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Bound And Gagged: Web Original
  • Done, interestingly, with a lot of rope and a large cloth gag for visual effect, on a young girl about 7, in a movie made by a summer camp, The Mystery of the Missing Jewels. It's obvious she isn't really tied or gagged especially tightly, and it's just for show, but that sure is an almost cartoonish amount of rope. Occurs at 14:47 in (link will skip you there).
  • Also done in an unusual way to a girl who looks about 10, in the independent film Caitlyn. She's tied to a pole (in part 2) with what appear to be metal strips pulled tightly. She's forced to make a Sadistic Choice between her freedom, or her parents' lives. Part 1 Part 2
  • Knot Me. The premise of this short film? "What do you do when you wake up to find yourself tied to a chair?" Find out here. Yes, a short film literally about a young woman being tied up.
  • Happens to every one of the 5 middle-school aged heroes (of both sexes) in the independent kid-made film Bradley's Summer, which can be found on YouTube. Not only that, Bradley himself gets tied up while invisible. Yup, an invisible boy tied up with ropes that look like they're hanging in mid-air.
  • Happens to the two female leads in the independent film Green Eyed Monsters. They pretty much spend 80% of the movie tied up. Strong language warning on this one. It's certainly not made by kids.
    • Five actresses have it happen to them in Blackout. From the same director. Hmmm...
  • Think of your favourite animated female character. Whoever it is, anyone from Mikuru Asahina to Erin Esurance, someone out there is drawing pictures of her tied up, and likely posting them on deviantART.
  • About two-thirds into this review by The Gaming Pixie. With ghostly demonic hands involved, no less.
  • That Guy with the Glasses seems to like this trope and use it in an equal-opportunity fashion:
    • Linkara has been tied up twice, once by Sage and the other time by Mechakara. The former had a gag involved.
    • The Nostalgia Critic was held hostage by the Game Heroes and was tied up with a bag over his head. The bag's pulled off at the start, but he's still squirming and getting manhandled throughout the promo.
    • Paw Dugan was tied to a chair and had his legs shaved by Pushing Up Roses.
    • The Nostalgia Chick had her hands tied with a red bowtie when Dark Nella took over her show and the Makeover Fairy was tied up in the bath while her make-up was scraped off.
    • The Ghost Of Christmas Future tied Obscurus Lupa to a chair with tape and tinsel in order to try and get the Critic to a Christmas Carol parody.
    • Elisa was taped up on a couch courtesy of Team B in Suburban Knights.
    • The Chick stunned Spoony in the face, tied him up with extension cord and gagged him with a sock at the start of their Dune IRiff. She's also kidnapped and tied up Todd in the Shadows at least five times. note 
  • Golden Book Video Killers:
    • In "Golden Book Video Killers XVI", Grumpy and Daffy were covering the Golden Book Video versions of The Bible stories, Noah's Ark, David and Goliath, and Jonah. Grumpy feared that Daffy would make crude and offensive jokes about the stories (since they were all about Christianity), so he tied up Daffy to prevent that from happening.
    • In the latest episode "Golden Book Video Killers - Si And Am's Edition", Si and Am (from Lady and the Tramp) do this to Grumpy in an attempt to sabotage the 5th anniversary of the show. Fortunately for Grumpy, Zeke Wolf showed up and was able to save him, which led to Grumpy confronting the two mischievous cats about it near the end of the episode.
  • Played for Drama a couple of times in Marble Hornets:
    • In Entry #35, Alex and Jay manage to unmask the masked man after they overpower him and tie him up, revealing his identity for the first time. It's Tim.
    • In Entry #67, the hooded figure knocks out Alex with a pipe at the abandoned hospital and then ties him up to a chair. He allows Tim to practically knock his lights out before he takes Alex's gun and nearly finishes him off himself. Fortunately for Alex, the Operator shows up just in time to save him.
  • Done to this poor girl by her classmates at Milton Keynes College.
  • Used in The Literary Lair during the review of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, where Mike points out that it is a blatant Mechakara rip off, which is rebuked by the cyborg who tied him up.
  • Shadows Of The Past but this is always Played for Laughs
    • Delta is gagged by Scoots and Eieon and offer him in a trade offscreen. Delta is given to Doc and Pinky for a day in return they have to revive an implied dead Sage
    • Delta again by Scoots offscreen but this is used for fetish purposes only.
    • After everyone discovers Venus is a double agent they all tie her up but they don't gag her, even though Scoots thinks it's the better way to go. She believed it was a gang bang so justified.

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