--> ''I love to play video games and I love to eat. Preferably at the same time.\\
What's even better is [[{{Defictionalization}} eating the food from the game while I'm playing it.]]''

[[http://gourmetgaming.tumblr.com/ Gourmet Gaming]] is a gaming blog dedicated to the food of gaming. Specifically, turning fictional foods from games into ''real'' foods you can [[{{Defictionalization}} prepare and eat for yourself]]. Every Wednesday ([[ScheduleSlip give or take]]), blog writer Daniella Zelli adds new recipes inspired by the worlds of gaming. From the mainstream (such as VideoGame/TheSims) to the obscure (how about some ''VideoGame/MuramasaTheDemonBlade'' fish udon?), no game is off limits so long as the food in it looks and sounds delicious!

!This blog contains examples of:

* ArtisticLicense: She tries to base her recipes on in-game images when possible, but she isn't afraid to improvise when none are available.
* BlazingInfernoHellfireSauce: Both her Dante's [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Inferno]] pizza from ''VideoGame/DevilMayCry'' and the ''VideoGame/KirbysDreamLand'' Superspicy Curry are prone to inducing {{fire breath|ingDiner}}.
* ChristmasEpisode: Around Christmas, she does Christmassy recipes, like fruitcake and gingerbread. From appopriate games, of course!
* ComfortFood: Macaroni and cheese, according to her, is the ultimate in comfort foods.
* CordonBleughChef:
** She gets several friends to taste-test her recipes before sending them out into the wild, but some of them do sound a bit bizarre regardless. Examples include chocolate chip and nori cookies and Mountain Dew burger sauce, but they ''do'' actually taste good.
** She also done real-life versions of a few canon examples, such as the ''VideoGame/EarthBound'' peanut cheese bar and VideoGame/DeadlyPremonition's Sinner's Sandwich.
* CutASliceTakeTheRest: She describes her Videogame/EarthBound Peanut Cheese Bar recipe in this way:
--> ''And when I say it makes six to eight bars, what I really mean is it makes one giant bar for one lucky person. Like me.''
* FoodPorn: As if the recipes weren't mouthwatering enough, she enjoys photographing them from enticing angles as well.
* GamerChick: Well, not many men are named "Daniella"...
* ImpossiblyDeliciousFood: Even she was surprised at just how delicious Yeto's Soup from ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess'' ended up being. "This is actually one of the most delicious things I've ever tasted!"
* MasochistsMeal: Her take on the Superspicy Curry from ''VideoGame/KirbysDreamLand'' is not for the faint of heart. She herself describes it as "like punching yourself in the face."
* PowerupFood: Several of her dishes are based on these.
* SatiatingSandwich: She's done a couple of sandwiches, including the famous ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' sandvich.
* SeparatedByACommonLanguage: She's from the UK, but has twice made American-style biscuits. She's noted her mental disconnect between what she thinks of as a "biscuit" (an American "cookie") and an American-style biscuit (closer to a British "scone").
* SupremeChef: More impressive than usual in that Zelli is completely self-taught. She started off cooking simply by tweaking recipes she found in books, and simply practiced from there.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: She notes that her ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' Mushroom Stew is only for people who really, really, ''really'' like mushrooms... including herself.