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Blog: Time Out Of Mind
"I suppose first posts of everything are always awkward, so I'll just shut up and stop over explaining myself, and share some cool stuff."

Time Out Of Mind is an entry in the Slender Man Mythos, the blog of Alison Brent, an Arizona art student. Originally intended as a blog to discuss art, it increasingly became a personal journal as Ali started to worry about her roommate Jill, who began to believe she was under the watch of a certain dapper, well-dressed Eldritch Abomination.

Tropes associated with Time Out Of Mind:

  • Genre Savvy: Ali is aware from an early point that her blog is increasingly beginning to resemble a Slenderblog and tries to stop it becoming one.
  • Halfway Plot Switch: Ali started the blog to talk about art, until Jill started seeing Slender Man.

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alternative title(s): Time Out Of Mind
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