hitting him with a sit.
  • Ueda in Japan Inc.
  • Jonathan Joestar from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Dio made Jonathan's life absolute hell by burning his dog, stealing his girlfriend's first kiss, turning his friends against him, and killing his father. This is all before he uses Jonathan's own blood to turn himself into a vampire. He almost gets his revenge,until Dio beheads him in the last chapter of his story, while nothing more then a head, and uses his body to kill his grandson, his great-great-grandson's friend, and almost the great-great-grandson himself.

    On the plus side, the two times he got into a straight-up fight with Dio, he beat the ever-loving hell out of him to the point Dio burst out crying after his first beating. Dio had to ambush him to kill him.
  • Haré from Haré+ Guu mostly due to Guu.
  • Agari Yamato from Karakuridouji Ultimo. In the time span of ONE DAY, he had events ranging from having the girl he loves mistake him for a child molester, to being blamed for the earth's destruction. Seriously. Not one chapter can be made without something happening to Yamato.
    • And then even after he hits the Reset Button (because of said earth's destruction), it goes From Bad to Worse. So far, he has had a gun pointed to his head just because he's the master of the greatest good doji, got stabbed almost numerous times by one of the evil doji, got one of his comrades into a comatose state, failed to prevent his best friend from turning to The Dark Side again, who later attempts to rape him, before Yamato convinces him to come to the Good Side. We later learn that this fails too. And this took place in the matter of about five hours.
  • Tsuna and Kozato Enma of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.
    • Among the Arcobaleno, Skull definitely counts. He doesn't exactly have it easy in the manga, but the anime's Arcobaleno filler arcs abuse him beyond belief.
  • Kenichi of Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple starts out like this, and tries to learn martial arts so that he won't get picked on as much. He doesn't get it as much later on, but it still applies. Nijima also has his fair share of this.
  • Ignoring the fact that all of Keroro's invasion plans never work, he is constantly put through tons of abuse, usually from Natsumi, even when he doesn't actually deserve it.
  • Bucky from Kimba the White Lion.
  • Ritsu from K-On! is often beaten by Mio (for good reasons), and her friends sometimes make fun of her. She also suffers from never getting compliments by them.
  • Hiyori from Kotoura-san becomes one after her Heel-Face Turn and enters the ESP Club; although this time it was Haruka (her former love rival!) who was very protective to her.
  • In Kyou Kara Ore wa!!, while everyone steps up to take their turn as butt monkey, the one you can always depend to get burned, beat, abandon, arrested, and literally shit on is Imai. Not only does everything he does blow up in his face, but he will be ridiculed by all the main characters while it happens. His so called "friends"
  • Mullin Shetland from Last Exile becomes the series' Butt Monkey when he joins the Silvana crew as a mechanic. Basically, he sucks at it, no-one bothers teaching him anything and every woman he falls for rejects him. A former rifleman who survived 19 battles (where riflemen have a 33% survival rate) he's remarkably Bad Ass at other times of the series- after leaving the crew he ends up single-handedly saving the Anatoray flagship with his Heroic Sacrifice (he gets better).
  • Not played for laughs at all with the protagonist of Life; nothing can seem to go her way. Ayumu's middle school best friend broke ties with her after she got into the high school she was aiming for instead of her and Ayumu started cutting herself due to that. Her first friend in high school, Manami, turned out to be a manipulative bitch. Manami's boyfriend Mind Rape's Ayumu and sexually abuses her, she's the target of bullies due to them thinking she tried to take Manami's boyfriend, her mother doesn't trust her, and that's not even half of her problems.
  • Love Hina:
    • Keitarou. If it is bad, it happens to him, or he is blamed for it. The worst is almost always thought of him, no matter what he does. With violent results. He gets Character Development, and becomes lusted over by the other women once he starts behaving more competently.
    • Being around and eventually in love with Keitarō seems to bring out Naru's inner Butt Monkey, and if she is not a victim of his being an Accidental Pervert, then she is a victim of her friends' dubious efforts to "help" the would-be couple.
    • This also applies to Shinobu, whose own efforts to win Keitarō may have "infected" her. Almost any time she takes the other girls' advice to win their "game", she suffers some mishap, triply so if this help comes from Kaolla Su.
    • Then there's Motoko's "adventures" with her sister. Until she was finally able to confess to Keitaro and beat her sister at the same time
  • Taniguchi's voice actor Shiraishi "Sebastian" Minoru in Lucky Star.
    • Don't forget Tsukasa from the main part of the show.
  • Lupin III has Inspector Zenigata, especially in the Lupin III (Red Jacket) series. This comes from trying to explain why Lupin is never caught, despite all the chances he gets. He tends to switch between "incompetent Idiot Hero" and plain "Overshadowed by Awesome". Most of the post-2000 Lupin films have him learning Lupin's old tricks (showing him to be competent) and Lupin still making a fool out of him by being one more step ahead.
  • Fate Testarossa-Harlaown of Lyrical Nanoha gets this sometimes, being socially awkward and easily embarrassed into adulthood. She gets teasing from Signum about their new relationship (in which Fate is reluctantly Signum's superior officer in StrikerS), is not told about a final mock battle between the captains and forwards that includes her or her daughter Vivio's ability to turn into her Older Alter Ego at will, and occasionally gets subject to loving teasing by Vivio, particularly in the "2nd Mother's Day" one shot.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!:
    • Chamo is a mild case; he's constantly abused (punched, stepped on, squashed, etc.) by everyone (mostly Asuna), although he probably deserves it. A battle has an opponent impale him on her horn, where he hangs for a while. He's perfectly fine afterward, of course.
    • Also, Chisame seems to be the person most likely to get put into humiliating situations; she's always the first to get caught by Nitta for breaking school rules and seems to always suffer her portion of Clothing Damage in front of the whole class or on stage at a cosplay contest. Not to mention that incident with the clothes eating octopus...
    • Secundum seems to have a habit of being Megaton Punched Across The Room in a very undignified way. It happened around three times (by Nagi, Takamichi and Rakan) in seven chapters.
    • In the alternate universe series Negima!?, Makie is given the role of the Butt Monkey, especially when it comes to the Baka Rangers segments that appear at the end of a number of episodes.
    • In one of the other alternate universes Negiho (Ito) Bun (otherwise known as Mahora Little Girls), Konoka, of all people, takes this place for Asuna, usually saying or doing silly, childish things which annoy Asuna, who promptly reprimand her for itnote . Even her bodyguard Setsuna, due to her lack of experience, can find herself inflicting this on the girl by accident, attempting to save her from minor incidents but making things much worse. Her track record includes a bop on the head, being scaffolded, tied to a RTS package, being drawn-on/tickle tortured/forcibly dressed up all at once, dropped into a lake, having ruined cookies left over her desk and being sucked into a vacuum cleaner in the space of 4 chapters.
  • Natsuki in both Mai-HiME and Mai-Otome. Having one's underwear stolen and eaten? Being forced to Show Some Leg to hitch a ride back to school/town? Falling into an easily-avoidable trap set by a Trickster Goddess? It's funny how the most serious member of the cast is always the one to take the comedic pratfalls.
  • Yusaku Godai in Maison Ikkoku. For the majority of the series he's struggling to get into college but is hampered by his out of control living environment. He frequently loses his jobs too and usually goes a few days without eating food. He then pines for the affections of his manager Kyoko, who finds it hard to take him seriously as a potential love interest because he's younger than her and in constant poverty. When Kyoko starts getting wooed by the suave and rich Shun Mitaka, Yusaku is constantly reminded that Shun is much more mature than he is and a much better match for Kyoko. Yet when Yusaku starts to tentatively date Kozue, he is vilified as a spineless coward and womanizer who can't choose between two women. Amongst those holding this view is Kyoko herself, even though she is also dating Shun while sending mixed signals to Yusaku. It isn't until much later on in the series that things start to turn around for Yusaku and he finally get to marry Kyoko.
  • Jun Aoi gets this status in Martian Successor Nadesico. Between (multiple!) failed attempts at trying to protect the Nadesico, getting eternally friend zoned by his romantic target, being the only male member Bridge Bunny in the ship, and getting almost no screen time (which may be because the writers themselves forgot about him at some point), it's a wonder he hasn't broken down yet. At the same time, he became a ship captain with a promising future in The Movie, so maybe the weirdness around him just screws him up.
  • Boss from Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger: He helps the heroes to save the world, risking his life on a daily basis. What does he gets in return? He gets constantly mocked, ridiculized and berated by everyone -and beaten by Robeasts-, and he is treated like a joke or even a nuisance. He has absolutely NO respect.
  • Medabots gives us Iwanoi (or "Spike" in the dub); while he first enters the series as part of the gang of delinquents and bullies that make the main protagonist's life a misery, he is soon revealed to be a fairly good soul who is more or less bullied into being part of the gang, gets kicked out of it in one episode, and who is so terrible at meda-fighting that he is ranked among the worst players in the world. And the latter isn't just because he's lacking in skill, no, the problem is as much because of his Medabot, the only real friend he has. The Cyandog model of Medabot is a Dog Type Shooting Model, designed to attack from a distance with built-in guns, as is the Crosserdog model he eventually upgrades to. But his Medabot's Medal is a Monkey Type Medal- even without the reference to Japanese mythology of dogs and monkeys being enemies, the Monkey Type Medal is intended for melee models of Medabots, mainly wrestlers. Needless to say, it's no wonder that his Medabot can't fight.
  • Being a deconstruction of the Fighting Series Played for Laughs, Muteki Kanban Musume deconstructs this trope with Akihiko and Kankuro, two Nice Guys that become Butt Monkeys for no other reason than that the rest of the cast are Arrogant Kung Fu Guys.
  • The title character of the anime Naruto is the resident Butt Monkey at the beginning of the series.
    • Sasuke. Do I really need to explain? (everything bad happens to him and he never is allowed to breathe between tragedy, imprisonment, kidnapping, etc)
    • Yamato is looking to be the next Butt Monkey. First, he was tricked by Naruto's clone into believing he was still asleep when he was, in fact, long gone. Next, Kakashi teases him about the fact that Naruto got away from a tracker and ANBU member. Third, when Naruto pretends his head gets cut off in the training chamber in episode 245 (manga chapter 496). Not to mention he's been captured for 100 chapters straight now and no one either remembers him, or cares enough to mount a rescue!
      • You forgot how Kakashi ropes Yamato into doing things he doesn't want to, like paying for Naruto's ramen and when Naruto wanted to go see the Raikage, Kakashi said that he and Yamato were going with him. Cue Blank White Eyes from Yamato. Poor guy.
    • Hashirama the First Hokage doesn't get any respect whatsoever in chapter 619.
  • Han-Kyul from Need a Girl!, the guy is nice at heart, is seen as handsome by his classmates, then he became acquainted with a group of perverts, he himself did not change, but his reputation in the other hand. Now Han-Kyul is the Butt of all Punishments for his friends actions: peeping on girls and harassing them, even when he had nothing to do with with, or was outright trying to prevent it; there are some who even credits him as being the group's leader and greatest pervert, the guy's reputation went downhill from that point on.
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion Shinji Ikari is constantly bullied and ignored (even by his father), even though he saves the world. Multiple times. And in the more light-hearted Sitcom scenes in the first half of the series, guess who is the butt of every humiliating joke? Imagine Charlie Brown with a giant robot.
    • Misato Katsuragi has her Butt Monkey moments, too. Mainly when she's on the receiving end of Ritsuko or Shinji's snarky remarks.
  • Despite being the main characters, Yuuko and Mio from Nichijou tend to be the butts of most of the show's jokes, particularly embarrassing physical ones that often result in them getting injured. Nano also qualifies, as most of her scenes tend to show her being tormented by Hakase.
  • The title character in Ode to Kirihito, pretty much from the minute he leaves the hospital. He is inevitably exposed to disease, human cruelty, murder, rape, imprisonment, pretty much everything possible that would destroy a person's faith in mankind. He doesn't even know about what his best friend is capable of as his mental fortitude disintegrates in Kirihito's absence. Here it's played for drama — Kirihito is a good person at heart, but hardens considerably as a result of his experiences.
    • In the end, it's implied that his final visit to Japan led Kirihito to dare to hope again.
  • Does Okayado have a male protagonist who, thanks to his niceness, finds himself the head of a harem of monster girls? Kimihito Kurusu of Daily Life with Monster Girl, and his fantasy counterpart Mamoru Onodera of Deadline Summonner just cannot catch a break.
  • A rare example of a villainous Butt Monkey who nonetheless remains an effective and dangerous villain: Spandam from the Enies Lobby arc of One Piece. Constantly abused by his subordinates, his enemies, and his teammates, his suffering evokes not a bit of sympathy or pity from the audience. Probably because his Establishing Character Moment involves him merrily skipping over the Moral Event Horizon, and he kicks dogs at every possible opportunity. Snapping his spine in two was letting him off too easy, if you ask me.
    • Well, it's lucky then that during CP9's cover story, Spandam decides to frame CP9 for the disaster at Enies Lobby. This backfires spectacularly when the Marine force sent to capture CP9 are brutally curbstomped, and now Spandam has six of the most dangerous assassins in the world out for his head. Nice work idiot.
    • Buggy also qualifies, after his initial defeat by Luffy he suffers long in putting his body back together, trying to execute Luffy only to have the universe intervene on Luffy's behalf, get captured and put in Impel Down, gets abused countless times in aiding Luffy's escape attempt, and is frozen solid and used as a human shield at Marineford, all played for laughs. After the Time-Skip, he is a new Warlord of the Sea. It has, as of writing, yet to be seen if this makes up for it, or will lead to yet more hilarious abuse.
    • Luffy was this trope during his childhood. He had a Hilariously Abusive Childhood as a result of his grandfathers training, and even after that he was pretty weak. Wild animals and vitriolic brothers didn't really help either.
    • Wet-Haired Caribou is one as well. He gets trapped in a barrel by the Straw Hats while on their ship planning to kill them, escapes from the barrel to capture mermaids on Fishman Island only to get beaten down by the Straw Hats. Tries attacking one of Big Mam's crewmates only to get one-shotted again. Tries to capture mermaids again, only to have Jinbei find him and beat him down before taking him to Marines. Is almost burned alive at the stake, but escapes thanks to his crew saving him and sets out to sea alone, only to end up in a terrible storm. He survives this and is taken care of by a kindly old woman.
    • The Fake Straw Hats had the bad habit to try and pick a fight with the real deal. Hilarity Ensued each time, topping when the imposters had to deal with a force of Marines including Sentomarou (who was a match for the whole crew before timeskip) and two Pacifistas (in the same league as Sentomarou. The Marines believed the actual Straw Hats were trying to recruit pirates, and reacted accordingly), plus Luffy and the hundreds of dangerous pirates they had tried to recruit, all at the same time. The fake Luffy (beaten up, humiliated and arrested by the Marines) and Robin (kidnapped with a fox biting her head) were the ones who got off easy...
  • Pandora Hearts: Poor Gilbert Nightray. Even the mangaka goes out of her way to abuse him for everyone's amusement.
  • One could argue nearly the whole cast of Pani Poni Dash! consists of Butt Monkeys rather than humans (or other species). Let's list them: "Maho" girl Himeko, plain girl Kurumi, super forehead Miyako, small girl Akiyama and clumsy girl Miyata are prone to this a lot. Even the main character and child genius Rebecca Miyamoto gets her fair share. The actual incarnation of this trope though is Mesousa, a bunny not even capable of HOLDING stuff, getting used as guinea pig by nearly everyone, harassed by a strange catlike entity and is the target of a goddess of bad luck in training.
  • Chuck and Brief share this role on Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.
  • Before it Took a Level in Badass, Ash's Chimchar in the Pokémon anime was this. It was knocked out in almost every battle it participated in, had a Jerkass for its first trainer that called it pathetic even when it won, and nearly died in the Hearthome Tag Battle Tournament. In short, it was not only the butt monkey of the series, but The Woobie as well.
    • Ash has become more of this in the recent series, Best Wishes, though even he looks good in comparasion to Cilan's Unknown Rival Cabernet, who has bad things happen to her every other minute or so.
  • K-2 in Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure is a relatively appropriate example insofar as his defining characteristic is his gigantically swollen rear. Even his name is a pun off a Japanese word for butt. And that butt gets prodded, poked, stabbed, smacked, and generally attacked at every given opportunity.
    • Not to mention the Team Rocket trio in the anime, who have sad back stories, are poor, incompetent, hated by their boss, and, oh yeah: they get blasted off at the end of almost every episode.
      • However, this is slowly changing as the trio is becoming more competent.
    • Bill in Pokémon Special was this for a little while. He seems to become less and less of this as the series goes on (and seems to have gotten Daisy Oak as a girlfriend), but Pika still shocks him for the fun of it.
  • Kaidoh from The Prince of Tennis can be counted as Seigaku's Butt Monkey in some Slice of Life-like anime chapters. Just see episode 22 named "Kaoru's Misfortune": Can't finish his morning lap? Check. Is run over by his rival on a bike? Check. Is stepped on by another guy? Check. Is mistaken for a thief? Check...
    • As the story advances, his Big Brother Mentor Inui is the one who becomes a Butt Monkey. How many times the guy has been punished for trying to sneak out of something and/or has lost his pants? Specially in the OAV, where the punishments he suffers are even more embarrassing and funny
  • Mousse and Kuno, from Ranma ˝, are always knocked around or be played as the fool for laughs. Yes, Kuno is an idiot and sometimes that idiocy is the cause of it, but it doesn't mean that he deserves it.
    • Ranma can count at times for this too. Not only is he the frequent target of multiple fiancees, but whenever one of these females hug him or even talk to him at times he's treated like a vile pervert. Even when he's clearly shown trying to shove the girls away and loudly protesting, Akane will always attack him over it.
  • Rosario + Vampire newcomer Fong-Fong has taken a lot of abuse since his debut, and generally receives very little respect. His reactions are usually amusing.
  • In Saint Beast, Shiva's a less-than-stellar example of angelic goodness but he gets a lot of flak from the other characters and rarely gets anything he wants including a coveted position as a Saint Beast. Some fans see him more as The Woobie because he is so unlucky he's empathetic.
  • Zakuro from Saiyuki and sometimes Gojyo as well.
  • Resident Tomboy Yuzu of Sakura Trick is often the butt of jokes in the series.
  • Hanai of School Rumble is usually the first target for pranks. In fact, when he tried to play the recorder to remind Mikoto of when they were kids, Mikoto laughed at how bad he was and had forgotten completely.
  • Nagasumi of Seto no Hanayome is one of these, when he isn't being Bad Ass.
    • His father has it even worse, as the only time in the entire show anybody treats him nicely is in the first episode, and even then...
  • Masao from Shiki, to the extent that his entire character arc is being put in increasingly desperate situations and getting beaten up and killed. To be fair, some of the abuse he gets is for legitimately dick moves. This trope is also more obvious in the anime than it is in the manga, where he's closer to being an outright villain.
  • Did I have to mention the genius Sakuragi Hanamichi from Slam Dunk?? He even got a nickname "Red-headed monkey"!!
  • Due to his status as The Comically Serious and as a chimera who desperately seeks a cure for his appearance, which often makes him try to ignore or belie his comrades, Zelgadis is this in multiple filler episodes. One memorable episode from the second season had him being used as an anchor, nearly get killed twice by a Lake Dragon, and almost drown. In the latter scenario, he winds up getting CPR from the elderly (male) captain of the boat they were on instead of Amelia, whom he secretly hoped would do it...
    • Princess Amelia herself is this trope in the ''Slayers Premium'' movie; when the movie ends, the others are moving along, while she's stuck on some remote island unable to speak.
  • Nami from Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo gets this treatment from her sisters—with rather nasty consequences.
  • Carrot in Sorcerer Hunters is the ultimate Butt Monkey — for basically everyone.
  • Sasazuka from Strawberry Marshmallow. His teachers love to pick on him, and force him to stand in the hall at the slightest provocation, even before he's even said anything.
  • One could argue Simon of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann fits this trope well. Early in the series, he contributes to the death of his best friend/brother figure. Then, years later, his wife-to-be is kidnapped, and he has to fight to rescue her, and all of humanity. Once he succeeds, they're married, and she promptly vanishes. The series ends with humans (and Viral, now immortal) going out to explore the galaxy. Simon is, by this point, an old man, alone, and will probably be forgotten by almost everyone before long.
  • While Kotetsu experiences his fair share of being put through the wringer, the true Butt Monkey of Tiger & Bunny is Antonio Lopez (Rock Bison). He winds up in last place in the Hero rankings, gets told off by his boss almost every day, has to put up with being shot out of a cannon (as a part of his grand entrance) despite being acrophobic, has a crush on a woman who barely acknowledges his existence, basically serves as a platonic Unlucky Childhood Friend to Kotetsu (who ignores him in favor of Barnaby), is regularly sexually harassed by his other friend Nathan, and is the only HeroTV superhero who doesn't get so much as a single Day in the Limelight episode. The writers say they actually like him quite a bit — which is why they torture him so much.
  • The protagonist of Tokyo Ravens can never catch a break. He's currently the subject of many horrible rumors due to circumstances beyond his control, most of them caused by the fact that no one can know his cousin has to pretend to be a boy for her own safety and he's terribly oblivious to her feelings — and she, along with most of the other girls in the cast, is very powerful and very jealous. Oh, and the two girls who actually told him they liked him? Of course it didn't work out: the first, his childhood friend was really a shikigami (like an artificial human) and died protecting him and the second, a classmate turned out to be a cross-dressing boy.
  • Rito of To Love-Ru. Poor guy.
  • Kelly of Transformers: Robots In Disguise is a rare female comedic Butt Monkey. She's not clumsy or unintelligent, just really, really unlucky. She's gone through more fancy cars an episode than some people do in a series (Yet still has enough money to buy more...), and always seems to become involved to the various antics of the Transformers. Even running away into the middle of the Sahara Desert gets her caught up in Autobot/Predacon combat! She's trying to get out of the way, honest!!
  • All the Dinoforce in Transformers Victory suffer considerable humiliation, but Kakuryu takes the cake. It's a rare episode where he isn't embarrassed or hurt at least twice.
  • Flute, from Violinist of Hameln (manga continuity only). Despite being the story's heroine, she's constantly bullied around by Hamel — dressed in embarrassing costumes, forced to dance for change, ignored in favor of more attractive characters and even used as a weapon with some frequency. Luckily for her, when things get desperate or when Hamel gets too mean, she usually triumphs thanks to the Divine Cross of Retribution.
  • Keima's father of The World God Only Knows is this, despite the fact that he has yet to actually appear. When Elsee needs a place to stay, she convinces Keima's mother (using a forged note) that she is the husband's illegitimate daughter. Dear Ms Katsuragi then picks up the phone, dials up her husband and screams that if he ever shows up again, she'll kill him. Keima explains to Elsee that she used to run in a street gang.
    • His position's not helped when Hakua later claims, jokingly, she's another illegitimate daughter.
  • Jadeite and Sailor Iron Mouse from Sailor Moon - both try their hardest and get no respect for their efforts. Jadeite gets imprisoned in a crystal, and Iron Mouse just gets killed as she is pleading for mercy.
  • Geraba, Fatman, and occasionally Blume from Xabungle. Geraba usually does nothing to incite Horra's wrath other than question his orders, but he still gets the crap kicked out of him on a regular basis. Fatman is Elche's loyal bodyguard and mute, but he usually gets shoved aside in times of need and constantly suffers physical abuse without striking back or saying a word. Blume is a much less extreme example, but he still manages to take the occasional bullet or strike without necessarily deserving it, while most of the others remain unharmed.
  • Watanuki Kimihiro of XXXholic was the unchallenged master of this trope in his early days, now he's gotten a bit better, but he has his place in the Pantheon for a very good reason...
  • Kawachi from Yakitate!! Japan. Though in the beginning he was a bit of a Jerkass, the series soon began abusing him seemingly for the hell of it. If there was something painful or humiliating happening, it happened to Kawachi. The people that were supposed to be his friends and supporters without fail insulted, dismissed, and derided him behind his back, or sometimes to his face. One entire plot point was even dedicated to him having to be a complete screwup on purpose... after which the characterization was apparently absorbed utterly and his Flanderization was complete.
    • Don't forget Kageto, who is ignored by everyone in the series, despite keeping the store going while everyone jaunts off to the next Tournament Arc.
      • Kageto practically defines this trope. He is so full of suck that he actually gets Yukino, the show's psychopathic Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, to pity him.
  • When reading Yotsuba&!, one will think "Poor Fuuka!" at least once every few pages.
    • One will also wish Yanda got more crap than he already gets.
  • Insector Haga and Dinosaur Ryuzaki in Yu-Gi-Oh!. They were considered to be the top two duelists in Japan, until the main characters showed up, at least. They never quite make it back to their former glory, even after utilizing an Artifact of Doom. They end up constantly humiliated by the main characters, and even Filler villains.
    • As well as Joey, who is constantly at the mercy of Kaiba's cruelty, ruthlessly humiliating him whenever he has the chance.
    • What about Ryou? He isn't even in control of his body most of the time. Said body is being controlled by an evil spirit trying to kill his friends.
  • After his Character Development from Jerk Jock, Jun Manjoume in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX tends to have ridiculosly bad luck, from his unrequited crush on Asuka to being the first of the main cast to lose to the new villian. Occasionlly, he'll return to his Bad Ass self, but it always falls apart in the end, until his final steps of Character Development in Season 4.
    • While still better off than Manjoume, Sho still falls into this category quite often. He got into trouble alongside Judai after Chronos snitches on them sneaking into the abandoned dorm, and was often placed in death traps until Judai would save him in a duel.
  • Akari Akaza from Yuruyuri. Poor girl.
  • The blue ogre from YuYu Hakusho. He's so pathetically treated by Koenma, we don't even learn his real name (George) until partway through season 3.

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