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Better Than It Sounds: Film V
  • Valkyrie: A group of military officers attempt to assassinate the head of state and seize power in a military coup so they can make a deal with their country's enemies.
  • The Valley Of The Gwangi: Cowboys and dinosaurs. That's pretty much it.
  • Velvet Goldmine: Batman/Patrick Bateman writes a newspaper story on King Henry VIII pretending to be David Bowie who had sex with Obi-Wan Kenobi and faked his own death. Later, Obi-Wan and Batman/Patrick have gay sex on a roof. A preteen female fanfic writer's wet dream.
    • If said preteen owns the entire David Bowie, Roxy Music, Cockney Rebel, and Slade back catalogs, sure. Otherwise it's a movie that panders to people who adore Oscar Wilde and/or glam rock. Features Eddie Izzard as a Carnaby Street suit-wearing jerk ass.
  • Vertigo: He's a cop... who's scared of heights.
  • V/H/S: Three guys have an unpleasant encounter with a woman, two lovers go on a road trip, a bunch of teenagers have a romp in the woods, a doctor talks to his distressed girlfriend over Skype and some guys go to the wrong house. This is all filmed.
  • Videodrome: A exploitation TV station producer discovers an S&M television program that alters the viewer's perceptions by giving them brain tumors. And might or might not have put a vagina in his stomach.
  • The Village: A group of historical re-creationists terrify their children with rubber costumes and forbid them from wearing red.
  • Viva Maria!: Two freedom fighters invent strip-tease.
  • V for Vendetta A man celebrates Bonfire Night with very strong fireworks.

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