Batman Gambit / Roleplay

  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! East Academy, Marcus uses a rather elaborate one to bypass Haine's Surveillance as the Plot Demands powers, and lure him into a trap. Manipulating not only Haine's arrogance and Sadism, but also his own team as well.
  • Dino Attack RPG:
    • Dust's plans and manipulations of Dino Attack agents to get to the Pharaoh's Forbidden Ruins.
    • Captain Click manipulated the Dino Attack Team into bringing him the Constructopedia.
    • Dr. Rex and Attila Hunstman collaborated on a Batman Gambit to leak information on a secret Antarctica mission through their android, Cam O'Cozy, to stir distrust and animosity between realists and idealists.
    • Sam Sinister actually engineered a minor Batman Gambit, counting on the personalities of those involved, to ensure that he saved the alpha female T-Rex from Paulie Gonepus by sending Mr. Cunningham to hunt her.