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Beyond The Impossible: Visual Novels
Events in Visual Novels that are not possible. Only add examples that fit the definition.

  • Fate/stay night
    • The guy who would become Servant Assassin created Tsubame Gaeshi, a sword technique that twists dimensions so that he can strike from three directions at the same time. He did this by... swinging his sword. A lot. And kept doing it with utter determination until reality essentially gave up and granted him what he wanted, partial access to "multi-dimension refraction phenomenon", known also as the Second Magic. In his own words, he simply had nothing else to do. Saber's reaction to this story makes it very clear that this is as insane in-universe as it sounds like in real life.
    • Heracles has two. he's been trapped by Enkidu, Gilgamesh's chain used to ensnare divine opponents; the more divine the foe, the stronger the chains hold. Since Heracles is a demigod in good standing with the gods (an A-ranked divinity), the chains are impossible to break. When Ilya is mortally wounded he breaks them. Secondly, he keeps himself manifested with sheer willpower past his own death, long enough for the blinded, dying Ilya to feel him standing there and die peacefully.
    • Gilgamesh drinks from the holy grail, which is the Nasuverse, isn't even a cup so much as it is a formless eldritch abomination which is all the world's evil made manifest. His reaction? "All the world's evil? It'll take at least three times as much to harm me."
  • Umineko no Naku Koro ni EP6. Lambda says that Bern was originally a piece in a game that the Game Master made Unwinnable. (Lambda did not explicitly say whether the game was of the Unwinnable by Mistake or the Unwinnable by Design variety.) The Game Master then abandoned Bern as a piece and left her to fend for herself. Bern eventually ended up winning the game anyway]and gained the title of Witch of Miracles. The mentioned game may or may not have been Higurashi. While this does explain her cruelty, it's no excuse for it.
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