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Balloon Belly: Newspaper Comics
  • One strip of Calvin and Hobbes had Calvin imagining growing to immense size after eating. In reality, he just had a bellyache for eating too fast.
  • Dogs Of C Kennel:
    • Happens to Kenny in this strip, after having apparently drank 8 glasses of water all at once.
    • Will also gains one in this strip after overindulging himself on Lay's potato chips.
  • In Garfield, the title character devours a lot of food even for him, but the shape he gained was more flabby than round.
  • Happens on a few occasions to Nemo and Flip in Little Nemo in Slumberland after they eat something unusual.
  • Red from Red And Rover is known to binge on Halloween candy every few years.
  • In Peanuts, Snoopy frequently developed one by overeating:
    • In a 1960s arc, he indulged in dog food in hope of forgetting a failed romance at the outdoor ice skating rink.
    • In a shorter 1980s arc, it's stated that he ate 23 hot dogs that Lucy had sold to him during one of their baseball games.

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