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Blog: What Went Wrong With

"Welcome to What Went Wrong With note , a place where I get to bitch about those things I hate with such a depth only a true fan could hate. To make things clear, I'm not here to complain about things I don't like. The internet is already full of that, so I won't waste my time or yours. On the contrary, I'm planning to write about things I love, but that at the same time can't help but hating.
Sounds complicated? Well, let me tell you a little secret.... love always is.
- First entry

What Went Wrong With is a blog created by the troper Nac, in which he tries to analyze different mistakes and problems with media he actually likes. That can range from pretty much everything, including Yu-Gi-Oh!, Power Rangers, Beetlejuice, Extra Credits and this very wiki.

It can be read here (Be sure to visit it.. please?). Be warned though, Nac is a great procrastinator and while he has written lots of drafts, he hasn't published practically anything.

There isn't much to say about it besides what's described above, so let's just get to the tropes, shall we?

This Blog provides example of:

Topics discussed on the Blog:

What If?BlogWorst Muse

alternative title(s): What Went Wrong With
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