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Hume-a Pege-a Vhet is thees ebuoot? Thees veeki is a cetelug ooff zee treecks ooff zee trede-a fur vreeting feecshun.

Trupes ere-a defeeces und cunfenshuns thet a vreeter cun reesunebly rely oon es beeeng present in zee oodeeence-a members' meends und ixpecteshuns. Oon zee vhule-a, trupes ere-a nut cleechés. Zee vurd cleechéd meuns "stereutyped und treete-a." In oozeer vurds, dooll und uneenteresting. Ve-a ere-a nut luukeeng fur dooll und uneenteresting intreees. Ve-a ere-a here-a tu recugneeze-a trupes und pley veet zeem, nut tu meke-a foon ooff zeem.

Zee veeki is celled "TF Trupes" becoose-a TF is vhere-a ve-a sterted. Oofer zee cuoorse-a ooff a foo yeers, oooor scupe-a hes crept oooot tu incloode-a oozeer medeea. Trupes trunscend telefeesiun. Zeey refflect leeffe-a. Seence-a a lut ooff ert, ispeceeelly zee pupooler erts, dues its best tu refflect leeffe-a, trupes ere-a leekely tu shoo up iferyvhere-a.

Ve-a ere-a nut a stooffffy incyclupedeec veeki. Ve're-a a boottlued mure-a inffurmel. Ve-a incuoorege-a breezy lungooege-a und ooreeginel thuooght. Zeere-a Is Nu Sooch Theeng Es Nutebeelity, und nu ceeteshuns ere-a needed. Iff yuoor intry cunnut gezeer uny ifeedence-a by zee Veeki Megeec, it veell joost veezeer und deee-a. Unteel zeen, thuoogh, it veell be-a efeeeleble-a thruoogh zee Meeen Trupes Index.

Ve-a ere-a elsu nut a veeki fur besheeng theengs. Oonce-a egeeen, ve're-a ebuoot celebreteeng feecshun, nut shooeeng ooffff hoo sneede-a und sercesteec ve-a cun be-a.

Inuoogh ebuoot vhet ve-a ere-a nut. Um de hur de hur de hur. Gu oon, hefe-a a luuk et zee velcume-a pege-a, und hefe-a foon! See oolso ze Moopet Show un ze pages un ze ooter Svedish language.

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