Bullying A Dragon / Advertising

  • The ''Messing with Sasquatch'' commercials for Jack Links beef jerky has the Sasquatch going ballistic and inflicting harm upon people who decide to provoke him for cheap laughs. Though sometimes they get away with it, so maybe that's why people keep screwing with him.
  • An insurance commercial shows a bunch of rabbits laughing themselves sick at a rattlesnake with a pink and white baby-rattle in place of a normal one. Did the writers not know that it's the other end of a rattlesnake that's venomous?
  • A couple Stacker 2 commercials had a man make fun of Kane, a sadistic monster heel from the WWE. Ends about as well as you'd expect...
  • A Spike TV commercial has a pair of convention-goers mock Boba Fett for his unusual name and appearance. It ends badly for them.
  • A Mountain Dew commercial features two teens making fun of Chuck Norris with an animated video on the web. Chuck is not pleased.
  • One of the "Cheetos Break" commercials has the Cheetah and a bank teller acting flippant in the face of a pair of armed bank robbers. The Cheetah even hits one with a rubber band.
  • A commercial for a college of gaming has an animation of an absolutely massive rock golem stepping in the path of a boulder as big as he is from flattening a town at the foot of the mountain. The giant succeeds in stopping it, but his heel just barely taps the town's church, which destroys it. The town immediately brings out their weapons, and the giant (who doesn't look much more than annoyed by the catapults) just steps out of the way and lets the boulder flatten the town.