Bullying A Dragon / Web Original

  • In Aim High, bullies of Fairview High are not aware that the guy that they pick on is a government spy and assassin.
  • Occurs in Whateley Universe to Tennyo, who has very, very bad luck. Unfortunately, she can also blow up very big things. Like continents.note 
    • Proving that the Whateley authorities are not as stupid as you'd think, Tennyo now has a special order on her. Taunting her, bullying her, starting a fight with her, etc., can now subject you to immediate expulsion!
      • There has only been one case where this is not so. Let me just say that it involved the simulators, the reincarnation of the Greek god of the underworld and two hackers. Greek God has issues and wasn't expelled. Those who set it up, however...
    • Most of the "Class X Entity" students fall under this — Fey, for example, is a Wiz-7 — a mutant/mage so powerful that her special order says that the corrupt Mutant Control Office has pre-approval to use lethal force on her if she gets out of line.
    • Pointed out to Carl, after he provoked the former top Ultraviolent: "First it's you getting mixed up with demon-girl, then you aggravate Merry, and now you can't leave the giant clawed, spined mutant kid who tears the demons apart like a wolf in a chicken hatchery alone? When will you learn?" Minutes after this admonition, Carl taunts said "spined mutant kid" AGAIN, resulting in a beatdown ending with the loss of a femur.
    • How about Gotterdammerung? He's a skinny, cute kid who gets picked on a lot. His power is mass disintegration. The toughs know he isn't going to kill them, so he's easy to bully, but would you really want to be the one he finally turns his power on if he snaps?
      • This applies to Folder as well; too many bullies thought that since he was an Actual Pacifist, it gave them the green light to torment him with total disregard to how they were courting a very nasty sort of Baleful Polymorph if he went off the deep end.
    • That bullying happens at all in the Academy qualifies as Mugging the Monster, at the very least, considering that nine times out of ten the bully doesn't even know the victim's abilities beforehand; but since they know that their victims have power of some sort, Bullying the Dragon is pretty much inevitable - just assuming that any given student you haven't seen before is less dangerous than you are is taking a pretty stupid risk.
  • In Worm, when Skitter turns herself in to the authorities and the officials interrogating her push her into retaliating. The results aren't pretty. Two people die. One of the PRT directors, and Alexandria, who finds out that being invulnerable/invincible doesn't necessarily mean you don't need to breathe.
  • Happens to Mackenzie Blaise, the half-demon protagonist at Tales of MU. She's super-strong, invulnerable to non-magical attacks, and can conjure fire at will, but she's had it impressed on her that she doesn't dare fight back.
  • Alfred in the 3rd RP of Darwin's Soldiers. He is a hulking bison with hands bigger than most people's heads and is strong enough to bend rebar with his bare hands
    • Gustave is an even more extreme example. There have been cases where people have tried to pick fights with him, despite being a massive scarred up, Nile crocodile with a major anger management problem. Not to mention, he has several convictions for assault and he dismembered someone with his bare hands.
  • Part of the Evil Overlord List involves being kind to either that weird kid in school or any monsters under your thrall, for this very reason.
  • Felis the Liepard in We Are All Pokémon Trainers has enough bad judgment so as to annoy and outright insult even legendaries. And quite some orders of magnitude below that, when bullying Nadia (Salamence, i.e.: a literal dragon), he has got himself almost killed.
  • At the D20 Live 2012 game played at ConBravo, Spoony literally did this to a dragon the DM intended the players to recruit an army to fight. Things did not go well for that dragon and after a series of Critical Failures it actually wound up dying at their hands.
    • In an earlier story, his character Tandem the Spoony antagonized Zeus by sleeping with his daughter. Things did not go well for the spoony bard and he got his ass literally thrown off Olympus.
    • During Tandem's final mission, among a party playing Dungeonland: Tandem decides to fight the March Harenote  one-on-one when the Tea Party turns violent. After being crane-kicked across the table, Spoony learns that the March Hare is a twentieth-level monk. Tandem is an eighteenth-level bard. Somehow, Spoony wins.
    • A strange example of the trope being both played Straight and Inverted in his Final Fantasy Reviews. Spoony spends hours ranting and raving about the poor quality of the games' writing and animation, only for a Character from the game (including Special Ops soldiers, professional athletes and accomplished terrorists) to turn up in his bedroom and try to murder him with guns, gunblades, magic, blitzballs and brutal wrestling moves. Despite this, he has so far killed all of them in increasingly gory ways, but neither side seems to be taking the hint....
      • He was defeated by The Black Knight. Though The Black Knight had no intention of killing Spoony. Just permanently annoying him.
  • In Death Note: The Abridged Series (Team Dattebayo) Matsuda regularly teases Light:
    Matsuda: Heh, look at him, pretending not to be Kira. He's probably trying to kill me with his mind, right now.
  • In Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Tien constantly mocks Vegeta despite the fact that Vegeta is far stronger than him and could kill him effortlessly.
    Krillin: You do know he can kill you, right?
    Tien: At this point, it's a game. If he gives in, I win. And he knows it.
    • Much like in canon, Hercule attempting to fight Cell. Hercule is a Badass Normal, but Cell is a Person of Mass Destruction whom on live television stated he was going to destroy the entire planet Earth, and even if nobody believed him, Cell flattened a dozen large buildings and blew up a mountain, and killed an entire army that tried to fight him. Unlike in canon, where Cell is indifferent to Hercule, he finds him utterly obnoxious and does try to kill him.
  • Inhuman Experience: The "genius" plan to control Tamar? Manipulate her into hating herself throughout her childhood and then set her up with a handler who "handles" her to control her further note . To paraphrase the smoldering pile of ash that used to be federal agent, they were playing with fire in a paper house.
  • In Sword Art Online Abridged, Kirito's encounter with Titan's Hand is initially a case of Mugging the Monster - their leader Rosalia gives Kirito a Breaking Speech before her goons attack, only to learn that they can't actually deal enough damage to overcome his Regenerating Health. What brings it into this trope is when afterward, Rosalia tries it again, which doesn't end well for her.
  • While Hat Films are fairly competent Minecraft players, their two efforts to harass Lewis Brindley and Sjin at the latter's farm have ended in failure, after Lewis and Sjin decided to fight back. The first time ended with one of the Sirs falling to their death in a ravine, the second ended with a group of captive beasts hacking them to pieces.
  • Epic Rap Battles of History:
    • Abraham Lincoln, knowing full well the kind of godly feats his opponent is capable of, calls Chuck Norris a washed-up has-been, threatens to squash him, and then dumps a bunch of pennies on his head.
    • Adolf Hitler relentlessly mocks Darth Vader, even after Vader first freezes him in carbonite and drops him into the Rancor pit.
    • Sherlock Holmes thinks it's a good idea to taunt Batman about his dead parents.
  • In Dragon Ball Z Abridged, during the Namek saga, Vegeta was being Vegeta which didn't endear him to Dende who has the ability to heal any injury. This almost ruined Vegeta's plan to take advantage of a Saiyan's natural ability to get stronger after healing from near fatal injuries and hopefully defeat Frieza in an Enemy Mine situation.
  • DSBT InsaniT: In 'Untamed and Uncut', Dave breaks into a Windear exhibit to fight them. It does NOT go well for him.
  • Dreamscape: In episode 6, Melissa chastises Keedran for always acting so sarcastic and silly, in comparison to her fellow guardians Kai, Eleenin, and Drake. The thing is, Keedran is an actual deity who is a Knight in Sour Armor about protecting humanity, and when Melissa's lashing ends up pressing her Berserk Button, Keedran reminds her exactly who she is dealing with in a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • The Game Grumps of all people managed to do this during their playthrough of Super Mario Maker where they not only mocked Ross, a self-confessed sadist, because his levels weren't hard enough but also challenged him to do better. He came back swinging by inflicting "Boss Rush" and "Companion Spring 2" on them, a pair of Malevolent Architecture riddled Death Courses rife with Bottomless Pits, Check-Point Starvation, Inconveniently Placed Conveyor Belts, Invisible Blocks, Trial-and-Error Gameplay, Spikes of Doom, and lots of lava. The former resulted in four straight episodes of screaming, the latter they outright Rage Quit.