Bullying A Dragon / Animated Films

  • In The Incredibles, Bob Parr as his Secret Identity, works at an insurance company and is constantly browbeaten by his tiny boss Mr. Huph. When the boss stops Bob from coming to the aid of a mugging victim, then makes fun of the situation, he loses it and throws Huph through a few walls. Even if his boss didn't know he had superpowers, Bob has about five feet and a couple hundred pounds on him. This example is at least somewhat justified since Huph is, well, Bob's boss. Predictably, after throwing his employer through the wall, Bob is fired.
  • In Wreck-It Ralph, the Nicelanders spurn Ralph despite the importance he plays in their game, and Gene is especially mean, despite Ralph being capable of completely and utterly wrecking him.
  • Disney's Hercules has kids mocking the title character and calling him "Jerkules" specifically for his superhuman abilities making him a "freak". They were only able to get away with it because it's a Disney movie and Hercules is a good guy. The Hercules of the actual myths was known for letting his anger get the best of him, often with lethal results for the mortals involved (though at least one of these rages, which cost him his family, was induced by his nemesis Hera).
  • In A Bug's Life, Hopper knows that while the ants are smaller individually, they outnumber the grasshoppers by a hundred to one and that if the ants realized their numerical superiority, the grasshoppers would be crushed. However, in a comparatively intelligent move for this trope, Hopper's actions to antagonize the ants is done deliberately to make the ants feel weak and helpless, so they don't realize their collective advantage.
  • In The Jungle Book 2, Lucky the vulture gets the brilliant idea of openly mocking Shere Khan to his face. Once he tells Shere Khan where Mowgli is headed just to taunt him... Lucky didn't live up to his name shortly afterwards.
  • Gaston beating up Beast in Beauty and the Beast. It's a little different from most of this trope because Gaston is so much stronger and tougher than everyone else that he probably feels he's just as much a "dragon" as Beast is. Until Beast actually starts fighting back, and then he realizes how deep he's in...
  • Frozen
    • Queen Elsa has recently revealed her cryokinetic abilities, and engulfed her entire country in an endless winter. By accident. Yet the Duke's two mooks are fine with being ordered to kill her.
    • Another example is when the teenage human Anna throws a snowball at Marshmallow, the hulking snow-construct Elsa built to guard her castle. Downplayed in that Anna isn't mean; she's just very impulsive, and Marshmallow had just flung her friend Olaf the snowman into a boulder.