Broken Base: Professional Wrestling

Reasons for these Broken Bases are not difficult to pin down.

  • Lot's of broken bases over the styles behind the sport itself, such as catch as can, Greco Roman, Judo, Sumo, Jujitsu, especially Brazilian Jujitsu vs Catch. Past that, whether matches should be more like wrestling or fights. Various arguments over when to be "realistic" and when to "entertaining".
  • Vince McMahon: he's either the best thing to happen to the industry, or the worst.
    • His love of giant musclemen and gimmicky cartoon wrestling being the major ones.
    • He can also come across as a Jerkass to the audience; ignoring what fans want in general and insulting them. Look no further than OSW Review's episodes reagarding WWECW (bunch of idiots buying my pay-per-view, what are ya doin??) and Final Nitro (how did he convince the loyal fans of the newly purchased WCW to continue to tune in? By insulting them as southern rednecks of course! Thus alienating an entire fanbase/demographic). This method of attracting viewers bit him in the ass regarding the XFL, as insulting the NFL's fans hardly made them want to switch promotions.
  • Storyline-driven shows or in-ring action-driven shows (or, as they're referred to in the fanbase, "sports entertainment" vs. "pure wrestling"). There are compelling, valid arguments to be made for both sides. And each and every one of them will be contested no matter what.
  • The original ECW. Either it was the holy grail of promotions and it revolutionized the wrestling industry, or it was an overrated hopped-up indy fed that died because it got too big for its britches.
  • Vince Russo: Genius or Twatwaffle? A lone member of the former group can start a flamewar of epic proportions on any given Smark forum.
  • WWE: Go on any wrestling forum and expect to hear how WWE's kid friendly PG rated programming is unwatchable and they should go back to the edgy adult friendly WWE of the past. Of course it used to be WWF's hotshotting was ruining wrestling and they needed to go back to the simple fun they used to be. And before that WWF's theatrics and five minute title matches were a betrayal and they needed to go back to the NWA.
  • Bret Hart: Those who believe he's a justifiably angry former star used and abused by the industry vs. those who think he's an overrated bitter has-been who can't accept that his glory days are long past.
    • Whether or not the Montreal Screwjob was justified despite being such a huge betrayal.
  • Triple H: Either he's an insecure glory hog who uses his backstage pull to hold down the more talented and deserving wrestlers, or he's one of the best of all time and has earned the right to, well, use his backstage pull to hold down the less talented and less deserving wrestlers. Neither camp will accept a more moderate opinion such as "Trips is one of the best of all time and mostly deserving, but burying Booker T was Not Cool" - either you like/hate him as much as they do or you're a hater/fanboy.
  • Much like the stigma around Triple H, Hulk Hogan is either considered a glory hog who lets his ego get in the way of putting over more deserving workers or the man who put wrestling in the mainstream and therefore deserves to be in the spotlight.
  • Chyna, the greatest WWF Diva, whom no other diva is worthy of tying the boots of, or a an unimpressive wrestler who devalued the Intercontinental title and made better ones like Ivory and Jacqueline look bad? Should she be barred from WWF's Hall Of Fame because her most worthy work wasn't even in the WWF and they didn't induct*superior WWF wrestler here*? Should she get in because she accomplished things no other woman in the WWF ever had before? Does pornography disqualify her (an odd one considering all the cross-promotion between WWE and Playboy)? Should she only be barred if Triple H doing Katie Vick keeps him out of the WWF Hall Of Fame since Chyna is the reason his WWF career took off? Should she be included when D-Generation X are inducted?
  • Trish Stratus: the greatest woman in wrestling history, or nothing but a pretty face and a lot of hype? Opinions in between draw accusations of being an ignorant indie jock sniffer or brainwashed by WWE if expressed in the wrong circles.
    • Unless your name is Mickie James, pretty much all WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts have divided the fandom, or are complete scrappies.
  • WWE's individual brands aren't immune to this, with fans arguing back and forth about whether Raw or SmackDown! is the superior show. Might be understandable, however, since at one point each show was treated as a separate wrestling promotion, with different rosters and bookers. Thus, one show might have actually BEEN superior due to the roster depth (Smackdown was generally home to WWE's extremely talented midcard such as the old Cruiserweight division, while Raw usually has the main event Heavyweights and a fuckton of filler segments, promos, replays, and pre-taped video packages), the matches that were booked and the angles being better than the other brand. This was actually also what the WWE wanted to have happen because the brand extension was billed in that respect due to there being no other true competition for the WWE after they bought out WCW.
  • Ring of Honor is either a bright spot on the US independent circuit that helped keep exiting styles of pro wrestling in the country alive, an over hyped sorry excuse for an ECW replacement...or both. The fact that its deliberately not like ECW in many aspects is either great or grievous error.
  • TNA is either the worst promotion in wrestling history (including late period WCW), or a good alternative to the WWE.
  • TNA: There are huge debates on what creative direction TNA should take. Since fans who follow wrestling on the internet tend to prefer an in-ring action-driven product, there is great hatred for TNA acting more like a smaller version of WWE. Also for them signing a lot of older WWE talent rather than promoting their own wrestlers. They prefer TNA to be less storyline-driven and more wrestling orientated to contrast with WWE. Whether their opinions are valid or unrealistic is open for debate.
  • Wanna start a flamewar on a hardcore wrestling fan forum? Just post five words: "I'm a John Cena fan." Then sit back and enjoy the fun. The debates about his wrestling ability, booking, and opponents will rage on and on.
  • Chris Benoit: Fallen Hero or pure evil? Although to be fair, that's kind of like asking whether or not this Mysterious Cup of Lemonade is actually week old piss-water or indigestible battery acid. Some can look at his past matches with the rationalization that he was a different person before losing his mind, while others can't look past the amount of head trauma in an average Benoit match (his match with Jericho, once considered the greatest ladder match, is now a cringe worthy affair).
  • Among ROH fans who wanted to see more women's wrestling, there was a divide over whether the amount of cross promotion with SHIMMER should be increased or decreased in favor of ROH starting it's own division instead. As time passed without ROH doing either while promotions like Chikara established concrete rolls for women on their rosters, the bases united in the belief either would be nice, the only "break" being fans too complacent to raise the issue.
  • The Sinclair Broadcast Group purchase of ROH in 2011. On one hand, the HD net deal wasn't working out, so fans are thankful to SBG for stepping in and giving the company the stable foundation it needed for the last seven years. On the other hand, a lot of unpopular changes for fans who were watching earlier came after the purchase, with blame bouncing between Sinclair and a dozen other scapegoats(usually Jim Cornette, a hero during the previous TV deal but otherwise a scrappy commissioner)
  • Older wrestlers. Some people think that the old guard only take up space and TV time that could be used for younger wrestlers, while other fans enjoy the nostalgia and think that the oldies still have their place on the show and are not really to blame for younger wrestlers not being used.