But For Me It Was Tuesday / Web Animation

  • In Super Mario Bros. Z, Mario stomped Captain Basilisx's best friend into a lava pit and used his shell to slaughter the rest, but Mario doesn't remember it. Although Fridge Brilliance sets in when you realize that there are no lava pits in the room that Basilisx mentions. Mario may not remember it because it may have never happened in the first place, to say nothing of the fact that the way he describes the death is literally impossible to pull off in-context. The only true fact about his story is that there was indeed a third Koopa Troopa behind Door #2 of Bowser's Castle in Dinosaur Land.
  • In Death Battle, this is the stated reason why Guts manages to defeat Nightmare in their battle. Guts has always fought impossible odds against terrifying demonic forces due to the brand on his neck attracting them like moths to a flame, and yet Guts has also always managed to come out on top if only through sheer dumb luck and unstoppable willpower; Nightmare and the Soul Edge really aren't anything he isn't already accustomed to.
  • The Most Popular Girls in School: In Episode 72, Mackenzie's idol, Jeannie Halverstad, doesn't even recognize her at first, despite clearly talking with her phone the phone the episode before, and having met her at Cheer Nationals many episodes before that.
  • In the RWBY episode "The More The Merrier", Jaune Arc and Cinder Fall meet for the first time since the Fall of Beacon and the death of Pyrrha Nikos. Jaune breaks into a tearful rant about the remorselessness in the havoc she's caused and the pain he's been though. Cinder responds by bluntly asking who Jaune is. This is enough to launch Jaune. into battle.
  • A flashback in season 15 of Red vs. Blue show that in mist of one of their many fights with each other, Freelancer Agents Carolina and Tex accidentally killed an orange sim trooper in front of a blue sim trooper trying to save the former, before continuing their fight without giving the two sim troopers a seconds thought. The blue sim trooper was Temple, Church's Evil Counterpart, who would go on to brutally murder over half-a-dozen Freelancers and attempt to destroy The Federation, and the orange trooper was Biff, Temple's best friend, who's death sparked his Start of Darkness.