Berserk Button: Fan Works

When a nice, normal character suddenly goes into a rage, you've hit their Berserk Button.

  • In the fic "Into The Forest'', do not hurt Pete Malloy's girlfriend. When they are captured by a group of criminals while horseback riding, one of them tries to rape Jenny when they camp for the night. Despite being viciously beaten and injured, Pete breaks his bonds in an adrenaline-fueled rage and charges the guy, ready to kill if he has to.

Ah! My Goddess
  • Ah! Archfall!. Hurt or insult Lind and Jago WILL make you suffer.

A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Lady Stoneheart in The North Remembers is cold, emotionless, to the point of being dead both figuratively and literally. Whether it be hanging Freys or witnessing a failed trial-by-combat or the reunion with her missing daughter, Stoneheart never so much as makes an expression of relief, satisfaction, rage, or sorrow. However, during her little reunion with Littlefinger, the man responsible for literally everything that happened to her family over the story, he makes the mistake of mentioning the Red Wedding and how it was only meant for her son Robb to be killed and for her to be ransomed back into his hands. She completely loses her shit and unleashes herself upon him, strangling the guy and nearly kills him before being stopped by her daughter Sansa.
    Lady Stoneheart: "Robb? Robb! ROBB!"

Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Bring Me All Your Elderly has many:
    • Toph loses it at the "Pebble Dance," deciding to break off from the main fic and beat some sense into the Earthbenders.
    • Narrating is one for Katara (particularly when Katarola is doing it). She also hates the scene in the Earthbender prison because of 1) the fact that Awng gets her inspiring speech and 2) the sheer stupidity of the scene in general.
      • She also flips out when Katarola attempts to make out with Aang, understandably.
      • Most things Katarola does are a berserk button for Katara, actually.
    • Zuko has a brief mental breakdown when he discovers that he is actually a cartoon character.
    • Lord Shyamalan goes berserk when Awng, of all people, starts criticizing some of the movie's flaws.
    • Sockson loses it at one point when Sokka abruptly chops off his ponytail. Unfortunately for Sockson, Sokka is a much better fighter than he is.
    • Sockson's failed attempt to hit on Katara works as a berserk button for Katara, Aang and Sokka simultaneously.
  • In How I Became Yours, Zuko has two that Mai pushes- insulting Katara and calling him a "chard monster".
  • In Field Of Innocence, do not ever hurt Lu Ten's little cousins. Ozai learns this the hard way.
  • Kyoshi Rising; threatening or insulting Kyoshi's loved ones is a surefire way to set her off (considering just who she is, this is a very bad thing). She is also not fond of imposters pretending to be the Avatar.

Beetle Bailey

  • Doubled in the Blood+ fanfic Nobility has Anjou's initial fight with Nathalie. Nathalie goes berserk because Forrest ripped a few strands of her hair out. She kills him, which sets off Anjou's berserk button.

Calvin and Hobbes

  • In An End To All Things, messing with Kotomi appears to be one for Okazaki, as evidenced by his reaction when Kotomi's godfather shows up.

Code Geass
  • Maftie Ciel Raza has a very very VERY dim view anyone who kills his fellow pilots. Even Suzaku found that out the hard way... and the Nero Lancelot is based on the older Conquest model and not on the newer Albion...

Cross Over
  • Don't remind Firefly from Ace Combat: The Equestrian War about the death of her parents.
  • A Shadow Of The Titans: Don't come between Gadjo and his pies. For a good example of why, it's shown that a previous employer of his once tried to summon an Eldritch Abomination; when Gadjo realized that The End of the World as We Know It would mean no more bakers and therefore no more pies, he proceeded to rip his boss' head off with his bare hands.
  • Don't ever insult background character Ditzy Doo's child and expect to get away with it; she doesn't mind the mocking nickname 'Derpy Hooves' but dissing her foal will just lead to her helping Chell wreck you.
  • Lina in Blood That Flows is pretty calm most of the time. Doing anything to harm her daughter, or her future adopted daughter, or even her daughter's friends however, is a quick way to bring her out of retirement and show you all new ways to feel pain. To date, she took on a Mazoku Lord while being injured, another one while being pregnant, nearly ripped a Gold Dragon and her sister a new one and committed genocide on a criminal organization, the last one because they attacked her husband.
  • Children of Time: Do not threaten Sherlock Holmes's wife if you value your life. And if you've hurt her... well, may the Lord have mercy on your soul.
    • On that same token, don't mess with the Doctor's Companions, either. Seriously, just don't.
  • Fate Stay Night: Ultimate Master: just like in the canon, trying to endanger innocents or civilians on front of Ben is a bad idea. When Archer tries to use this against him, he goes berserk and basically throws Archer out the battlefield. Later, when Illya tries to send Berserker to kill Shirou, Ben turns into Way Big and squashes Berserker.
  • Kugimiya in Happy Families Are All Alike (Naruto/Negima crossover) gets *pissed* when her friends suggest that she's masculine.
  • Here be Dragons:
    • Don't let yourself get caught trying to tamper with Atreus's mind. The very least you can expect in return is a harsh chewing-out, and that's if you're lucky. Far more likely the Force will be used to retaliate.
    • Smuggling is one thing, as long as you don't get caught, and be repentant if you do get caught. Disobeying a direct order to his face, though? Big no-no.
    • He also really, really hates traitors. How much? The second time he caught one, he nearly went Dark Side with anger and tried to Force Choke the culprit to death.
  • Gentaro in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades gets pissed if anyone starts bringing up the term of 'friendship', Ryusei Sakuta/Kamen Rider Meteor, or the word "Stop!". The last one is important because it was the last thing he heard before Meteor gave him the one-inch punch, and also because it was said by his dearest friend Yuki who said that, but never went to his aid.
    • In the side stories Wheel of Fortune and Month of Sundays, Mei Shirakawa gets mad when someone says the words "Rental service", and Damballa does not like it when he is stated to be similar to a Zodiarts and gets pissed upon seeing Aries the most because Aries Zodiarts killed off his son and daughter-in-law and his grandson was also lost in the struggle.
  • Justice League of Equestria: In Mare of Steel, threatening innocents is one for Rainbow Dash. When Brainiac badly injures her adoptive mother, she goes absolutely nuts and unleashes a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on him, and was ready to kill him before Thunderlane talked her down.
  • There are some things you don't do in Kyon Big Damn Hero. You do not threaten any of Kyon's friends. One time that happened, he dangled the person responsible out a window by the ankle and proceeded to put him through a Humiliation Conga for trying to shove Tsuruya off that same window. Similarly, threaten Kyon's life, and Haruhi will kill you. The only reason she didn't kill the criminals responsible for Kyon's shooting was because Koizumi convinced her that Kyon wouldn't want her to.
  • In Monsters In Paradise, Chen has no problem calling a Delcatty she didn't even own "Creampuff". However, calling her that same name is enough to enrage her into declaring an attack against the perpetrator. Not that it helped against Blastoise...
  • Its made very clear early in Origin Story that you shouldn't even think about harming Louise Fulford. Just don't. Remember, half of Alex Harris's memories and attitudes come from Xander Harris, who is quite happy to rip the spines out of those who hurt the people he loves. Now, imagine a pissed off Xander Harris possessing the body of a Kryptonian.
    • After Bullseye almost kills Louise in an assassination attempt that is actually directed at Alex, Alex punches Bullseye in the forehead so hard his adamantium skull is dented, his eyes explode out of his skull, and his brain liquifies.
  • Paper Mario X: Kirby when he hears Meta Knight kissed his girlfriend, Bow.
    • Link, Kirby, Samus, and Sonic whenever their respective soul partners are in danger. Link also had a bad episode when Sonic was in danger on Lavalava Island.
    • Don't make fun of Samus in front of her. Sonic and Link found that out the hard way.
  • In Path of Chaos: Ascension of Supremacy, don't you dare harm Ranma's mother. This can apply to 90% of Ranma fics, but this one takes the cake.
    • While fighting the Justice League (not as ridiculous as it sounds) Superman gets a little too over zealous with his laser vision and shoots Ranma's mother, Tokimi, in the back. Ranma goes into a rage and destroys "the west and north quadrants of the universe".
      • Luckily the Lantern Corp send the future Green Lantern back to warn them and they manage to stop superman in time.
  • In the Megamind and Rise of the Guardians crossover fic Protectors, Roxanne's elder sister, Rikki, doesn't like it when adults threaten/use/discriminate young kids. To the extent that she punches her own mother when said mother makes an unwise move towards Roxanne.
  • Rise of the Galeforces: Whatever you do, do NOT call Adam a "dinosaur." Played for Laughs twice... and very much Played for Drama alongside another Berserk Button - harming Violet in front of him - in Chapter 25, leading to an Unstoppable Rage.
    • And while we're at it, it's probably not a good idea to call Dash a "morsel" either. Velociripper does exactly that in Chapter 6, and gets toasted.
    • If you fuck up the canon Violet is participating in, threaten her family, or yank her chain on a personal level, she will END you. Ludlow learned all of these the hard way, and did not live to tell the tale.
  • Sonic Generations: Friendship Is Timeless : Do not make Amy angry. Spike found that out the hard way.
  • In Shadow Crystal Mage's Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha/Green Lantern Mega Crossover fic Takamachi Nanoha of 2814, the fact that Pluto is no longer a planet really sets off Sailor Pluto, causing her to go into a Berserker Rage. It's very effective when the Wolkenritter show up...
  • In SariSpy56's Tales from Mellowbrook, a Kick Buttowski crossover fanfic, a few characters and fan characterss have berserk buttons: Avery Buttowski, a cousin of Kick Buttowski (on his mother's side) had a few berserk buttons: In the tale A Visit From Avery 1) it is not wise to call Avery a Mexican. Your ass will turn red if you do so. 2) She hates not only Lois, but everyone in Quahog due to their cruel nature. Except Meg of course. 3) Don't harm either Kick or any other members of her family in front of Avery. An evil babysitter from "The SpyNapping Sitter" learned that the hard way. 4) Don't compare her to Father, the archenemy of Kids Next Door. She hates him for making her grandmother's life a living hell. 5) Don't harm Johnny Test in front of Avery. She doesn't even care if it's about 98% the population of Mellowbrook. DON'T FUCK WITH AVERY! 6) Avery is not annoyed by people, unless you're either Quagmire or Wacky Jackie. Quagmire did that numerous times whenever Avery mentions his name. Jackie only did that whenever Kick is present with Avery. 7) Don't harm her friends when Avery is present. 8) Annabelle Magnuson, Gunther's cousin also had a few berserk buttons (her character is still in progress) 9) Whenever Annabelle is going on a trip and the only route is the airplane, if you value your life, DON'T ask her to change seats for ridiculous reasons. Dash Baxer learned that the hard way. 10) Brad doesn't like it when other males (Gordon Gibbles for example)flirt with his beloved Selena. Do so and Brad will pound you into turkey meat.
    • Kick had a few berserk buttons in a few tales: 1) Don't harm Kendall when Kick is present. Start praying for your life. 2) Like Avery, Kick hates everyone in Quahog (except Meg). 3) Don't harm his family or friends when Kick is present. Better start praying for you life. 4) Whenever Kick is the subsitute barber, don't annoy him or give him ridiculous commands if you value your life. Once his button is pressed, he will go insane like Sweeny Todd. Peter Griffin learned that the hard way.
    • Kendall had only a few to begin with: 1) Kendall would normally be uninterested into doing awesome things as suggested by either her friends or anyone else. But mention KitKat candy bars and she'll be interested. 2) She hates being called "Kandy". This happens only on Avery as in the past, she and Kendall used to be bitter rivals.
  • The Three Kings: Hunt: Ryou might be an overall nice guy but do not threaten his sister because he will hurt you if you do.
  • Time Lords and Terror: Go to the Live Action Television section and check out how harming his Companions (or people he likes) is a button for the Doctor, and vice versa. Then take into account that that dynamic now applies to the Mane Cast and do the math.
    • That being said, over the course of the story the Doctor manages to hit a couple of Twilight Sparkle's other buttons, from the comedic (accidentally teleporting one of her books to the sun) to the dead serious (telling her that his contingency plan for stopping the S'Muz from destroying The Multiverse is to destroy Equestria).
    • Speaking of the S'Muz, all of reality is a Berserk Button to it, one that's stuck permanently in the on position.
    • The sequel, Mines of Dragon Mountain, adds another very big one for Twilight — do not try to harm Spike, or she will end you.
    • Similarly, don't threaten Cheppu where Gabbro can hear you.
      • Tirac learns both of the above the hard way; the former blasted him through a meter-thick stone wall, while the latter fought off his Demonic Possession and threw them both into a lava pit.
    • Zeitgeist Stardust will do anything to protect his employees. The Grundels' attacks on his mines were at first only viewed as an annoyance, but then they started killing his men, at which point he declared war and was initially even willing to commit genocide. Fortunately, events panned out well for everyone in the end.
  • Naruto in Trolling the League does not take kindly to people who hurt his "little sisters" or people who don't defend their own. While fighting the Justice League, Naruto is clearly not taking the fight seriously until he tries to goad Superman into fighting more seriously by threatening to kidnap and rape Supergirl. When Superman still doesn't fight to kill, Naruto snaps and delivers a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown while giving a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • Turnabout Storm
    • Do NOT ask Rarity about why she didn't show up at the trial, NOR mention the post office or pens in her proximity. Phoenix learnt it the hard way.
    • For a more subdued but serious one, do not talk bad about your siblings around Cruise Control.
    • Do not call Gilda slow, she's already ballistic enough as it is without the entire courtroom telling her that.
  • In White Devil of the Moon, Precia finds out that there is one line that not even Fate will allow her to cross; hitting her biological daughter Alicia when Alicia tries to stop her from hurting Fate.
  • In The Wizard in the Shadows, if you hurt someone Harry cares about, he will burn you until there is nothing left, hit you with lightning bolts that vaporised a Műmak (and that was a secondary effect), or use the Cruciatus curse in fairness, he had just found Sirius who Saruman had been torturing for the last seven years on you repeatedly.
    • Ginny has the Violently Protective Girlfriend thing going on with Harry (not that he can't fight for himself). When he dies temporarily, she destroys most of Mordor's army (by channelling some sort of higher power), utterly destroying the physical forms of three of the Nazgul.
  • The Equestrian Wind Mage:
    • Do not threaten Twilight, Luna, or Scootaloo. Vaati will end you.
    • Don't kidnap Rarity. Maulgrim will not be pleased.
      • Plus, don't call Maulgrim a chicken. He will make you regret it.
    • In Season 2, Applejack is pissed when she finds out what happened to Applebloom in Sunnytown, and singles out Grey Hoof in order to make him pay personally.
  • Dante is shown to be extremely protective of his daughter Evie in Dante's Night at Freddy's 2: Animatronic Boogaloo, to the point of completely losing his iconic cool when she is threatened.

Dangan Ronpa
  • Despair's Last Resort has a few.
    • Ayame can't stand being told that she's not feminine enough. People would tell her this constantly because she enjoyed playing football/soccer.
    • Kumiko hates being called an otaku. She may visit Akihabara, collect manga, and play video games, but she wants no association with the otaku name. She also gets mad after Ryouta slanders Shizuka's name, and punches him in the face for it.
    • The usually stoic Miyako gets irritated after everyone starts fighting with each other over petty things. She actually chews them out for acting like idiots.
    • Shuuya gets furious when Saemi starts badmouthing the late Miyako, going so far as threatening to kill her right there.

  • Can't Get You Out Of My Head has Joker, who takes a very, very dim view of implicating him in something that he didn't do. as he put it:
    "There isn't enough room in this town for me and somebody who would do a thing like that, and they're going to be the ones to go. I am going to find whoever did this, expose them, and clear my name. And then I'm going to teach them the error of their ways. Over several days. With a dull knife dipped in iodine, so it really hurts and so they don't get an infection and die before I want them to."
  • DC Nation: Terra found out the hard way: If you're going to try and kill Changeling's girlfriend, do not follow it up by "making fun" of the way Doom Patrol died.
    • Harm a single hair on Corrine Bertrand's head OR his sister's head, and Caleb Zukov will show up with his demon's-blood based magic and a Desert Eagle to make you terribly sorry about it.
  • From The Doctors and the Nurses They Adore Me So, hurting the Joker's dog is bad for everyone.
  • Stephanie Brown/Spoiler puts up with a lot of crap in Angel Of The Bat, but mocking the events of War Games (in which she was raped, tortured and forced to fake her death) is a surefire way to get your face broken. Just ask Scarab.

Death Note

Devil May Cry
  • In the AU fic "Like Father Like Son", while it takes several chapters for Dante to confirm that Nero is his son, once he does confirm it, messing with the kid is a very good way to bring down Dante's full Papa Wolf wrath on your head.

Digimon Tamers
  • One warning for readers of the Tamers Forever Series: Do not, under any circumstances, put someone Takato cares about in danger, or he will end you.
    • The Nightmare intentionally tries to press Takato's Berserk Button by torturing his friends.
    • Daemon also hits Henry's Berserk Button when he attacks and critically injures (she had to be put on life support) Henry's seven year old sister Suzie in cold blood.
    • Rika's Berserk Button is triggered when a swarm of Kurisarimon and DarkScubamon torture Takato almost to death.

Doctor Who
  • In Time and Space by Eureka2000, Epsilon's sore spot is the Time War and implying that she was anything like Rassilon and his followers.
    • And don't ever do anything stupid in front of Zanna Sterling. Just ask her brother.

  • in this story series, Roy Desoto gets VERY angry if his partner John Gage gets hurt. It sometimes extends to Roy's wife, the other guys of Station 51, and Dr.Brackett and Dixie. All are very fond of John and want to keep him safe.

  • In the fanfic, Scream For Me, calling Jason a retard and/or insulting his mother, telling Freddy he lost in Freddy vs. Jason, messing with Michael's shampoo, or taking Ghostface's drugs away from him, are all definite ways to get attacked/killed. Series can be found here.

  • In What About Witch Queen?, threatening Anna - or even suggesting threatening her - is a sure way to attract Kristoff's ire, and boy, fear his wrath. Also, any news about Hans are bound to make Friedrich go full berserk and the same - although to lesser extent - applies to Anna as well.

Fullmetal Alchemist
  • The Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic series The Elemental Chess Trilogy has all the same berserk buttons as the original canon. In addition, though, some others come up. Don't endanger Ling's friends, his people, or his little sister. Don't mistreat women in the vicinity of Alex Louis Armstrong (or, as shown in a flashback, Roy Mustang). Don't mess with the members of Team Mustang if you don't want to feel the wrath of the rest of the team. And pray for deliverance if you're caught red-handed having something to do with the disappearance and possible murder of Riza Mustang, because if her husband doesn't incinerate you (and that's a really big if), their friends will.

Girls und Panzer
  • Boys Und Sensha-do
    • For Akio, it's anyone treating members of their family poorly, especially casting them out of the family, which hits hard for him because he lost his father. He also dislikes Maho because he believes she is not there for Miho enough, but while Miho's defending her sister doesn't convince him, he doesn't press the issue.
    • For Shiho, it's having her personal honor questioned, as seen when she loses her temper when Saburo and Akio each give a "The Reason You Suck" Speech against her.

  • Hunting The Unicorn: If you mess with Kurt, Blaine will not hesitate to pick a fight with you. If you hurt Blaine, the Warblers will want to rip your kneecaps out. And if you sleep with sixteen-year-old Blaine, break up with him, and then string him along for weeks—without correcting his notion that Sex Equals Lovethen his brother will threaten to burn you alive.
    • Kurt doesn't take Blaine's kidnapping very well.

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

  • Company0051 has the The Captain of the eponymous Company. Basic inspection shows him as a calm, collected leader. Question how he runs the place, though, and he'll retaliate...

The Hunger Games
  • In Some Semblance of Meaning, the usually timid Vale has a huge Berserk Button when it comes to people trying to hurt Kit. This sort of Big Sister Instinct has caused her to ally with him even though he's probably the weakest competitor in the Games, run through the bloodbath to reach him at risk of her own life, and let's not forget the time she furiously killed another tribute who attacked him. It's also safe to say that another of Vale's Berserk Buttons is Obsidian Citrine.
    • Speaking of Obsidian, he sums up his own Berserk Button quite nicely for us: "You don’t hurt innocent things. That’s just wrong. You don’t kill sweet, innocent, harmless things."

Jackie Chan Adventures

Katawa Shoujo

Kingdom Hearts

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  • It's a bad idea to mess with the members of Elizabeth Quatermain's True Companions, because the rest of them will make sure you regret it. And it's a very bad idea to mess with Elizabeth herself, because Skinner might not let you live to regret it.

Left 4 Dead
  • In Left 4 Dead fanon, Louis likes pills a lot. Stealing his pills, or even having pills when he doesn't, will drive him into a frenzy.
  • Go ahead. Try harming Ellis in front of Nick. We bet he won't mind. The times whenever people do, Nick tends to become frighteningly enraged. When a robber smacks Ellis and threatens to kill the group, Nick was seriously considering killing her. And when Nick thought that Brenda ordered Jerry to kill Ellis, he went completely NUTS and tried to kill her with his bare hands.
    • Actually, just try harming any of the Survivors. The others will make sure that you regret it for the rest of your life.

Legend of Zelda
Malon: In any other circumstances, I would've pitied you, maybe even spared you. But you insulted the one person that I held most dearly. And for that, the death. Malon Punch!

The Lion King
  • A couple of examples in The Lion King Adventures:
    • Don't insult Nala in front of Simba. You will regret it.
    • In The Return of Hago, Simba attacks Hago after he dishes out an insulting speech to him.
    • In The End, the Writer jokes about Sarafina's death, causing Haiba to lash out. Sadly, this leads to his death.
  • In When Did I Become A Parent?, Timon does not react well to someone trying to harm Simba and in fact attacks the lion who does so.

Marvel Universe
  • Otto and Robin Octavius. Do not threaten their adopted daughter Mouse. Just... don't. If you're lucky, Otto will rip you to shreds with the help of four sentient, pissed off metal tentacles. If you're not lucky... Robin Goodfellow gets to 'play' with you.

Mass Effect
  • Under no circumstances should you point a gun at Joachim Hoch in the Uplifted series Hanala'Jarva will ruin your day and not even feel an ounce of remorse for it.

Medaka Box
  • World As Myth: Kumagawa apparently got "a bit hysterical" when Zenkichi was almost drowned in mud by Tangeshima. It Makes Sense in Context.
    • Koga getting shot sends Medaka into War God Mode.

Mega Man (Classic)

  • Unlike in the show, Merlin never uses his magic to kill people in The Student Prince... until he realises Val is about to kill Arthur. When this happens, Merlin bends the fabric of space itself to get between them and creates a swarm of angry bees who goes after Val. Merlin later says that he does not regret killing him.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • A major piece of the character development in People Lie is the three main characters slowly learning to overcome their individual buttons. Naruto overcoming the memories of his traumatic childhodd, shown using his Shadow Clones to inflict pain on himself. Hinata, scorning Neji and the rest of her family but tempered by Naruto's influence, and Sasuke, given a tongue-lashing by Naruto and Hinata in order to make him refrain from snapping at the mention of Itachi.
  • Two different villains in A Growing Affection, while fighting Naruto and Hinata together, decide it would be easier to take out Hinata and fight Naruto alone. They were wrong.
  • Blind: Naruto's response to Kimimaro attacking his friends? Rip. Him. Apart. Piece. By. Piece. The mission report from the others clearly states the only thing left of Kimimaro was a skeleton.
  • Legacy of the Rasengan: Don't ever steal Naruto's jutsu. When Kakashi does it on accident, Naruto's willing to let it slide after he promises to never teach it to anyone. When Naruto sees Sasuke use it while fighting Gaara, Naruto drags Kakashi outside and is perfectly willing to put him in the hospital.
  • Escape from The Hokage's Hat: Sakura's is people calling her a "useless fangirl" and insulting Naruto. Heaven help you if you push this button repeatedly. Ask Kiba.
  • Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox:
    • Don't waste pudding around Ino. She'll chase you all over Konoha High School and beat the crap out of you.
    • Don't destroy artwork that Sai has spent considerable time to make. Four bullies did it to a painting he'd spent an entire class period to make, in an attempt to intimidate him...and he ended up battering all four of them bloody and might even have killed one if Kakashi hadn't intervened.
    • Don't harm Ino and let Naruto find out. Period. He almost took off Aoi's head with an iron bar for it. Also, don't let him see you harm Hinata in any way, shape or form. He subjected Zabuza to a brutal beat-down and nearly cut his throat after Zabuza hit Hinata in the face and knocked her senseless.
  • The Raikage You can insult Naruto or his father all you want, but whatever you do don't insult his mother or any of his wives because if you do, you're dead meat
    • Don't insult or threaten Naruto in front of any Kumo nin, especially his wives

Neon Genesis Evangelion

One Piece
  • Strawhat Theater 2: Our Mrs. Monkey, do NOT touch Luffy's wife.
    Luffy: "You're Absalom, right?"
    Absalom: "Of course I'm Absalom! Who else would I be, you idiot?"
    Luffy:"Gear Second."
    Absalom: "Gear wha-?" *gets punched through several walls*
    • And when Absalom turns invisible:
    Absalom: "You might as well give up now, Strawhat! You can't hit what you can't see!"
    Luffy: "You're in the room, right?"
    Absalom:"OF COURSE I'M IN THE ROOM, IDIOT! You can't see me! But I'm clearly here!"
    Luffy: "Gear Third."

Phineas and Ferb
  • In any piece by Kicster Ash, insinuating that Phineas "cracks" when not allowed to sketch and/or invent. Given that it's Phineas Flynn, it's more adorable than anything else.

  • Wheatley in the Portal 2 fanfic Test Of Humanity still hates being called a "moron". However, it's also a very bad idea to say he's anything like the HAL 9000 or GLaDOS. And, whatever you do, don't you dare hurt Chell or imply that he can't feel love because he's not really human. He may be a Gentle Giant cyborg in the fic, but he won't hesitate to punch you in the eye As GLaDOS found out if you so much as harm one hair on the girl he loves.

Power Rangers
  • Sean O'Callahan is a walking one in Power Rangers GPX, particularly in the form of Daisuke Miyazawa, who keeps pushing it to his detriment. Eventually, Daisuke pushes it so much that after he mutinies, he gets a massive punch from Sean and a big earful. He calms down more in subsequent episodes, but he keeps it subtle, especially in an alternate universe version when his alchemist enemy compares his alchemy to Clarke's Third Law.

  • A good tip for dealing with the lead of Send Your O Cs fanfic Pokemon Take Two: In the name of all that is holy, if your name isn't Ry, do not, under any circumstances, call Raion Ryhorn. Just... don't. There are better ways to commit Suicide by Cop.
  • A New Chance Series:
    • For any of Ash's Pokemon, it is threatening his well being. Only now he has a Latios and Latias in his collection, and they are rather attached to him. The Fearow finds this out the hard way, when Pidgeot decks him after he tried to kill Ash.
    • Bianca has several. Don't ask her out in a perverted way, as Brock found out. Don't hurt Latios and Latias, and because of that she chews Ash out every time he uses them in battle.
    • Don't call Latios an unimportant Legendary. Don't seperate a child from his mother. Rico, who sold Larvitar's mother, pays the ultimate price.
  • In Cori Falls's fanfic series, insulting or harming Jessie is this for James (Domino found this out the hard way). For Jessie, it's insulting or harming James or saying anything bad about her deceased mother (Misty found this out the hard way). And the existence of Ash Ketchum, of course.

Pretty Cure
  • Yoko in Futari Wa Pretty Cure Blue Moon cannot stand destruction of property and is often set off ranting about it... like the time she walked up to the Monster of the Week in the middle of a battle and lectured it about the mess it made. Oh, and you might not want to remind Kainatrol of her sister unless you know what you're doing.
  • Futari Wa Pretty Cure Dragon: The man in black does not like being called a "super spade" simply because he acts like a stereotypical Mexican even though he isn't Mexican in any sense of the word. Go ahead, call him that three times. He'll go batshit on the poor sap who's unlucky enough that the third instance of that phrase in a single episode comes out of his mouth.

Real Person Fic
  • Harm an animal, or one of the others, around Paul in With Strings Attached and he may quite violently stop being an Actual Pacifist... though he has such a horror of hurting anyone that it's not too hard to talk him down.
    • All of the four have a Berserk Button if one of the others is threatened. Certainly John laid some heavy (tho' nonlethal) offscreen water whoop-ass on a handful of Raleka after George was badly injured falling through a roof. No matter that none of the Raleka had anything to do with this... but they were approaching in a slightly threatening manner.
      • Given that John had just been awakened from an enchanted sleep by George peeing on him through said roof, had no idea what was going on save that it was bad, and was pissed as shit, he seems justified in attacking anything that moved at that point.
    • The only time in the book that Paul followed through on an attack was when the Hunter's BFG threatened the others.
    • Ringo immediately threw As'taris back when he threatened John.


The Sentinel
  • A common sentiment in The Sentinel's fandom is "The only thing more dangerous than a Sentinel whose Guide is threatened is a Guide whose Sentinel has been hurt."

Sherlock Holmes

The Smurfs
  • Empath: The Luckiest Smurf: In the alternate timeline of Papa Smurf being married to Smurfette, Sassette dares mention that Empath is the one who truly loves Smurfette to Papa Smurf, and Papa Smurf slaps Sassette in the face for it, just having disowned him after he and the other Smurfs exiled the married couple and their child and then were trapped in time!
    • And in turn, Papa Smurf slapping Sassette becomes one for Smurfette, who promptly ends up leaving him and taking their daughter with her.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Soul Eater
  • In Breaking Point, Maka and Crona's biggest ones are anyone trying to harm the other. Violently Protective Significant Other is in full force in this story.
  • In Oblivion, Medusa smacks her younger sister Shaula around, and insults her fighting skills, plans, intelligence, and general competency, and Shaula remains relatively controlled through all of it. The second Medusa implies that Shaula was The Unfavorite to their parents, she immediately loses her shit.

Star Trek
  • In Insontis II, according to McCoy, one of the few things that can make Kirk lose control in front of crewmen is any threat to "their (currently fun-sized) Chief Science Officer and said science officer's precious dignity."
  • In the fic Written in the Stars, Jane Kirk is a capable, level-headed Captain and generally a nice girl. But like her male counterpart, harming her crew is a bad idea, particularly Spock. This goes for her Prime counterpart, too. Added to that in this particular story, she gets pretty pissed in the first half whenever her counterpart makes not-so-subtle suggestions that she's gaining feelings for Spock.
  • Worffan101's recurring Star Trek Online character D'trel ir'Aehallhah tr'Rihannsu has a pathological hatred of the Tal'Shiar that tends to make her go on Roaring Rampages of Revenge at the mere mention of them in a positive light. (Many years before, a Tal'Shiar secret police unit destroyed a Unificationist group of which she was a member, including her lover Adani, whom they raped to death.) First exploited, then subverted in Peace Forged in Fire:
    • Exploited by Colonel Merik tr'Kiell, who intentionally provokes D'trel into Berserker mode by speaking fondly of two other Tal'Shiar, one of them being Hakeev. He was luring her into her customary berserker charge so he could trap her ship and kill her. But he underestimated how much gun Praetor Velal had brought along.
    • Subverted after Merik's ship is disabled. He claims to have been one of the men who raped D'trel's lover Adani to death, to get her to destroy his ship to deny intelligence to the Republic and Empire. It backfires: D'trel decides death by exploding starship is too good for him and Merik is taken alive.

Star Wars

Super Mario Bros.

Total Drama
  • In The Legend of Total Drama Island, Chris gets genuinely angry—something he rarely does—when Sadie tries to guilt him into letting her switch teams by accusing him of discriminating against her because she's fat.
    Chris: If you play the ‘oppressed minority’ card on me again, you’ll be out of here so fast it’ll make your head spin. Capisce?”

  • Amongst Touhou fans, a lot of portrayals of Sakuya have her react incredibly violently if anyone implies that she pads her bra, or even writing or thinking the word "pads". She also doesn't like people who sleep on the job, which is bad news for Meiling. None of this, however, comes close to what she'll do to you if you mess with her ojou-sama, as Yukari found out in Koumajou Densetsu II.
    • Cheating Reimu out of donations is one of the surest ways to piss her off in fanworks, and has been the source of more than a few "Digging Your Own Grave" pics on Danbooru.
    • Patchouli likes to Throw the Book at Them on occasion in the fighting games, but as Musou Kakyou: A Summer Day's Dream demonstrates it's not a good idea to do the same to her. When Aya does this accidentally, it sets up a big throwdown between her and Reimu.
    • Calling Yukari any variation of "old hag" is a good way to be sucked into one of her gaps. She's 17, after all.
    • Very few things can piss Yuyuko off, but two things, according to fanworks, will do it: interrupting her meal may get you put through a wall, but stealing her food will make her go Hollow on you.
  • In the Gensokyo 20XX series, do NOT call Yukari a whore, as she will make you wish you didn't.
    • A minor one that Yuuka has is being rude to her (like shouting at her and, if you're a child, calling her a bitch) and, as we recently find out, apparently dealing harm to Ran and Reimu is also this.
    • Yuyuko does not like being "fucked over".
    • Apparently, an age-regressed Reimu doesn't deal with wangsters too well and, if you deal her pain, she deals it back

Toy Story



The World Ends with You
  • Eri, Shiki's best friend, in Eri's Game has one when she will attacking anyone who tries to hurt or insult Shiki. The beating with Beat, who is a Reaper really does it.