Berserk Button: Dogs: Bullets & Carnage

This series has a lot of them. Given how most of the major characters are various shades of psychotic, it's hardly surprising.
  • Heine Rammsteiner has several:
    • If you're a woman, don't touch him. He's had bad experiences with women, so he flips out if a woman even gets near him. if she actually touches him, she'll be lucky if he just throws her away from him at high velocity. Others who aren't quite as lucky could get a bullet instead. He seems to be getting better about this, as he's fine being around women, and if the woman is somebody he trusts, he'll even let her touch him.
    • Don't touch his guns. Either of them. And if you do find yourself holding them, don't fire them unless you think your face could use some remodeling. Seriously, the last guy who fired Heine's guns got part of his face bitten off.
    • If you mention Angelika Einstürzen's name, be very quick to make it obvious that not only are you not on her side, but you have nothing but contempt and/or hatred for her.
  • Badou has a few as well:
    • First off, don't take away his cigarettes. Normally, he's a goofy idiot with the worst luck imaginable. Deprived of Nicotine, he becomes a rampaging lunatic who can go toe to toe with entire gangs and come out on top.
    • Don't insult his missing (presumed dead) brother Dave. Just mentioning him is fine, especially if you're an old friend, but don't insult him and don't ever tell Badou you had something to do with Dave's disappearance.
  • There are a few tried and true methods of pissing Naoto off as well:
    • Don't abuse the weak around her. She's one of the few characters in this series who possesses both a sense of justice and the will to stick her neck out on the line for it.
    • Don't mention the other Naoto. She's the one who attacked this Naoto as a child and took everything away from her, even her memories, so it's an understandably touchy topic.
    • Don't insult Murota Fuyumine. She has a lot of respect for the man, and though she hated him when he was alive, she came to see him as a surrogate father after he died.
      • She also despises Magato, the man who killed Fuyumine. Just seeing him is enough to put her into a Tranquil Fury.
  • Don't mess with Grandma Liza's people, and if you do, do not taunt her about it. After Einstürzen did just that, Liza put a bullet through her skull, and then put a bullet through Bishop because he knew something about what Einstürzen was doing.
  • Campanella Frühling went into a quiet rage when Magato told her Fuyumine was dead. She even got a little bit of her Ax-Crazy on and relished the opportunity to kill some of Neubauten's foot soldiers.
  • Kiri hates it whenever Mihai takes a long time doing her grocery shopping. That is to say, whenever Mihai does her grocery shopping, as he always comes back late for... various reasons.
  • Mimi tends to get understandably pissed whenever Badou gets her to do a job without telling her how dangerous it is. To be fair, sometimes he isn't aware of the danger either.