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Bollywood: Bobby
A Romeo and Juliet type story about a lonely Hindu teenager (Rishi Kapoor) who falls for Bobby (Dimple Kapadia), a feisty girl from a Christian family of Portuguese descent. He's rich, she's poor, they're from different religions, his father despises her and her father, her father rather likes her boyfriend as a person but has been too badly insulted by the boy's father to be okay with the relationship. Things come to a happier ending than in Romeo and Juliet, with the two fathers teaming up to beat off some goons who were harrassing the youngsters, and then rescuing each other's child from a cliffhanger situation.

Bobby was directed by respected auteur and movie star Raj Kapoor, as a vehicle for his son Rishi Kapoor. It was a huge hit with teenagers, for its very contemporary main characters, who actually looked and acted like adolescents. Today it is mostly known for making instant stars out of Rishi and Dimple, for its catchy songs, and for Raj Kapoor's camera's undue fascination with Dimple's legs.
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