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Bunny Ears Lawyer: Videogames
  • Kotomi in CLANNAD. Sure, she may be a little crazy, but she's also effortlessly among the top ten students for the entire country.
  • Saints Row: The Third:
    • The Mayor of Steelport is often stated to be the only person capable of keeping a city of rampant gang violence, homicidal maniacs running wild and hosting game shows, and general insanity functioning with any kind of stability or sanity. He is also Burt Reynolds, and still loves going out and solving violent disputes personally
    • Kinzie Kensington is a paranoid conspiracy theorist whose sexual proclivities frighten even the Boss. She is also a brilliant hacker who can give Matt Miller, leader of a gang of cybercriminals known as the Deckers, a run for his money.
    • Miller, himself, is no slouch when it comes to hacking. He's also a goth and a massive Nyte Blade fanboy.
  • Ace Attorney:
    • Most of the lawyers. Phoenix Wright is a Kleptomaniac Hero who usually pulls his court strategies out of his ass and uses spirit channelling as a legal technique; Miles Edgeworth has No Social Skills, multiple debilitating phobias, and is a huge (closet) Steel Samurai fanboy; Manfred von Karma once murdered someone for tarnishing his perfect trial record and then adopted his son for the express purpose of making him into the sort of person his father would hate, kept a bullet in his shoulder for fifteen years, and once tasered Phoenix Wright and his teenage assistant in order to hide evidence; Franziska von Karma whips everyone in sight, is obsessed with perfection, and refers to everyone by their full names (and gets mad when people do it to her); Godot speaks nearly exclusively in incomprehensible coffee metaphors, is something of a sexist, and throws full mugs of hot coffee at his courtroom opponents; Apollo Justice stays up until 5 in the morning doing voice training so that he can yell '''OBJECTION''' more impressively, carefully gels his hair every day in a way that makes it look like insect antennae, and gets the truth out of witnesses by using a bracelet that enables him to mentally zoom in on them and point out their nervous habits; Klavier Gavin is both a prosecutor and renowned rock musician, who peppers his speech with random German words and performs air guitar in the middle of trials; Simon Blackquill is a convicted murderer currently serving time who is still allowed to work as a prosecutor because he's just that good, while also having a fondness for samurai and sword metaphors, and keeps a pet hawk which he uses to attack other people with. All are considered formidable lawyers.
    • The Judge, who is famously reliable in passing fair judgements in spite of being a Cloudcuckoolander who will misunderstand basically anything, to the point of Franziska's plan of showing him an illegally-taken photo as vital evidence to make her case (evidence which could just as easily have been turned to Wright's favor) fails - because he just doesn't get the point she's coming across with. At all. Until the next year, when Phoenix successfully uses it in a related case.
    • Spark Brushel is also worth a mention, being an investigative journalist who seems genuinely knowledgeable despite seemingly never listening to anything anyone tells him, eating far too many breath mints, and indulging in overly-complicated metaphors.
    • Investigations has Shi-Long Lang, an Interpol officer who is really damn good at his job despite having an odd fascination with acting like a wolf, to the point of howling when upset.
    • One case in Justice For All has the Berry Big Circus, which is a circus of bunny-ears performers. There's the campy and effeminate magician Maximillion Galactica. We also have the ridiculously innocent animal tamer Regina. Then there's Moe the Clown who has a Motor Mouth and keeps laughing at his own (bad) jokes. But ventriloquist Benjamin Woodman probably takes the cake, his puppet Trilo Quist had his very own personality who keeps badmouthing Ben himself. When said puppet was taken away, he couldn't even form a single word.
    • The theme for talking to people without their own theme in Justice for All-on is actually called "Eccentric".
    • Tateyuki Shigaraki (Ray Shields in the fan translation) from Ace Attorney Investigations 2 as an adult is not only an actual defence lawyer, but is deeply sarcastic and wise-cracking, asks nearly everyone he meets (specifically the women) for hugs shortly after meeting them, his theme is actually called "Joking Motive" and he uses finger quotes/air quotes when speaking. As a teenager and trainee attorney under Gregory Edgeworth, he ate paper in order to remember what he jotted down on it and is a huge fanboy of a children's cooking programme, actaully singing the show's theme with it's two actors when he met them (individually, it should be noted did he meet them)... and yet he's on par with Phoenix in terms of determination, loyalty, and talent, and when he gets serious, his personality does an about-face.
  • Since Ghost Trick has the same developer, it's expected that it also has a few bunny ears. Inspector Cabanela stands out as a special investigator with a spotless record and intense ambition to climb his way to the top. He also dances everywhere he goes, including down the stairs.
  • MapleStory:
    • Checky, the Resistance Job Instructor for the Mechanic path, is a guy in a mascot costume as his civilian self. As one of the leaders of the Resistance, however, he continues to wear the costume head. All the time. Even while sleeping, or piloting a Mini-Mecha tank against a global organization trying to resurrect the Black Mage. He also wears a second costume, under his 'civilian' costume.
    • Hersha, the Cygnus Knights' correspondent in Ellinia, is described as a very good informant, who is also paranoid about everything. You can undertake a quest from him where he demands that you attack local monkeys and confiscate their bananas, because he's convinced they're bombs. He does, however, prove to be a reliable, thorough researcher in the Cygnus Knights' questline.
  • The leading lady of Sakura Wars V, Gemini Sunrise, is a southern bell who is absolutely enamored with Japanese culture and has a tendency to get lost in her own head. She's also a highly-skilled swordswoman and one of the most talented members of the New York Combat Revue.
  • Super Robot Wars:
    • Excellen Browning is a goofy, flirtatious woman who insists upon being called "Big Sister" rather than "Ensign", and has on more than one occasion donned a Playboy Bunny-style costume to raise her teammates' morale. She also happens to be an exceptional mecha pilot and an insanely good sniper, as well as part of one of the most respected and feared teams in the SRW universe.
    • Sean Webleynote  is just an old perv. Plus there's also the Inspectors - Aguija, Mekibos, Vigagi, Sikalog, and their real boss, Wendolo. In fact, their debut in ''Original Generation 2 (sans Wendolo) features them bickering amongst themselves on who's the leader.
    • The only OG character who doesn't have shades of this is Russel Bagman, who's easily the most "Normal" member of the team. Ironically, this makes him stand out to many fans.
    • During his introduction in scenario 5 of Shin Super Robot Wars, Ryusei quickly establishes himself as some kind of crazed super robot otaku, and Prof. Hamaguchi confides to Akira that as a pilot, Ryusei is first rate.
  • Psychonauts gives us Milla, Sasha, and Ford. Milla appears to be mentally stuck in the 1960s, Sasha is a borderline emotionless stoic with an irrational hatred for tacky lamps and Ford is... well, special. Despite this, they form a crack team of psychic spies unparalleled to none.
    • Really, all the kids at the camp are this trope in training. They're all (presumably) going to grow up to be Psychonauts, and there's not a normal one among the entire bunch.
    • There's also a subversion or inversion of Crazy Awesome going on here as well, as the game is set on an Indian Burial Ground stated to mentally destabilize everybody in its vicinity. The sufficiently curious will discover that all of the kids (including the protagonist) have serious problems (many aren't far from homicidal or suicidal behavior), and that the adults may even have accumulated more (over their longer lives). Their competence, power, and control are the reason why they're Bunny Ears Lawyers: the available alternatives are far worse. As demonstrated by the game's plot.
  • Jodie Foster of Metal Wolf Chaos enjoys watching soldiers getting slaughtered by her boss's Humongous Mecha a little too much, and apparently spends her spare time wondering about how various buildings would look if they were destroyed, and somehow managed to become secretary to the President of the United States. Although considering what President Michael Wilson gets up to, Jodie probably looks like an icon of sanity by comparision.
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater:
    • The Mission Control contains an overtalkative genius physician who chatters endlessly about her favourite B-movies, a James Bond fanboy Major with an obsession with his own Britishness and a thing for the paranormal, and a brilliant technician who makes useless objects because they 'look cool' and considers a human catapault a valid weapons development project (and harbours a complex about being the only normal person there). In Portable Ops, they start a UFO club. But they are frighteningly competent at throwing the entire world into a long and bitter war.
    • Hal Emmerich is a brilliant engineer who designed Metal Gear, and also happens to be a massive Otaku. Ocelot is a ridiculously superb marksman and the series' resident Magnificent Bastard who is also unhealthily obssessed with his revolvers and Big Boss. Even Snake himself, a formidable warrior by anyone's assessment, has his tendency for meaningless philosophical ramblings and a rather disturbing relationship with The Box(TM). It's also implied he loves trashy action movies and women's figure skating, he's a fan of dog-sledding, and one of the Japanese-only supplemental material guides revealed that his favourite food is blueberries.
  • Empress Sanaki of the Fire Emblem Tellius games is a Bunny Ears Royal. In Path of Radiance, most of her early interactions with the protagonists involve her jerking them around and forcing them to learn for themselves what's going on instead of just telling them what's up simply because she was bored. Three years later in the sequel, we see her commandeering the King of Kilvas to carry her onto the battlefield because she couldn't bear not knowing what was going on, then later learns that he's bound by a blood pact to the Begnion Senate—and that she can essentially free him from their control since her orders carry more weight than theirs do. And of course, when one of her most trusted aides turns out to be, well, not exactly evil but still responsible for all of the bad stuff that happened, she decides that his punishment is to be drowned in rancid butter.
  • Double H from Beyond Good & Evil. On one hand, he has a tendency to quote things at random from his military training manual in an UNECESSARILY LOUD VOICE, he runs things over with his head and never takes off his armor because it makes him "feel manly", and he gets really worked up over hovercraft racing. On the other hand, he's the IRIS Network's best operative, he's good at following directions, and he's pretty tough in battle. Pey'j too—He's a Texan-accented anthropomorphic pig with a habit of swearing like a prospector, and he has an unusual special attack. He's also a brilliant inventor and engineer. And, you know, the all-mysterious and all-powerful leader of a rebel organization.
  • The brilliant engineer Dr. Cid from Final Fantasy XII fits this trope well—the Draklor Laboratory and the Archadian Empire as a whole manage to ignore his conversations with a not-so imaginary friend due to his skill at manufacturing airships and weapons with nethicite. Balthier, however, was not quite so tolerant.
  • Elite Beat Agents. Despite their odd looks, they managed to stop an alien invasion, prevent the Zombie Apocalypse, rescued a lost puppy, and fight off a virus.
  • A good deal of the commanders in the Advance Wars series. A spectacular example is Javier, who wears plate armour all the time and acts like Don Quixote, and is a Boisterous Bruiser to awesome effect.
  • The Dungeon Master noble in Dwarf Fortress is a talented animal trainer and metalsmith who permits your fortress to train a variety of creatures you usually can't. He or she tends to also wander around the fortress, naked except for a cloak, shoes, and gloves.
  • Tsukihime: Arcueid Brunestud. Ditzy blond. Clingy Jealous Girl. Keeps a doll of Shiki under her pillow and magically traps her underwear drawer. Ok maybe that one wasn't canon, but still, it IS like her. Also responsible for Shiki's rather infamous erotic dream. Oh, and she is the most powerful vampire in existence, capable of dragging around moons if she wants. Moons from the future. That she pulled from said future. Why? So red moonlight would splash on her opponent and render him killable. And she was at 30% power when she did that.
  • The doctors in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. They're recommended as exceptionally good doctors, and are shown to be at least reasonably competant, but their behaviour is decidedly odd, and their methods even more so.
  • All the teachers of Persona 3 that the protagonist has as his personal teachers seem to be this. There's Ms. Isako Toriumi, the homeroom teacher with an almost "L"-like addiction to sweets (especially cake) and to playing MMORPGs as a l33t-speaking alter ego, in which guise she grants the Hermit social link and even forms a crush on the player. There's Mr. Edogawa, the school nurse with his over-the-top obsession with mysticism that causes him to insist on making the player drink useless potions when seen for treating ailments and who derails the classes he subs for to give lectures of magic. There's Mr. Edo, the history teacher who always wears his Sengoku-era samurai helmet and geeks out about samurai all the time — like constantly complaining about having to teach history prior to the Sengoku-era, because there's no samurai to talk about. And then there's Ms. Miyahara, the math teacher who spends most of the class just gushing about the aesthetic beauty of numbers. They're all shown as very knowledgable, and they're all various shades of Cloudcuckoolander.
  • In ''Persona 4, though, there's only two such kooky teachers, and they are far less bizarre. An older gentleman who likes to teach with a little handpuppet of himself, and a female history teacher, Ms. Sofue, who always wears an Egyptian pharaoh's headdress and carries a ceremonial crook. She's actually the sister of Mr. Edo from Gekkoukan High School above, though unlike him she has a love of history in general instead of being fixated on one era, and so she carries out her lessons with general enthusiasm.
  • It is strongly implied that a light-side Knights of the Old Republic or Knights of the Old Republic 2 PC tolerates HK-47's Ax-Crazy discourse because he is the only thing that can translate the Tusken tongue and a rather capable warrior
  • Baldur's Gate:
    • Minsc. He's quite nuts, but when he talks about kicking butt, he knows what he's talking about.
    Dynaheir: Minsc is, well, Minsc, but he hath a strong sword arm.
    • Also, none of the mages are exactly well-adjusted, with the possible exception of aforementioned Dynaheir. And even she speaks funny.
    • Kivan is also pretty quirky: he's reclusive and has attitude issues. But Kivan is also God and the game cannot be won to any kind of satisfaction without him. He's by far the best archer in the first game and his THACO defies all reason.
  • In Mass Effect 2, this describes your entire crew with the exception of Jacob.
    • Thane seems overly contemplative for an assassin, but we learn that he has been recently diagnosed with a terminal disease, Miranda is pretty normal for a member of a shady organization aside from the Designer Baby Blues, Samara is a Scary Dogmatic Blue Skinned Space Babe, Grunt is a Designer Baby Proud Warrior Race Guy, and Garrus is a level-minded realist (quite possibly the most level-headed of all characters despite some issues in his past, and one of the only ones who litearally never loses his cool). This leaves Jack and Mordin. The latter however takes this trope to its full extent.
    • Jack is an uber-powerful biotic who subjects anyone she meets either to a biotic blast or a Cluster F-Bomb. She mellows out as the story plays out and, by Mass Effect 3, is slightly more level-headed and even makes a great effort to avoid swearing (unless you happen to be Joker, also an example of this trope). Mordin is a brilliant scientist with a Motor Mouth and love for "Gilbert and Sullivan". By the third game, he's close to 40 (making him an old man by salarian standards) and thinks of retiring to a house on a beach. When Shepard points out that he'd get bored collecting seashells all day, Mordin points out that he'll run tests on the seashells. He then goes out with a bang while singing.
    • Jeff "Joker" Moreau, as his nickname implies, is constantly cracking jokes and is rarely serious about anything. He also has brittle bone disease, making him physically unfit for military duty, technically speaking. He is also the best frigate pilot in the Systems Alliance, and no one who has seen him in action is going to dispute that claim.
    • Mass Effect 3 gives us Javik, who is a rude, selfish, arrogant tool who is profoundly bigoted against synthetics and describes everyone around him as "primitives". He's also the last Prothean, has keen awareness of Reaper strategy, and is a potent biotic on top of that. The Citadel DLC also adds Brooks, who is largely clueless about action away from her desk, names a security program after her cat, gets really giddy after a medi-gel overdose, and is still the only person with the right blend of tech skills and low-tech equipment to be able to infiltrate Elijah Khan's casino...until it turns out that she's been putting on an act all along, and is in fact a very competent villain who's been playing you the whole time.
  • The World Ends with You gives us Sho Minamimoto. A Mad Mathematician, who always speaks in mathamatical terms, makes junk heaps he calls 'art', and is very egotistical. However, he's one of the youngest Reaper Officers to become a Game Master, and excels in all areas of leadership - except cooperation. He's also one of the toughest buggers to beat in the game.
  • Team Fortress 2:
    • There's the Cold Sniper that keeps his urine in jars, the Husky Russkie that talks to his guns, the one-eyed, alcoholic Demoman who swigs whisky while tossing bombs, the Scout whose brashness and ego make one wonder how he gets anything done on a team, and The Unintelligible Pyro that never removes his/her full-body flame-retardant suit. However, they're very good at what they do and must be well worth their salaries.
    • As first shown in "Meet the Pyro", the Pyro is a BEL among BELs. S/he's not at all in touch with the real world, which s/he imagines to be a Sugar Bowl, even when causing death and destruction. When s/he's burning things, s/he's spreading bubbles, flowers, and magic. When s/he splits an enemy's head open with an axe, s/he's feeding them a lollipop; when using his/her flare gun, s/he's blowing bubbles. S/he also sees his/her enemies as chubby cherubs, wings and all, which prompts his/her "kindness". You also get a promotional "Pyro's goggles" that let you see the world as s/he does. Everybody is laughing even as they get shot, blood is replaced with random items such as gears or balloons, and fire with sparkly rainbows and happiness. To top it all off, you don't get "dominated" and get "revenge", they "become best friends" and "break up". However, as any player will tell you, if you are close to him/her, expect to be dead soon. Very, very soon.
  • Agent Francis York Morgan ("Call me York. That's what everyone calls me") is an FBI investigator who we first see driving a car while working on his laptop and arguing on the phone with his superiors over inter-dependence issues in Tom and Jerry. He is also routinely late for appointments, rambles on endlessly about old movies and their directors when he's not cheerfully discussing grisly murders and serial rapists over dinner, and goes over his every action and decision with his imaginary friend, Zach. His methods of "investigating" consist less of actual forensic work and more of chain-smoking until he gains visions of the past, and seeing visions of the future in the milk he pours in his coffee every morning. Despite all this, he's an extremely competent detective who isn't at all shy over that fact.
  • Infinite Space has a few, but Lord Roth and Thomas Veil stand out the most. Lord Roth is a rather childish man who enjoys his Chick Magnet status a little too much (and puts his aide, Nele, into a lot of troubles because of his quirks), yet he is one of Regeinland's top commanders. Meanwhile, Thomas is an agent of Federation Security Network directed by Brad Lennox and a good crew member for your navigational post, who happens to be a fan of young Idol Singers, almost to the point of being a Lolicon.
  • Demon Prince Laharl from Disgaea is the heir to the throne of Netherworld, and he got some strange ideas as to what a King should do: If money is needed, itís time to loot some nobleís mansion. Assassin love angels are potential recruits. Laughing evilly on a regular basis is a requirement. Ideal Overlord tasks are making it rain pepper so that the humans will sneeze their nostrils out or deprive children of their sleep by giving them addictive videogames. Heroes should not just be defeated; enslavement is the way to go. But he is very passionate and dutiful about the job, not to mention extremely powerful, so he gets it and does a good job all things considered. His vassel Etna has not dethroned him...yet.
  • Mike Haggar from the Final Fight series, a professional wrestler turned mayor who deals with Metro City's gang problem by kicking all their asses without police assistance.
  • Nero from Devil May Cry 4. Much of his Jerkass attitude would've gotten him excommunicated from the Order a long time ago, such as a blue coat instead of their white uniform (although he does have their insgnia stitched on it), listening to his own theme song during prayer, and colorful mouth. However, he's very good at his job in the "dirtier" side of things, and is kosher with the idea of God (in fact, he out right states it near the end of the game) - he's just not all that fond of the church he works for.
  • Hatoful Boyfriend:
    • Kazuaki Nanaki, the quail teacher, is a scatterbrained narcoleptic who falls asleep mid-sentence while introducing himself to his students on the first day of class (and repeatedly throughout the game). He's also a world-renowned mathematician, and no slouch in physics and chemistry, either.
    • Oko San's obsession with pudding doesn't seem to interfere with his athletic performance any. He also seems to be able to pass classes at one of the most demanding private high schools in the world, despite being unable to speak in anything but subtitled coos, most of which are pop culture references and complaints about pudding quality.
    • The player character can qualify, being a Hot-Blooded modern barbarian at the same high-standards high school who occasionally offers political insights in surprisingly erudite terminology... but is late to class the first day because she had to go hunting for breakfast, and didn't finish the summer reading assignment.
  • Katawa Shoujo has Rin Tezuka, a brilliant armless painter who gets away with smoking and multiple (lighter) violations of school rules. Notably, this example is NOT played for laughs, and while she starts out seeming like an amusingly quirky Manic Pixie Dream Girl following her route quickly reveals that she is a supremely screwed up person, exhibiting many real-life symptoms of schizophrenia which are presented as exactly as terrifying as they would be in real life, and it's implied that in her Bad End she'll end up killing herself.
  • The Secret World has the leader of the ultra-capitalist Illuminati, The Pyramidion. He speaks in a calm, evenly-paced tone, and clearly knows everything worth knowing. He just has this peculiar habit of peppering his dialogue with odd Public Announcements and context-relevant memes...
  • BlazBlue:
    • Makoto may act like a big kid, but she's an Intelligence operative and quite a talented one at that.
    • Kagura from Chrono Phantasma. He's every bit as badass as you'd expect the head of the top Duodecim family to be, despite the fact his personality seems to be continually stuck between a Fratbro and a potential sex offender.
  • Emperor Peony IX of Malkuth in Tales of the Abyss is by far the most competent and effective monarch in the story, not to mention about the only person who can get the better of Jade in a conversation. He also keeps his five pet pigs loose in his bedroom, and likes forcing the main characters into different outfits so much that he's responsible for no less than nineteen costume titles.note 
  • Most of the henchmen you recruit in Evil Genius tend to start at "kooky" and go very strange places from there, and usually axe-related places at that, but they also bring skills that utterly humiliate the minions you start out surrounded by.
  • Robert Wallson/James Okada in Grisaia No Meikyuu and Grisaia No Rakuen is a genius communications officer and computer programmer, but he's also a freckled, nerdy otaku with a much poorer grasp on the Japanese language than he believes. Despite that, he's also brave enough to reconnect the Thanatos system to Kazuki's memories even when he knows the price for discovery would be death. He also manages to marry a CIA agent.
  • Mimi Meers in Pocket Stables technically wear bunny ears. She also starts off with very well balanced and decent stats.
  • Snarky!Hawke in Dragon Age II can never pass up the opportunity for a joke, even in some particularly inappropriate situations. Much of the time, half of the stuff that comes out of his/her mouth is completely insane and said to no one in particular. Yet, s/he frequently uses this as a disarming tactic to put his/her enemies into a false sense of security and, of the three different possible personalities, often comes across as the most intelligent of them because of it.
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