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Big Ol Eyebrows: Videogames
  • Elves in World of Warcraft have highly improbable eyebrows that extend conspicuously beyond their faces, yet are still rather thin.
  • In the Street Fighter series, especially earlier on, Ryu and Ken possessed excessively large eyebrows, apparently made from M. Bison, Balrog, and Guile's missing eyebrows. Ryu's are so big at times that they overlap his headband.
  • Star Trek: Elite Force II gave us Mr. Stemmons, the Obstructive Bureaucrat with truly outrageous eyebrows.
  • In the concept artwork of the game, Dimension Spark has Zachary Spark, who usually is drawn with rather sizable brows.
  • Jill from the GBA Drill Dozer, but hers are nothing compared to her dad's epic unibrow, WOW.
  • Mafia boss Winfred "Big Wins" Kitaki in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney couples this with Eyes Always Shut, initially giving many players the impression that his eyebrows are Sinister Shades (as he's a mafia boss).
  • The Japanese releases of Ratchet & Clank games gives Ratchet very thick, bushy eyebrows that many American fans refer to as "woolly bear caterpillars" - his eyebrows are fairly thick in the American version as well, but the Japanese release specifically stated he was given thicker eyebrows "so fanartists would have a place to start drawing from."
  • This seems to run in the Mishima Family. Jin's and Kazuya's are impressive, but somewhat less than grandpa Heihachi's. The Spoony One spoofed this in his review of the anime and live-action Tekken movies by wearing progressively larger construction paper eyebrows.
    • Ganryu, another Japanese character, sports these.
  • Professor Pickle in Sonic Unleashed.
  • Piston Honda of Punch-Out!! has giant eyebrows that have their own sound effect. He twitches them before he punches, which is your cue to dent his face.
  • Lord Gongora from Lost Odyssey has extremely bushy eyebrows. His unwilling lackey Jansen even refers to him as 'Lord Eyebrows'.
  • Yukari Yakumo from Touhou normally has average eyebrows, but gets subjected to this trope in the works of doujinshi circle Hot Dog Chuck.
    • Cirno now gains an official one with Touhou 12.8.
    • For a variant, Ichirin in 13.5 has extraordinarily thick and bushy eyelashes.
  • Princess Suzushiro Shikikagura from Princess Waltz sports a pair prominent enough to earn an extra look and a nickname ("Eyebrows Girl") from Liliana.
  • K.K. Slider from the Animal Crossing games has some powerful brows. Better yet, they're based on a real guy.
  • Ganondorf of the Zelda series sports a particularly magnificent pair of eyebrows that are not only bushy, but actually extend back to join with his hair.
  • Maxi of Soul Calibur fame. So extraordinary are his eyebrows they received their very own jiggle physics.
  • The Worms have rather prominent eyebrows. So much that a cross promotion item of one of their helmets has a sculpted in pair of them.
  • Axel from Disgaea 2 has huge eyebrows shaped like lightning bolts.
  • Commander Sith from Ghost Trick. His eyebrows are so large they probably qualify as his hairstyle.
  • Van from Tales of the Abyss has pretty prominent eyebrows. According to Anise they can shoot lasers - Natalia believed it.
  • Bizley from Tales of Xillia 2 has similarly prominent eyebrows that appear to join with his sideburns.
  • Lampshaded in Dungeons of Dredmor.
    Propaganda Poster "Fear the large eyebrowed one, it brings strange diseases. Fight to the last!"
    • Even better is one of the random enemy taunts: "thine eyebrows will not protect thee this time".
    • You can play as both a male and a female character in the game... and they both have thick, bushy eyebrows.
  • Thunder Bomber from Bomberman Online and Bomberman Jetters has very large eyebrows which are shaped like lightning bolts.
  • Many of the Angry Birds.
  • All of the Mr Saturns in EarthBound and MOTHER 3 sport the most magnificent eyebrows, each roughly as large as ten of their eyes.
  • Strider Hiryu sports these as well. Take a look at his manga appearance!
  • Kunio himself and many other characters in the Kunio-kun series.
  • Astal has some very long forked eyebrows.
  • Asuka 120% features the tomboyish Ryuuko and shy and polite Kumi, both of whom exhibit this.
  • Bowser in the Super Mario Bros. series has a pair of big bushy red eyebrows that make him look very intimidating. Bowser's eyebrows seem to be in a curved shape so that he always looks angry or at least irritated.

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