Big Bad / Roleplay

  • Destroy the Godmodder has a fairly obvious one. The Godmodder. This isn't completely the case in the second one, where some of the screwiness seems to have a little grounding outside of the Godmodder's influence, but everything in the first game was at least indirectly the Godmodder's fault.
  • Dr. Rex of Dino Attack RPG. At least, until it gets Hijacked By Baron Typhonus.
  • Outpost Defenders has Clark, the leader of Cordis Die. Almost all of the events in the story are about taking him or one of his major minions down.
  • Pokémon: Rise of the Rockets started out with Sleight, the ultimate ruler of Team Rocket, as the primary Big Bad. As time has gone on, however, it has shifted to the point where John Ford can be considered the Big Bad of the entire conflict. That being said, there is almost always more than one Big Bad operating at a time, creating a continuous Big Bad Ensemble across the story.
  • In Roll To Dodge: Savral, the Witch Cathy, the in-game persona of the game master, acts as the ultimate villain, given that she destroyed the previous game master's world and de-powered all the other player characters. In Savral's past, she turned the northern half of the world into a barren wasteland, sicced a horde of man-eating elves on the rest of the world, and caused mass-genocide. She's also responsible for creating the game's demonic, trolling unicorns, which cause never-ending problems for the player characters and wreak havoc on the world as a whole.