Bollywood / Jodhaa Akbar

A 2008 Bollywood period movie that rivals Titanic in extravagance. The movie was made with a 400 million Rs. budget to support elaborate sets, period costumes and jewelery, battle scenes, A-list actors, and Rahman. The story centers around sixteenth century Mughal Emperor Akbar (played by dreamy, green-eyed Hritik Roshan) and his Rajput wife, Jodhaa (played by Aishwarya Rai's jewelry). The two are forced into marriage because Akbar wanted the Rajputs' allegiance. Akbar is Muslim and Jodhaa is Hindu, but despite their differences they slowly (and predictably charmingly) fall in love. As the romance progresses and Jodhaa becomes more influential, vague political tension builds in Akbar's court. Very Abusive of the Ermine Cape Effect.

This film provides examples of: