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Betty And Veronica: Videogames
  • Remakes of Dragon Quest V did this when the player has to choose between three women to marry. The Betty and Veronica in this situation is Bianca and Deborah respectively (remakes, because Deborah was not in the original). In the original Nera/Flora was the Veronica, but Debora has a more Veronica personality, putting Nera somewhere in the middle.
  • In Grandia II, Betty and Veronica are the same person. The Betty, Elena, is a priestess, while the Veronica, Millenia, is a part of the evil god Valmar (his Wings to be exact), that's possessing Elena. The main character seems to be leaning towards Elena, though they don't really hook up. Also, Millenia separates from Elena near the end. Somehow. And keeps waiting for Ryudo, convinced that he will choose her over Elena.
  • Occurs in Final Fantasy VII: Cloud is given a choice between the Betty, Aerith, and the Veronica, Tifa, though it can be argued that Aeris/th, as the spunky up and at 'em last of a Dying Race, is the 'special' Veronica type, and the shy girl next door Tifa is a Betty type. In reality, both girls are a blend of the two archetypes.
  • According to the author, the potential love interests for the player character in Planescape: Torment, Annah-of-the-Shadows and Fall-From-Grace, were inspired by Betty and Veronica. Weirdly, they both have a blend of features—Grace, the wealthy, worldly, educated, glamorous one is by far the more personable of the two; the guttersnipe, relatable Annah is more brash and sharp-tongued, but also younger and more inexperienced.
  • In Baldur's Gate II, if one has two or more of the female love interests in the party, multiple Betty and Veronica scenarios can exist. Sweet, innocent Aerie is definitely the most Betty-ish, with no-nonsense old friend but world-wise warrior Jaheira being somewhere between the two, and darkly exotic rogue drow Viconia being firmly a Veronica. (Alternatively, with all three—and it is possible to start a romance with all three, though obviously not finish it that way—one might be said to have a Betty, Veronica, and Cheryl situation, except there are no three-way fights over you, just two-way.)
  • Interesting variation happens in Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals, where the situation is set up as normal: Tia, the old friend with a crush on the hero as the Betty and Selan, the exotic and (somewhat) mysterious fighter as the Veronica. The variation being that not only does Maxim ends up with Selan (the Veronica), it also occurs midway through the game
  • In Tales of Symphonia, Lloyd's two most obvious love interests are Colette, his blond, quiet, gentle Victorious Childhood Friend (Betty) and Sheena, the raven-haired, tough, exotic Action Girl (Veronica). The game lets you decide who he ends up with (including neither), thanks to the multiple endings.
  • In Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, lead character Ephraim can choose between sweet, innocent, determined Tana or upbeat, cheerful, crazy (and rich!) L'arachel. However, don't forget that he can have an ending with his twin sister Eirika too.
    • Ephraim's sister Eirika actually plays this trope a bit more straight: her main options are Seth (the calm, collected and hunky bodyguard) or Innes (prince of another country whose personality and tongue are as sharp as his arrows — though in a variation, Innes is the childhood friend) There are also two potential Cheryl Blossoms who in themselves fit here well too: Saleh (Betty) is a soft-spoken Tall, Dark and Handsome magic user, whereas Forde (Veronica) is a Chivalrous Pervert Sleepyhead.
    • Either Innes or Tana can fall into this, too. Innes has Eirika as his Betty, with Action Girl Vanessa as an odd mix of Betty (have known each other since childhood) and Veronica (is very coolheaded and near-unemotional in battle)... and L'Arachel as the Cheryl Blossom. Meanwhile, Tana can end up either with dependable and kindhearted childhood friend Ephraim, or the also kind but very troubled (and sexy-looking) Cormag.
    • To a smaller degree, Kyle can be in this predicament too. Syrene is the childhood friend Lady of War, while Lute is the Lady of Black Magic.
    • And then we have Rebel Prince Joshua. Natasha, the Proper Lady White Magician Girl, is the Betty; meanwhile, Marisa is the Sugar And Ice Girl Action Girl Veronica.
      • And if Natasha is seen as the Archie, then Joshua becomes the Veronica while Seth is the Betty,
  • The "main" Love Triangle of sorts in Fire Emblem Seisen no Keifu had Deirdre as the Archie, with the kind and knightly Sigurd as Betty and the deeply troubled Arvis as Veronica. It ended horribly, when Arvis killed Sigurd before decimating his army. At the same time, Prince Lewyn had his own Betty And Veronica in Ferry (serious Lady of War whom he knows since childhood) and Sylvia (sexy dancer who's been travelling with him lately) - you can choose whom he picks as his girlfriend/wife, alongside Badass Princess Tiltyu as a Cheryl Blossom. Though Thracia 776 has a clear slant towards Ferry.
    • And 17 years later, the second lead Seliph has the Proper Lady Lana and the Action Girl Larcei as this. In a subversion, both of them are his childhood friends.
    • Larcei has a similar predicament, too. Two Isaacsian noblemen, the brothers Johan and Johalva, have the hots for her: Johan is the Betty due to his Purple Prose-laden speech patterns and ultra-chivalrous view of their bond, while the hotheaded Jerk with a Heart of Gold Johalva is the Veronica.
    • And then, there's Badass Princess Raquesis. Out of all her potential suitors (not counting Eldigan, that is), Beowulf is a cynical Punch Clock Hero Veronica and Finn is a Knight in Shining Armor Betty. Both of them might have won and then lost in Thracia: it's all but stated that Raquesis's eldest son Delmud is Beo's kid, while her youngest daughter Nanna is Fin's, though Raquesis herself is missing in action.
    • It's hinted in the Seisen game that Sigurd's sister Ethlyn might have been the Archie at some moment, with Duke Quan as the Betty (and the canon winner) and King Travant as the Veronica. It didn't matter in the end: Travant, despite whatever he thought of Ethlyn, killed them both.
  • In the Zelda games, Link has several cases of these, usually with Zelda as the Betty. The most obvious example is in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, where Midna served as the Veronica. The game also has a Funny Background Event in the form of blonde Beth and dark-haired Luda fighting for the right to nurse an injured Colin back to health. In their case, however, Beth is kind of a Tsundere and thus much more of a Veronica to silent Luda's Betty.
  • If all of the content had made it into the final game, the hero of Neverwinter Nights 2 would have had the reasonable, down-to-earth Elanee (Betty) vs. the greedy and somewhat flighty Neeshka (Veronica) for male characters; and the kind and honorable Casavir (Betty) vs. the psychotic pervert Bishop (Veronica) for female characters.
    • Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark gives us the choice between technically dead paladin Aribeth (Betty) and exotic drow Defrosting Ice Queen Nathyrra (Veronica) in the second/third chapters. Though they both could technically be either, given the fact that your character has been adventuring with Nathyrra for quite a long time by the time you meet Aribeth.
    • The Neverwinter Nights community module A Dance with Rogues gives us two Betty characters and two Veronica characters, along with a fifth who could be either. On the Betty side we have the honorable and compassionate Anden and the kind and friendly bisexual Pi; on the Veronica side we get the psychotic pervert Vico and the drow noble Rizzen who thinks you are his slave. Bran is difficult to qualify, being far more in the Betty camp when compared to Vico and Rizzen but having many more Veronica characteristics than Anden or Pia.
  • The Bastard Of Kosigan doesn't actually have any long-term relationships set out yet, but from implications in text Jehanne of Albret might play Betty to Alexandra de Velan's Veronica (slightly humorous, as Alexandra is actually your character's childhood lover).
    • Though sort of ruined, as Alexandra dies either if you kill her at the end of the second module or, if you don't, she dies in a cutscene at the end of the fourth, both events coming before Jehanne has any on-screen time.
  • Jade Empire:
    • The player gets to choose between childhood friend Dawn Star (Betty) and pampered princess Sun Lian/Silk Fox (Veronica). In an interesting twist, there is also a third option where you can have them both.
    • Female characters have the Lovable Rogue Sky, the more conventional option (Betty) or the lesbain choice Silk Fox (Veronica)
  • Also from Bioware, Mass Effect allows the player to choose from empathic and scholarly Liara T'Soni (Betty) and spunky Action Girl Ashley Williams (Veronica). These roles can justifiably be reversed when you consider that Ashley is a regular human and Liara belongs to an exotic race of psychic aliens who reproduce by banging very nearly everything that moves. The two will eventually confront one another, and you, if you don't turn one of them down.
    • Mass Effect 2 also has Kelly and Tali (Betty) vs. Miranda and Jack (Veronica) for males, and Jacob and Kelly (Betty) vs. Thane and Garrus (Veronica) for females.
    • In more of a broad series overview, Kaidan ('Betty') and Garrus ('Veronica') have this dynamic for female Shepards.
  • In Breath of Fire II, there's Ryu's two love interests, Nina (Betty) and Katt (Veronica). Interestingly enough, Ryu actually has more opportunities to have romantic moments with Katt than Nina (even though both like him).
    • Given the trend of the Breath of Fire series as a whole, though, it's almost certain that he ends up with Nina, just like every other lead ends up with a Betty.
  • In Uncharted: Among Thieves, brand-new Action Girl sidekick Chloe Frazier is Veronica, and Intrepid Reporter Elena Fisher becomes the Betty.
  • In Knights of the Old Republic II, the Handmaiden Brianna (Betty) and Visas Marr (Veronica) fight over the male PC.
    • For the female Jedi Exile, there's Mical the Jedi Disciple (Betty) and Atton Rand (Veronica). Had all of the intended content made it into the final version of the game, they could have really fought over the PC, with a Dark Side Atton killing Mical in jealousy; as it is, he's still plenty jealous, though Mical mostly seems confused by it.
  • Dragon Age: Origins:
    • The game gives a (straight) male character two choices for a romantic plot: sweet pious bard Leliana who wants you to help anybody in trouble, and dark sexily-dressed witch Morrigan who is nauseated if you waste time on such peasants. As the game progresses you might discover things are not as simple as that- Leliana has a dark, most Veronica-ish past whereas Morrigan becomes a Defrosting Ice Queen.
    • Straight females may choose the chivalrous (albeit a bit childish) joker Alistair, or the cynical but pleasant Zevran.
    • A bisexual character's choices can throw out the Betty-Veronica dynamic. A bisexual female may be between two Bettys, Alistair and Leliana, or set up a Veronica through Zevran. A bisexual male may be between two Veronicas through Morrigan and Zevran. And Isabela (see below) adds a throwaway quickie Veronica for characters of either gender - which can involve half the party depending on what the player has done.
  • In Dragon Age II this trope applies to the two female characters who can be romanced; Merrill and Isabela. Merrill is sweet, innocent, and rather naive, while Isabela is an exotic, voluptuous, sexually promiscuous pirate queen. Both of the male romance options in the vanilla game, Anders and Fenris, are brooding, Troubled, but Cute Veronica types, whereas chaste, devoutly religious DLC-only Sebastian is decidedly Betty. (He can also only be romanced by a female Hawke, unlike any of the other four romance options.)
  • Depending on what you choose and social links, the main character of Persona 4 can have this. Though his romantic life can go to many other female characters, Yukiko (Betty) and Chie (Veronica) can easily be this.
  • In Fading Hearts Ryou is stuck in a Love Triangle between Rina (Betty) who loves him and Claire (Veronica) who he loves. The girls' personalities and hair colours parallel those of the Archie Comics characters.
  • Both redheaded love interests in The Witcher; Shani, The Medic who wants to protect the child and Triss the high society mage who wants to use him, but is better capable of controlling keeping his power under control.
  • Used in The Saboteur with Skylar as the Veronica and the ironically named Veronique as the Betty.
  • Subverted in Grand Theft Auto IV where Niko has Michelle as Veronica, she betrayed him when it turns out she is working for Liberty News. He can continue his relationship with Kate, the Betty. That is until her death or refusal to be in Roman's wedding.
    • There's also Roman the Betty and Vlad the Veronica to Mallorie's Archie. Until Niko murders Vlad.
  • Bully has couple of these: Beatrice (Betty) and Mandy (Veronica), Pinky (Betty) and Lola (Veronica). That is until Zoe comes to the picture.
  • Gender-flipped example in Kingdom Hearts: Kairi has two love interests who are both childhood friends to her, Sora and Riku. You know who wins pretty early in the series.
  • Played straight in inFAMOUS with Trish (Betty) and Sasha (Veronica) to Cole (Archie). He loses them both with the former's death and the latter's capture by Kessler.
    • In the second game, we get another straight example with Kuo and Nix.
  • Resident Evil's Leon gets this in absolutely stupifying amounts due to the number of appearances he's made in the series and the fact that he's equal parts The Casanova and Chick Magnet. In RE2, he has Claire (Betty) and Ada (Veronica), although a long-lasting attraction is ultimately seen to exist between him and the latter (on the opposite side, he and Claire end up as good friends). In RE4, he has Ashley (Betty) and Ada (again, the Veronica), with his Mission Control Hunnigan functioning as the Cheryl at the end. The movie Degeneration has Claire (Betty) and Angela (Veronica). The only real exception to this is The Darkside Chronicles, and Manuela is shown to have a subtle crush on Leon.
  • Ar tonelico series uses this on the twin token Love Interest Aurica is sweet and quiet, while Misha is easy-going, cheerful, and has an exotic problem with her body.
    • Ar Tonelico 2 has a local dive therapist Luca as Betty and the lady knight princess Cloche as Veronica. But after the series of Character Developments their traits, personality wise, can be swapped.
    • Ar Tonelico 3 play this straighter. Saki is very Moe, while Finnel is a Tsundere and tom boyish club mascot who spends some times at the beginning trying to get close to the protagonist's best friend for a McGuffin.
  • Mina Tang and Scarlett Lake in Alpha Protocol.
  • Persona 2: Innocent Sin has our protagonist Tatsuya (Archie) pick between fellow school age student with an obvious crush on him Lisa (Betty), and the older teen magazine reporter and all around cheerful Maya (Veronica). However, this game also has a Gay Option Cheryl Blossom with Jun. Guess which one a lot of the fangirls go for? (Male gamers tend to lean towards Maya)
    • Lisa and Maya's Betty and Veronica-ness is pretty subtly blended between them - the Lisa/Betty, Maya/Veronica dynamic only stands firm at first glance. Lisa is somewhat exotic (to her Japanese peers, being of European descent) and rich (look at her family's house), and she can easily be a bitch (especially to her school friends or anyone between her and Tatsuya), playing up her Veronica-ness. Maya, meanwhile, is very kind and supportive (genuinely so, not just trying to appeal to Tatsuya), of modest means, and though far from a Yamato Nadeshiko is still the far more "traditional Japanese" choice of preferred woman between the two.
  • Some variants of this appear for the Social Links in Persona 3: the male protagonist has three love interests among the playable party; he can hook up with two more NPCs and possibly get his homeroom teacher to develop a crush on him as well, but his party members fit the dynamic better. Mitsuru, with all of her elegance, coolness, and absurd amount of wealth serves as the Veronica, while cheery and popular yet unpleasant Yukari serves as the Betty. A twist on this trope is that Yukari tends to become the jealous one if she's the chosen love interest. shy girl Fuuka Yamagishi functions as a Third-Option Love Interest, fitting neither category.
    • The same thing applies if you pick a female protagonist in the PlayStation Portable version of the game: while he's seemingly aloof, Akihiko is actually a rather awkward, affable, and caring Betty, while the brooding and unfriendly yet ultimately gentle Shinjiro is the Veronica. While both are similar in hiding their softer sides, Akihiko is more open and friendly than Shinjiro is. Ken, once again, doesn't fit either category - not only is he more of a Third-Option Love Interest, he's also a kid.
  • Persona 4 has our protagonist dealing with four female party members like this: the tomboyish Kung Fu enthusiast Chie and the proper and refined, yet otherwise modest Yukiko are both Bettys, whereas the excitable and flirtatious idol Rise and the quiet, awkward cross-dresser Naoto are Veronicas.
  • Mega Man Star Force Geo (Archie) has Luna (Veronica) the local class president, who is more interest in Geo as Mega Man, and Sonia (Betty) a teen pop singer who is very much interest in Geo himself.
  • BlazBlue has an unresolved Ship Tease triangle with Jin Kisaragi (the Archie) and his two Morality Pets, Tsubaki Yayoi (the Betty) and Makoto Nanaya (the Veronica). They're complete opposites in every respect: Tsubaki is the daughter of nobility, Makoto is from a large working-class family; Tsubaki dresses modestly, Makoto doesn't; Tsubaki was an honour-student, Makoto is somewhat dim; Tsubaki is quiet and reserved, Makoto is loud and impulsive; Tsubaki is a human with red hair and blue eyes, Makoto is a Squirrel Beastkin with chestnut brown hair and eyes to match; Tsubaki fights with a short sword and shield combo and fights with grace and elegance, Makoto fights with Dual Tonfas and relies on brute strength, speed and trickery.
    • In a subversion of the usual formula, the Veronica is actually nicer than the Betty; while not an ultra villain Tsubaki is a Clingy Jealous Girl who ends up falling into Love Makes You Evil territory, while Makoto is one of the few genuinely good people in the otherwise mostly Black and Gray Morality BlazBlue. This extends into their present-day story interactions with Jin, as well - Tsubaki takes on an order to "bring him in" (read: kill Jin, but she doesn't know that), and fights him in his story and hers, while Makoto watches over him in Ronin-gai after he sustains injuries guarding her from Hazama (his story) or overextends himself getting her to safety after she fights Hazama (her story).
    • Another typically-unseen take on this trope is that Makoto actually ships Jin with Tsubaki.
  • Catherine has Katherine (note the "K") as the Betty, and Catherine (note the "C") as the Veronica. Katherine is an Ice Queen who Vincent hit it off with after meeting her at a high-school reunion, while Catherine is a young, slightly crazy and metaphorical Magical Girlfriend, eventually revealed to be literal.
  • The first Overlord game does this with Rose (Betty) and Velvet (Veronica). It's sort of irrelevant, because the one you don't pick will betray you to set up the final battle, and Marry Them All is not an option.
  • In Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic Sareth is presented with a choice between Leanna as the Betty and Xana as the Veronica. Ironically, while both of them make blatant demands of Sareth (with Leanna/Betty continually asking Sareth to do the majority of the work involved in saving the day, while Xana/Veronica is a succubus who makes no attempt to hide her intentions of pushing Sareth into becoming a powerful overlord and being his sexy concubine), it's the Betty who pushes things over the edge, depending on the player's choices. At the start of the final level, if Sareth saved Leanna's life and refused to exorcise Xana in the church, then Leanna accuses him of betraying them and attacks him. Most players take a good deal of satisfaction in killing her at that point.
  • Mario's original love interest from Donkey Kong, is the Veronica to Princess Peach's Betty, who became his love interest starting with Super Mario Bros.. And adding in the Fan Preferred Couples, Daisy and Rosalina could also count as Veronicas.
  • Subverted in Skies of Arcadia. The rough-and-tumble Childhood Friend and partner-in-crime Aika serves as the Betty, and the hauntingly beautiful Mysterious Waif from another world Fina serves as the Veronica. However, beyond a handful of Ship Tease moments which are entirely optional, very easy-to-miss, and have no bearing on the course of the plot, neither girl actively pursues Vyse. By the end of the game, the love triangle is nowhere near being definitively resolved. Given the absolutely titanic shipping wars of another Japanese RPG that came out not long before, this was probably a wise decision on the part of the writers.
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