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Bunny Ears Lawyer: Professional Wrestling
  • Eugene, WWE's resident "special" wrestler, started out as a Professional Wrestling Idiot Savant who, despite his mental handicaps, was an excellent ring technician with a Ditto Fighter (type: Tsungxpert) tendency to hit famous finishers like the Rock Bottom and Hogan Leg Drop. Faces lined up to be his friend thanks to his simple, childlike demeanor and his kicking a lot of ass, and heels lined up to manipulate him to their own ends, thanks to... his simple, childlike demeanor and his kicking a lot of ass. Unfortunately, he eventually got Flanderized and became a jobber, and towards the end of his run served mostly as a way for heels to Kick the Dog.
  • Jeff Hardy has been portrayed like this as well. He gyrates and dances his way to the ring, covers his arms and face in fluorescent paint, makes abstract paintings backstage, openly refers to his fans as freaks and misfits (in a good way, indicating that he's just as much one as them), and throws his body into his every attack with reckless abandon... and is a 1x WWE Champion, a 2x WWE World Heavyweight Champion and six-time WWE World Tag Team Champion. Even better? He fits this trope in Real Life as well, as his real behavior is even more bizarre, and yet he was respected enough and loved by the fans enough during his WWE run that he was given all those title reigns.
    • Amy "Lita" Dumas wrote in her book how someone once told her that Jeff had bought a Bobcat, her first reaction was that he had acquired an actual wild animal as a pet; as opposed to the skid loader/earth moving equipment that he actually purchased. Even among his close friends he's 'off' enough that both were perfectly logical assumptions.
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