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Beware The Nice Ones: Web Animation
  • Yumeria in Card Players. There's obviously a reason she carries a gun everywhere she goes.
  • Shandala in Broken Saints. Can you say terrifying, kiddies?
  • Flippy of Happy Tree Friends.
  • Steve the Pirhana Plant in The Movie of Bowser's Kingdom. Why 
  • In Red vs. Blue, Sheila is pretty nice and even-tempered, especially in comparison to the rest of the cast. She's also the installed AI in a tank.
    • Another AI example is Delta. Mostly emotionless, he's nonetheless shown subtle and very touching dedication to his partner York, even insisting on staying beside him into death. He's later revived, and partnered with South Dakota, who proceeds to try using him as bait to let herself escape. When South is captured, it's Delta that recommends that she not be given further opportunity for betrayals.
    • Caboose is another example. He started out as an idiot and only got dumber. However, he is by far the nicest member of the main cast; he cares more about making friends than fighting (unfortunately, when he does fight, generally he's a danger to his allies). However, when he worked himself up into a fury, aside from launching into a series of nonsensical one-liners ("Your toast has been burnt and no amount of scraping will remove the black parts!"), he defeated two armies of flag-obsessed zealots. And later quite a number of Texbots all on his own.
    • Doc was also a case while he was stuck with O'Malley for a while.
    • The flashback subplot in Seasons 9 and 10 shows that Washington was pretty meek for a Freelancer, contrasting with his later personality and actions.
    • Add North Dakota to the list as well. He's easily the nicest and friendliest of the Freelancers, to the point where he got the AI he did specifically because he has a nurturing personality and is the Team Mom. But he's still one of the top Freelancers, capable of mowing down an army of Mooks and expertly dual-wielding sniper rifles.
  • Shao Kahn of Morty Kombat is a rare, villainous example, with a very nice exterior, and a very mean, dark side.
  • Catbug is adorable, innocent and loves to play with anyone and everyone. He also shaved Danny's eyebrows (and possibly Chris' hair, too) upon acquiring an electric razor in "Browser Fail", and was revealed to have killed Jelly Kid upon their first meeting in "Jelly Kid Forever". (To be fair, he *is* part-cat, and happily justified his actions as being a present for any cat would.)
  • RWBY takes place at a military school in a World of Badass, so any 'nice' character probably fits this trope. Special mention goes to Pyrrha, who introduces herself by saving a total stranger from plummeting to his death with her excellent spear-throwing skills and power over magnetism.
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