Broken Base / Radio

Broken Bases rage on even over the airwaves.

  • The Howard Stern Show: The move to satellite radio, and whether or not lack of censors and executives made the show more free or more lazy.
  • There are the people who enjoy listening to commercial, over-the-air radio and don't see the point in subscribing to satellite radio, and those people who'd built shrines to the inventors of satellite radio if they could and cannot stand commercial, over-the-air radio.
  • There was a brief schism in the '70s over whether FM radio was a good idea or not. Older people tended to prefer AM radio (or rather, the formats that stayed on AM radio), whereas younger people gravitated to FM radio in droves. This only lasted about a decade, though.
  • Though the first two seasons of the Eighth Doctor's adventures in Big Finish Doctor Who were well-received, the 40th anniversary story "Zagreus", with its long confusing plot and some bizarre moments like Ace being a robot duck, met quite mixed reception mean many think its a poorly paced, overly long mess, and a wasted opportunity. The 5th, 6th and 7th Doctors even lampshade this. They treats the events like a performance, and neatly anticipate that the critics will call the whole thing overly long, confusing and derivative. Meanwhile some people feel that Zagreus was a marvellous tribute to 40 years of Doctor Who, down to Big Finish and the Expanded Universe. The Divergent Universe arc also met quite mixed reception, with the long stories, Charley Pollard becoming less likeable, and a lack of character development for C'rizz. The rushed ending to the arc was justified in that due to New Who the 8th Doctor left the Divergent Universe earlier then intended to avoid alienating the fandom, but the 8th Doctor's stories in the regular monthly releases after this weren't as well received. However the New Eighth Doctor Adventures began to win back the fandom.