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Boisterous Bruiser: Music
  • Every Time I Die's "We'rewolf". Loud, rude, downright crude at times, but fun and surprisingly reflective at others. It helps that the video features the band being victimized by a werewolf and, shortly after, becoming rock 'n' rolling werewolves themselves. And then they crash a party...
  • Shane McGowan of The Pogues used to be one of these, but then his lifestyle caught up with him. Today, he's seen as a walking cautionary tale. Other Celtic Punk bands carrying on in The Pogues' footsteps, however, are all about this trope.
    • The Dreadnoughts' song "Fire Marshall Willy" is all about one of these. Willy is the ultimate party animal.
  • Many of Korpiklaani's songs give this kind of vibe, with their loud, exuberant energy and frequent lyrical focus on alcohol.
  • Gore Shack. With song titles like "The Weredude", "Beercan Burial" , and "Big Tits and Zombie Flicks", They really could never be anything else but this trope personified.

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