Big No / Real Life

  • Team Liquid when Savior's possible retirement was announced: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..."
  • A viral video showed a guy spoiling Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to a bunch of Harry Potter fans waiting outside a bookstore for the novel. One fan's reaction is a woman at the end of the video yelling "NOOOOOOOOOO! You Bitch! YOU BITCH!!".
  • In a video featured on many cop shows, a man being arrested for possession of marijuana screams "NOOOOOOOOO! Please! God Almighty!" etc., a.k.a. the Crybaby Criminal.
  • In 2004, a woman at a Dick Cheney rally was arrested and nearly charged for shouting five Big Nos in a row.
  • YouTube video: When a man finds out his cat's arms are missing — "Egon? What happened to your arms Egon? Egooooooooonnn! Noooooooooooooooo!"
  • American senator Larry Craig shouted "NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!" when the man he was propositioning for anonymous gay sex (we'll just leave at that) in a Minneapolis airport bathroom revealed that he was a police officer. Later, he tried to claim that while he had been tapping his toes in the bathroom stall, he wasn't cruising — he simply had a "wide stance" while using the toilet. This created one of the world's most epic political memes, but convinced nobody — if his taps were completely innocent, why the Big No?
  • This girl's reaction to her boyfriend's prank of tampering with her shampoo.
  • This trope is particularly popular with children about eight or under who aren't getting their way.
  • More interestingly than some of the above, the recent political unrest in Syria has lead for the Syrian Branch of the Muslim Brotherhood to call for you to shout a Big No?
  • These young girls' reactions upon seeing David Cook win American Idol.
  • This man watching his football team losing a game that will result in the team falling out of the "A" league, big no is at 2:48 but you want to watch it all, it's hilarious. (it's in spanish unfortunately, there are subtitles that kind of suck but get the message across. Also, VERY NSFW, a lot of swearing and such).
  • The YouTube user Hamster Alliance lets out a hilarious (and completely understandable) one during his playthrough of Super Meat Boy. He also tends to degenerate into sad "I want to give up" laughter and random bouts of frustrated gibberish.
  • The shirt of ultimate disambiguation.
  • Lots of fandoms related to LucasArts (especially Star Wars) once Disney announced they shut down the company, complete with lots of links to the famous scene from Star Wars Episode III.
    • And then Disney announced that EA was in charge of all future Star Wars games. After The Old Republic and its considerable backlash, many fans gave the same reaction.
  • During a BBC Radio One interview, Kesha is tricked by Nick Grimshaw into admitting that she thinks Harry Styles is a ten. The following ensues:
    Grimshaw: Well, that's embarrassing, because he's on Line 1.
    Ke$ha: No!!
    (after the most Adorkable conversation ever between an exhausted Harry and a nervous Ke$ha...)
    Ke$ha: You're a butthole. That's the first time I've been truly embarrassed in a while. Good job, now he thinks I'm a total dork.
    Grimshaw: You know what though, he's not really in Canada right now. (beat) Bring him in.
    Ke$ha: No. No. You're joking. No! (realizes that she's being pranked) ...Oh, I hate you.
  • Markiplier does this while streaming the game "Exoptable Money" on YouTube.
  • Kristen Schaal's reaction to being told she recorded her last lines as Mabel Pines. Alex Hirsch was recording it, although the beginning of the "NOOOOO" was cut off.
  • Margaret Thatcher: "No. No. No".
  • During the Trump inauguration, there was this anti-Trump protester...